20+ Beautiful Modern Challah Boards, Trays & Plates – Made in Israel (2022)

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The table is set…

The candles are lit…

Shabbat is officially in! Now, go grab a plate and enjoy a delicious Shabbat dinner with your family after a long week.

HOLD ON there tiger! Aren’t you forgetting something?

  1. First, we do Kiddush and drink Kiddush wine.
  2. Then, we do Hamotzi and eat a piece of Challah.
  3. … And only then, we get to sink our teeth into the yummy Shabbos food!

Today, we’ll focus on the second part – the Challah… specifically, the Challah boards. Because you need to serve the Challah somehow, right? 

But I’m not here to help you find just any Challah board (you don’t need my help for that)… Instead, I’ll help you find beautiful, modern Challah boards that you wouldn’t find in an average Jewish kitchen. Because who the hell wants to be average?

Let’s begin…

Top Challah Boards

Here’s a quick glimpse of the best Challah boards that can upgrade any Shabbat table.

Modern Challah BoardWooden Challah BoardMarble Challah BoardGlass Challah BoardSilver Challah BoardPersonalized Challah Board
Top Modern Board Top Wood Board Top Marble Board Top Glass Board Top Silver Board Top Personalized Board
Nambe Geo Challah Board With KnifeNambe Geo Challah Board With KnifeYair Emanuel Wooden Challah Board, Knife & Stand - JerusalemYair Emanuel Wooden Challah Board, Knife & Stand - JerusalemGodinger White Marble Challah Board With KnifeGodinger White Marble Challah Board With KnifePainted Stainless Steel Challah Board: Pomegranates (Lily Art)Painted Stainless Steel Challah Board: PomegranatesGodinger Silver Art Golden Frost Challah Board Knife SetGodinger Silver Art Golden Frost Challah Board & Knife SetPersonalized Paper Cut Challah BoardPersonalized Paper Cut Challah Board
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Challah BoardType 
Top Modern Board
Nambe Geo Challah Board With KnifeNambe Geo Challah Board With Knife
Type: Modern Challah BoardGet from Amazon
Top Wood Board
Yair Emanuel Wooden Challah Board, Knife & Stand - JerusalemYair Emanuel Wooden Challah Board, Knife & Stand - Jerusalem
Type: Wooden Challah BoardGet from JWS
Top Marble Board
Godinger White Marble Challah Board With KnifeGodinger White Marble Challah Board With Knife
Type: Marble Challah BoardGet from Amazon
Top Glass Board
Painted Stainless Steel Challah Board: Pomegranates (Lily Art)Painted Stainless Steel Challah Board: Pomegranates
Type: Glass Challah BoardGet from JWS
Top Silver Board
Godinger Silver Art Golden Frost Challah Board Knife SetGodinger Silver Art Golden Frost Challah Board & Knife Set
Type: Silver Challah BoardGet from Amazon
Top Personalized Board
Personalized Paper Cut Challah BoardPersonalized Paper Cut Challah Board
Type: Personalized Challah BoardGet from Etsy

Why did they make the cut (or in this case, slice)? What’s so special about them? You’re about to find out…

Modern Challah Boards

You can get a standard Challah cutting board for $5-$10 and call it a day.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then you may want to skip this section…

Because the whole point of modern Challah boards is that they’re NOT standard. They’re unique, artistic, and yes, they’re usually more expensive.

But if you’re a person of taste – then this probably sounds exactly like what you’re looking for.

If you’re thinking: “My new challah plate is about to occupy some kitchen real-estate, so I might as well choose a beautiful one.”

Because just like actual real estate – we want our kitchen real estate to look nice.

Nambe Geo Challah Board with Knife

Top Modern Board
Nambe Geo Challah Board With Knife

Nambe sure knows how to add a creative touch to their designs.

  • First, they create a Kiddush cup that looks like The Goblet of Fire from Harry Potter (which, unsurprisingly, has also won Amen V’Amen’s “Top Modern Kiddush Cup” award) 
  • Now, they turn a Challah board into a remarkable Geometric design that looks like it was taken straight from a museum.
  • What’s next? They’ll make a Challah cover that parachutes on top of the Challah board? 

I don’t know how they come up with these brilliant designs. But I do know this: I do recognize mastery when I see it.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is nothing short of a masterpiece.

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Hamotzi: Genuine Jerusalem Stone Challah Board

Hamotzi: Genuine Jerusalem Stone Challah Board – Caesarea Arts

When was the last time you made Hamotzi in the Western Wall (Kotel)?

