30+ Best Hanukkah Gift Ideas for Jewish Friends & Family [Adults + Kids] (2020)

It’s that time of the year again, which means…

Hanukkah is around the corner!

The Jewish festival of lights is a great chance to relax:

  1. Light a Menorah
  2. Spin some dreidels 
  3. Eat delicious Hanukkah donuts

But more importantly – it’s a wonderful opportunity to get together with our family and friends and tell SHOW them how much they mean to us.


By giving them the best Hanukkah gifts that’ll make Santa wish he was born Jewish!

“But wait a minute… What are some cool Hanukkah presents I can get?”

Sit tight my friend… because I’m about to show you a bunch of unique & traditional Hanukkah gift ideas you can give during the 8 days of Hanukkah! (or if you’re super-generous, give one gift on each night of Hanukkah)

Ready? Let’s show the fat guy in the red costume what we’ve got!

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20+ Hilarious Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters That’ll Crack You Up! (2020)

  • People at the party: “Wow, look at you. You’re so ugly!”
  • Me: “Aww, thanks! That’s so sweet of you!”

Hanukkah (Christmas too… but we’re Jewish, so let’s stick with Hanukkah shall we?) is one of the few occasions where calling someone ugly might be the biggest compliment in the world… IF they’re wearing an ugly Hanukkah sweater (don’t start calling random people ‘ugly’, unless you want to get punched in the face).

But you have to earn your “compliments”, especially nowadays – where everyone is trying hard to out-wit each other with the funniest, most awkward Hanukkah sweaters they can pull off (seriously, it’s like an ugly-pageant out there).

Luckily, you’ve landed in the right place… because I’m about to show you how to WIN the ugly-pageant with the ugliest (and funniest) Hanukkah sweaters ever created!

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10 Traditional Hanukkah Flowers & Flower Arrangements (2020)

“You know, you don’t need to wait for a special occasion just to get me flowers”.

I remember saying that to my ex-boyfriend one time; he gave me a death stare in response (that’s not why we broke up though 🙂 ).

Well, guess what? There is a special occasion around the corner. It’s called Hanukkah! So no excuses this time!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to physically drive to the flower shop and pick up some random flowers you know nothing about. Instead, I’m going to show you what flowers are best for Hanukkah. And guess what? It’ll arrive right at your doorstep (there goes another excuse)!

Sound good?

Great! I knew you’d come around!

  • Gentlemen – get ready to pick up some nice Hanukkah flowers for the people you love!
  • Ladies – make sure your spouse or boyfriend reads this…

Let’s begin 🙂

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Hanukkah Colors: The Real Meaning Behind Blue & White (and Silver)

If you walked into a Jewish home during Hanukkah (please make sure you’re invited to one… otherwise that’s called “breaking and entering”), odds are you’ll see two colors stand out: blue and white (sometimes silver).

Blue and white are the traditional colors of Hanukkah. You’ll see them on anything from Hanukkah decorations, Hanukkah gifts, even modern Menorahs

What’s the deal with these colors?

A cynical fella might think: “It’s probably a way for Jews to keep up with Christmas”. Well, our dear Mr. skeptic couldn’t be more wrong…

In fact, blue and white are not just the traditional colors of Hanukkah; they’re the traditional colors of the Jewish tradition itself…

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8 Stunning Hanukkah Tablecloths & Table Runners (2020)

Every time someone asks me for Hanukkah table setting advice (or any table setting for that matter), I always start by saying:

“Make sure you get the right tablecloth. The tablecloth makes up 50% of the table decor.”

The same is true for Hanukkah tablecloths (or table runners). If you’re hosting a Hanukkah dinner, make sure you use a tablecloth that fits the occasion.

What does that mean, you ask?

That’s precisely why I wrote this guide: to show you my favorite Hanukkah table linens you can use throughout the entire week of Hanukkah – whether you’re hosting a Hanukkah party or eating Sufganiyot with your family!

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40+ Elegant Hanukkah Decoration Ideas, Ornaments & Party Supplies (2020)

Look outside… What do you see?

Christmas trees, shiny lights, reindeers flying over your head…

Say what you will about Santa – he sure knows how to throw a party.

Let’s be honest: as pretty as a Menorah may be (and there are quite a few gorgeous Menorahs out there), it doesn’t stand a chance against Santa and his army of elves.

It’s no wonder Jewish kids (heck, even adults) feel like “second best” on Hanukkah. Can you blame them? While everyone is out there celebrating Christmas under the Christmas Tree, opening presents, having a jolly good time – Jewish kids have to settle for the “crumbles”.

Question is: what can we Jews do to make Hanukkah at least as appealing (or dare I say, even more appealing)?

I’ve got two words for you: Hanukkah decorations.

Not just any decorations… I’m talking unique Hanukkah supplies and centerpieces; the kind that make kids (and adults) jump out of bed in the morning!

That’s why for this year’s festival of lights (2022), I decided to create a MONSTER guide (it took me almost a week to create it, btw) to help Jewish families decorate their home for Hanukkah and turn their house into one gigantic Hanukkah treat! 

Mark my word – by the end of this guide, you’ll have enough Hanukkah decoration ideas to last you for a lifetime. 

OK, enough babbling, let’s get this party rolling!

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20+ Beautiful Modern & Contemporary Menorahs for Hanukkah (2020)

I assume this isn’t the first you’re celebrating Hanukkah (unless you’re like 3 years old… in which case – what are you doing on the internet, child?!)…

Then I suppose you’ve seen a traditional Jewish Menorah or two in your lifetime… (it looks something like this 🕎)

Well, let me tell ya – if all of the Menorahs you’ve ever seen (or owned) look kind of the same – then you’ve been missing out on a whole lot.

Just like Apple comes out with new inventions every once in a while (probably less so, these days) – so do creative & talented Jewish artists come up with new modern & contemporary Menorahs (except they don’t normally charge you $1,000 for it as Apple does).

Yes, Hanukkah is a traditional Jewish holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it with a beautiful modern Menorah!

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16 Best Electric Menorahs (LED) & Battery/USB-Operated Menorahs [Hanukkah 2020]

Hanukkah is almost here…

The Jewish festival of lights is all about spreading light and joy to our friends, family, and neighbors.

And what better way to do just that than by having a gorgeous electric Menorah shine a bright light in our house and to the public.

While it’s not a replacement for a true (Kosher) Hanukkah Menorah – it can surely spread light (literally and spiritually) and bring the spirit of Hanukkah to our friends and loved ones… and that’s exactly what the festival of lights is all about.

Note: I highlighted that sentence for a reason – a battery-operated Menorah does NOT fulfill the Mitzvah of lighting a real Hanukkah Menorah.

On that note, let’s have a look at the best electric & LED Menorahs that will brighten up our house, street, and moods during the 8 days of Hanukkah.

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10 Stunning Crystal Menorahs for a Luxurious Hanukkah (2020)

Lighting your Menorah on Hanukkah is always a special moment…

…The entire family gathers around the Menorah.

…You light the Shamash and the other candles.

…You recite the candles and “Shehecheyanu” blessings.

Sounds great, right?

Now imagine adding a crystal Menorah to the mix…

That elevates the candle lighting to a whole new level – a shiny level.

Like how that idea sounds?

Wait till you see how it looks like…

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