Mitzvah Project Ideas: How to Choose Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project (+ Examples)

Your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah is around the corner.

Everything is set for the big day…

All that’s left is to watch your “baby” turn into a young Jewish adult.

How exciting!

But wait a minute…

There’s one thing missing.

I mean, Isn’t the whole point of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah to celebrate their coming of age? The day they finally become accountable for their actions and follow the Jewish Mitzvot (commandments)?

(Answer: yes)

And how do you introduce a Bar/Bat Mitzvah to Mitzvot?

With one BIG, meaningful & unforgettable Mitzvah… that’s how!

Introducing: The Mitzvah project.

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Ketubah: The Jewish Marriage Contract & What it Really Means

What’s your favorite part of weddings?

  1. The wedding vows?
  2. The reception?
  3. The food?
  4. The marriage contract?

“WHOA?! Marriage contract? Are you nuts?!”

Believe it or not – not only does the Ketubah – the Jewish marriage contract – play a key role in a Jewish wedding, but it’s also one of the most emotional and memorable parts of the Jewish wedding ceremony.

So much so, that married couples often display their Ketubah in their home.

“What the hell”, right?

Don’t worry, there’s a perfectly reasonable (and fascinating) explanation for it… 

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30+ Traditional Jewish Wedding Gift Ideas the Couple will LOVE (2020)

Let me guess:

You’re about to attend a special Jewish wedding of a very special someone, and you’re scratching your head thinking:

“What’s an appropriate gift for a Jewish wedding?”


  • You don’t want to buy the happy couple a gift they’ll never use.
  • You certainly don’t want them to “blacklist” you for being too. Ehm… cheap
  • And you definitely don’t want to embarrass yourself with an inappropriate gift that doesn’t fit the occasion.

Instead, you want to get them something meaningful.

Something useful… You know – something that can actually help a young Jewish couple get off the ground and start their new life together.

Am I right or am I right?

In that case – you’re in the right place. 

Because that’s exactly why I created this Jewish wedding gift guide in the first place: to help you find the very best Jewish wedding gift ideas that’ll make the happy couple want to dance the Horah – even after their wedding is over!

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13 Colorful Bat Mitzvah Tallit Prayer Shawls for Girls [and Women] (2020)

13 years ago your little girl was born.

Now? She’s about to transform into a young woman.

Time sure flies, huh?

Tell me about it… I still remember my Bat Mitzvah ceremony as if it were yesterday (and it’s been more than 12 years ago, believe-you-me)!

And guess what? I’ll ALWAYS remember my Bat Mitzvah (as long as I stay healthy, Amen V’Amen)… it’s, hands down – one of the most special days in a Jewish woman’s life.

  • Going shopping for the perfect Bat Mitzvah dress
  • Delivering a nerve-wracking Bat Mitzvah speech in front of hundreds of people
  • Wearing your Bat Mitzvah Tallit (pronounced “Bat Mitzvah Tallis” if you’re Ashkenazi) for the first time
  • (Opening the Bat Mitzvah presents… 😏)

Ehm… What was I saying?

Oh right! Finding a Tallit prayer shawl for the Bat Mitzvah girl!

Let’s go do that, shall we? 🙂

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