Unfortunately, logistics get in the way… It’s not always possible to spend hundreds of dollars on a plane ride to Ben Gurion airport and enjoy a nice Shabbat in Jerusalem.

Well, maybe you don’t have to… Caesarea Art’s lovely Jerusalem stone Challah board might get you close enough. If not physically, then certainly emotionally.

A unique work of art that gives you something to look towards before on Shabbat and other Jewish holidays.

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Caesarea Arts Waves Challah Board

Waves Challah Board Gray Caesarea Arts

Caesarea Arts? Back to back? They must be doing something right…

Indeed, they are.

This elegant, contemporary wave-shaped Challah board is made in Israel, It’s made of a lightweight, scratch-resistant porcelain base with aluminum decorations on the sides.

Note: Attached to the board (with magnets) is a small aluminum salt dish to make the Hamotzi straightforward without any other necessary equipment.

Plus, if you zoom in on the picture, you’ll notice the light Hamotzi blessing engraved at the bottom… so you can skip the Siddur and read the blessing directly from the Challah plate 🙂

A gorgeous & extremely well-thought Challah cutting board for your Shabbat & holiday table.

Tip: The knife is optional.

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Spode Judaica Challah Tray With Wooden Insert (Large)

Spode Judaica Challah Tray With Wooden Insert

Spode is known for its popular ceramic Judaica items, and they didn’t disappoint their fans and collectors and also designed a fabulous Challah platter as well.

Just like most of their Judaica, Spode designed their modern Challah board after Israel’s flag blue & white – what also became Spode’s signature design over the years.

Made of high-quality earthenware and is pretty big…so big in fact, that you can serve almost anything with this ceramic Shabbat Challah plate, not just bread.

If you have a few other Spode pieces in your kitchen, or if you know someone who does – then you just found a Jewish Challah tray to complete the collection.

Tip: Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Wooden Challah Boards

Give Israel’s finest artists a piece of wood and a few colors, and they’ll find a way to produce something great out of it. 

That’s exactly what happened here with these wooden Challah boards.

As you’ll about to witness, these talented artists can take a random piece of wood and transform it into a wooden masterpiece.

Yair Emanuel Wooden Challah Board, Knife, and Stand – Jerusalem

Top Wood Board
Yair Emanuel Wooden Challah Board, Knife & Stand - Jerusalem

If you ever walked around art galleries in Jerusalem, then there’s probably one name you kept noticing over and over again: Yair Emanuel.

Some people know him by name, others know him by his signature design – the acrylic colors, playful illustrations and admirable attention to detail. Take a look at his wooden Challah board & knife set, and you’ll see what I mean.

In case you were wondering – then Jerusalem’s old city is hand-painted on the surface of this unique wooden Challah tray.

Wouldn’t it be something enjoying the Shabbat dinner (and breakfast) with this colorful Challah board?

Tip: Commonly given as a Jewish wedding gift

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Wood Challah Board Basket for Serving (Made in Israel)

Amazing Wood Challah Board Basket for Serving (Made in Israel)

A cutting board…that transforms into a serving basket?

Now that’s a rather beautiful, unique & useful idea, isn’t it?

This made in Israel wooden Challah board basket is well made of carved wood and can easily hold all the Challah bread you’re serving your guests during Shabbat dinner.

A great addition to your table, or as a housewarming gift to your Jewish friends & family.

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Yair Emanuel Pomegranate Wooden Challah Board

Yair Emanuel Pomegranate Challah Board

Yair Emanuel, take #2.

But this time, it’s a rather unconventional Yair Emanuel design: There are no vivid colors or no hand-painted illustrations.

Instead, he went with a simpler, more elegant style that suits any Jewish kitchen (and much more affordable too).

It has two beautiful, branch-like handles holding gleaming golden leaves & pomegranates – to give a little sparkle to the wooden Challah tray.

Bonus: There’s a matching knife available.

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Marble Challah Boards

Marble is an interior designer’s favorite.

Step into almost any kitchen, and you’ll instantly spot at least a few items made of marble. And if it’s a Jewish kitchen, there’s a good chance that one of those things is the Challah board.

That’s right: marble Challah boards are more popular than you think, and in this section – you’ll see exactly why…

Godinger White Marble Challah Board with Knife

Top Marble Board
Godinger White Marble Challah Board With Knife

When I found out that Godinger released a marble Challah board with golden handles – I was both confused and excited at the same time. 

