13 Colorful Bat Mitzvah Tallit Prayer Shawls & Feminine Tallit for Girls (2019)

12-13 years ago your little girl was born.

Now? She’s about to transform into a young woman.

Time sure flies, huh?

Tell me about it… I still remember my Bat Mitzvah ceremony as if it were yesterday (and it’s definitely been more than 12 years ago, believe-you-me)!

And guess what? I’ll ALWAYS remember my Bat Mitzvah (as long as I stay healthy, Amen V’Amen)… it’s, hands down – one of the most special days in a Jewish woman’s life.

Ehm… What was I saying?

Oh right! Finding a Tallit prayer shawl for the young girl!

Let’s go do that, shall we? 🙂 Read More…

20+ Best Authentic & Modern Tallit Prayer Shawls from Israel (2019)

I remember the first Tallit prayer shawl I got…

It was on my Bar Mitzvah.

I opened my Tallit bag for the first time, and there it was: a gorgeous Tallit with blue, white and gold stripes, with the Tzitzit blessing written in Hebrew on the Atara.

That was almost 20 years ago, and I still wear the same Tallit every morning when I pray Shachris (!).

Why am I telling you this story?

Because I want to illustrate how much of an impact one authentic Tallit can have if you choose correctly.

And that’s exactly why I wrote this – to help you choose correctly…

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25+ Beautiful Modern & Contemporary Jewish Mezuzah Cases from Israel (2019)

What’s the first thing you do before you enter a Jewish home?

You hang a Mezuzah of course…

It’s the main event of a Jewish housewarming, where the Rabbi blesses the Jewish door ornament and the new Jewish home.

This brings us to the main question:

“What kind of Mezuzah case should I get?”

Excellent question!

The short answer? a modern Mezuzah case.

The long answer? Keep on reading and I’ll show you the most beautiful modern Mezuzahs you can get for your own home AND for your Jewish friend’s home…

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15 Beautiful Modern Challah Boards & Challah Trays – Made in Israel (2019)

The table is set…

The candles are lit…

Shabbat is officially in. You can relax now and have Shabbat dinner with your family after a long week.

Hold on there tiger! First things first:

  1. First, we do Kiddush.
  2. Then, we do Hamotzi.
  3. …And only then, you can dig into the delicious food.

Now, for a proper Hamotzi, you need a proper Shabbat Challah tray, right?

So today, I’m going to help you find a brand new modern Challah board that makes your stomach even more excited than it already is …

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20+ Best Modern Havdalah Sets & Jewish Spice Boxes from Israel (2019)

Shabbat is almost over.

A new week is upon us…

How do you make the transition?

With the Havdalah, of course…

In the Havdalah blessing, we thank God for making a distinction between the sacred, and the ordinary.

Now, you get to decide: would you like the last Shabbat ritual to be special, or ordinary?

The answer is clear…

And for the last Shabbat ritual to be special, we need a special Havdalah set…

Good news – in this article, you’re going to find just that

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10 Beautiful Bar Mitzvah Tallit & Tallit Sets for Boys (2019)

I remember the day my parents got me my first Tallit for my Bar Mitzvah…

A week before my 13th birthday, my dad walked into my room with a Tallit bag in his hand and said: “Son, I’ve got a surprise for you”.

He opened the Tallit bag – and out came this gorgeous Blue & White Tallit with golden accents on the stripes.

I was awestruck.

My dad said: “here try it on”.

I recited the Tzitzit blessing and put on my Tallit for the very first time.

That’s the first time I saw my dad with tears in his eyes (even though he won’t admit it).

Fast forward almost 20 years later (boy… I’m getting old) – and I still remember that day as if it were yesterday. Not only do I remember it… I still wear that very same Tallit every morning when I pray Shacharit.

Needless to say – getting your young man his first Tallit for his Bar Mitzvah is a big moment both of you won’t forget for a very long time…

And today, I’m going to “pay it forward” and hopefully help you and the young Bar Mitzvah boy be as lucky as I was.

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25+ Modern Kiddush Cups & Shabbat Kiddush Sets from Israel (2019)

You’re cooking for Shabbat…

Hmm… smells good – the delicious aroma fills the entire house…

You light the Shabbat candlesticks… Shabbat is now officially in…

Time to enjoy your Shabbat dinner together with the family…

Hold it!

First things first: it’s Kiddush time.

And for Kiddush, you need a Kiddush Cup of course (make sure you fill the cup to the end)!

Oh, what a coincidence…I happened to compile the best Kiddush cups you can find for any special occasion, and it’s right here in this article…

OK enough with the silly jokes… let’s go find you a lovely Jewish wine cup, shall we?

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17 Stunning Etrog Boxes for this Year’s Sukkot Festival (2019)

The Etrog is the “richest” of the four species.

It’s rich in taste (Etrog Jam anyone?), small and fairly expensive.

And what do you do with such an important Jewish symbol?

You protect it!

No, I’m not saying you should hire bodyguards… an Etrog box would do the job just as well (it might even take a bullet for the Etrog) – and it looks much better and costs less, too!

Etrog boxes have evolved into a kind of Jewish heirloom. In fact, they often look like treasure chests taken from straight King Solomon’s castle.

You’ll see what I’m talking about in just a moment…

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20+ Best Shofar Horns & Types [Kudu, Ram’s Horn & Exotic] – Made in Israel (2019)

Tuuuuuu (Tekiah).

Tuuu-tuuu-tuuu-tuuu (Teruah).

Tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu (Shevarim).

Sounds familiar? (If it doesn’t, you probably think I lost my mind)

Yep, that’s the sound of the Shofar – the Jewish horn we play on Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur.

There are (literally) dozens of Shofar types out there: Kudu, Ram’s horn, Gemsbok, Eland, just to name a few…

Now, you’re probably wondering:

  • … What’s the difference between all of them?
  • … Which of these should you get?
  • … Which ones should you avoid at all cost?


Don’t worry, I got you covered.

In fact, that’s exactly why I wrote this Shofar guide: to “unconfuse” you (is that even a word?) and help you find an excellent Shofar you’ll actually be able to play this upcoming Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur.


Let’s blast!

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