  • Confused – because I had no idea they made marble items (I’m a big fan of their silver and crystal Judaica items, as many of you already know by now)
  • Excited – well, because Godinger just released a friggin’ marble Challah board!

And, well, it’s a real beauty.

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Classic Touch Decor Marble Challah Board with Wooden Handles

Classic Touch Decor White Marble Challah Tray With Wooden Design Handles

A marble Challah cutting board with a classic touch. That one line doesn’t just describe this lovely Challah board; it also happens to be the name of the designer.

Classic Touch Decor’ has done an exceptional with its contemporary marble Challah board. Sure, it’s no Godinger… but it’s still very well made nevertheless (and cheaper).

I particularly like the wooden handles. It adds a layer of sophistication to the plain white. It’s this extra addition that gives it a unique look… otherwise, it would look just like a boring marble kitchen top (and that’s lame).

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Marble Acrylic Challah Board – Blue Agate

Marble Acrylic Challah Board Blue Agate

I thought I’d end this section with an unusual marble Challah board.

It if wasn’t for the handles – you could’ve easily convinced me that I’m looking at one of Picasso’s masterpieces (imagine removing the handles, and it looks no different than a canvas).

But nope – it’s a Challah board nonetheless, and a remarkable one at that.

Did You Know?

In case you were curious – Blue Agate is a gemstone known for its soothing and calming properties. 

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Glass Challah Boards

Glass Challah boards are an elegant way to serve your Shabbat guests.

There’s a reason why they make such great gifts. But don’t take my word for it… you’re about to see for yourself.

Lily Art Painted Stainless Steel & Glass Challah Board: Pomegranates

Top Glass Board
Painted Stainless Steel Challah Board: Pomegranates (Lily Art)

Is it art? Is it a Challah tray?

It’s both.

Lily Art’s (the famous glass Judaica designer) unique stainless steel & glass Challah plate features colorful pomegranates, engraved on the glass. Her glass art is fascinating, and you should visit her studio if you get a chance… In the meantime, you can add a small souvenir from her studio to your own Shabbat table.

Tip: It’s also a great gift for a Bat Mitzvah.

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24K Gold Plated Jeweled Seven Species Challah Board & Knife Set – Ivory

24K Gold Plated Jeweled Seven Species Challah Board and Knife Ivory

Sure, you can serve your guests with an ordinary Challah plate for Shabbat… or, you can choose to dazzle them with this gold-plated glass Challah board & knife set.

The Challah platter features a beautiful interpretation of the famous “seven species” of Israel, decorated with 24K gold and sparkling colored crystals. 

A true treasure piece, one that is even worthy of passing on to future generations.

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Painted Glass Challah Tray + Handles: Tulips (Blue)

Painted Glass Challah Tray with Tulips

Lily Art (by Lily Shohat) – the famous Israeli artist known for her unique glass designs, makes a second appearance on this list, and rightfully so.

The charming tulips & the colorful metal colors (and metal plaque) suddenly makes serving the Challah a delightful experience. Add the nickel handles to the mix, and you get a truly special & unique glass Challah tray.

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Silver Challah Boards

Shabbat is also known as the “Queen” (Shabbat HaMalka), so it makes sense to treat our queen accordingly. She is, after all, royalty. And royalty deserves the royal treatment.

How do we translate that to the Shabbat table? Simple: you add a hint of gold and silver to the mix.

And no, I’m not talking about silverware (that doesn’t count)? I’m talking about silver Challah boards to make the dinner a little bit shinier.

Now that’s way more interesting…

Godinger Silver Art Golden Frost Challah Board & Knife Set

Top Silver Board
Godinger Silver Art Golden Frost Challah Board Knife Set

Have you’ve ever bought or received any silver or crystal Judaica before? 

If you have, then there’s a good chance that Godinger needs no introduction (it’s Godinger’s second appearance on this list, so they really don’t need an introduction)…

But just in case you haven’t – then allow me to fill you in: Godinger has been hand-crafting beautiful silver and crystal homeware for over 30 years now. In fact, if you ever read one of our gift guides, then you know how much we adore Godinger’s crystal silver and crystal Judaica over here at Amen V’Amen!

Unfortunately, they don’t produce a lot of Judaica items, so when they do finally release one – I do a little dance and immediately let our readers know.

And guess what? Godinger has a beautiful silver Challah tray (covered in golden frost) available!

You know what that means: time for a dance, baby (I’ll spare you the footage).

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Hazorfim Wood & Silver-Plated Challah Board

Hazorfim Challah Board - Silver Plated Wood Large (+ Handles)

Speaking of royal… I have to give credit to the undisputed king of Israeli silver art: Hazorfim.

Hazorfim has been hand-crafting premium silver and sterling silver art for over 65 years, and they haven’t left out Shabbat Challah plates & boards.

Their large, high-quality wood + silver-plated Challah tray is bordered & decorated with a typical Shabbat theme: Challah loaves, a Kiddush cup, and Shabbat candlesticks.

Finally, the handles are covered in intricate flowers, making this silver Challah tray not only functional but gorgeous – just what you’d expect from royalty.

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Rectangular Wood & Silver-Plated Challah Board & Knife Set + Glass Protector & Knife Set

Wood and Silver Plated Rectangular Challah Board with Glass Protector and Knife

Doesn’t it look similar to Hazorfim’s silver-plated Challah board? Yes, and no…

It also has a silver panel, but the quality isn’t exactly “Hazorfim”-level.

Nevertheless, if you liked Hazorfim’s silver Challah plate, but found the price too high – then this is a much cheaper alternative.

Made in Israel, this wood + silver-plated Challah board & knife set features a Challah & Shabbat candlesticks design, covered with a protective glass.

Bonus: A cool little gift for a Jewish friend’s birthday or special occasion.

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Personalized Challah Boards

Let’s get personal…

What if you want a Challah board that is customized specifically for your recipient? 

After all, nothing beats getting a personalized gift; especially if you just celebrated a special occasion like a wedding or a housewarming. 

And let’s face it – nothing beats dedicating a personalized gift to someone you love. 

If you just found yourself nodding to that last sentence – I have a feeling you’ll also “nod” to these personalized Challah boards…

Personalized Paper Cut Challah Board

Top Personalized Board
Personalized Paper Cut Challah Board

Meet Noa Attias, a gifted paper cut artist from Hashmonaim in Israel (near Jerusalem).

Noa handmakes all kinds of Judaica art from her studio – anything from Ketubahs (gorgeous ones, I might add), to Shabbat candlesticks, and of course – Challah boards!

And today I’ll give the spotlight to one particular Challah board – her most popular one, in fact (Noa has sold hundreds of these already): Noa’s handmade paper cut Challah board!

Noa makes these with a beautiful 24k gold border surrounding the Hamotzi blessing in the center. She then prints her design, along with your personalized message (if you choose one) on high-quality velvet paper in Israel, before it makes its way from Noa’s studio to your doorstep.

A tremendously thoughtful gift for a special occasion like Jewish holidays, weddings, and anniversaries.

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Custom Tempered Glass Challah Board

Custom SHABBAT Tempered Glass Challah Board

This personalized Challah bread cutting board is handmade by Amit Judaica Art. He creates it with an original painting, filled with colorful watercolors and some of the famous Jewish symbols, on top of high quality, durable tempered glass.

You probably noticed there are 7 uniquely painted columns here… yep, one for each of the 7 Jewish species.

And of course: you can personalize it with any wordings, blessings or names you want, either in Hebrew or English…

Now there’s a gift they won’t forget for a long time…

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Personalized Challah Board for Rosh Hashanah

Personalized Rosh Hashana Round Challah Board

I figured I’d close off this list with something a little different. OK, a LOT different.

Introducing: a personalized Challah board for Rosh Hashanah. 

This tremendous gift is fully customizable; you can personalize it and dedicate it to your Rosh Hashanah hostess, parents or any other Jewish friend and wish them a “Shana Tova” (a good year).

  • If you’re reading this right before Rosh Hashanah – consider yourself lucky: you caught it right on time to get it as a Rosh Hashanah gift.
  • If you’re not reading it before Rosh Hashanah – either get this Challah platter now and wait till Rosh Hashanah comes, or save it so you’ll remember to order it before Rosh Hashanah comes around.

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A Challah board can be so much more than a boring piece of wood.

Why waste your precious kitchen real estate with a bland piece of wood, when you can instead add a beautiful, artistic Challah plate that makes your kitchen come alive?

And more importantly – why waste the chance to make your dinner table look a-m-a-z-i-n-g on Shabbat and Jewish holidays? 

All you need is a beautiful Challah tray, a matching Challah cover, perhaps a modern Kiddush cup – and your Shabbat table will never look the same again! 

Shabbat Shalom!

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