13 Colorful Bat Mitzvah Tallit Prayer Shawls for Girls [and Women] (2022)

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For a 12-13 year old Jewish girl, there’s nothing quite like a Bat Mitzvah celebration:

  • Going shopping for the perfect Bat Mitzvah dress
  • Delivering a nerve-wracking Bat Mitzvah speech in front of hundreds of people
  • Wearing your Bat Mitzvah Tallit (pronounced “Bat Mitzvah Tallis” if you’re Ashkenazi) for the first time
  • (Opening the Bat Mitzvah presents… 😏)

But if you’re reform, then there’s one additional step that: getting the Bat Mitzvah her first ever Tallit prayer shawl!

This post will guide you through the process of finding a unique Tallit that’ll turn the already special occasion into something even more special!

Top Bat Mitzvah Tallit Prayer Shawls

Don’t have the time to go through a giant list of Bat Mitzvah prayer shawls (Well, duh! You’ve got a Bat Mitzvah to plan!)?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered 🙂

Spoiler Alert: I chose the best feminine Tallitot from the entire list and gave them our signature Amen V’Amen awards!

Introducing… Amen V’Amen top Tallitot picks for 2024…

Modern Bat Mitzvah TallitCustom Bat Mitzvah TallitHandmade Bat Mitzvah TallitDesigner Bat Mitzvah Tallit
Top Modern Tallit Top Custom Tallit Top Handmade Tallit Top Designer Tallit
Bat Mitzvah Mountain TallitBat Mitzvah Mountain Tallit (Colors)Personalized Four Mothers Women's Bat Mitzvah TallitPersonalized Four Mothers Women's Bat Mitzvah TallitRainbow Silk Tallit For Bat MitzvahRainbow Silk Tallit For Bat MitzvahMulti Color Silk Tallit By ReevaMulti Color Silk Tallit By Reeva
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Top Modern Tallit
Bat Mitzvah Mountain TallitBat Mitzvah Mountain Tallit (Colors)
Type: Modern Bat Mitzvah TallitGet from Etsy
Top Custom Tallit
Personalized Four Mothers Women's Bat Mitzvah TallitPersonalized Four Mothers Women's Bat Mitzvah Tallit
Type: Custom Bat Mitzvah TallitGet from Amazon
Top Handmade Tallit
Rainbow Silk Tallit For Bat MitzvahRainbow Silk Tallit For Bat Mitzvah
Type: Handmade Bat Mitzvah TallitGet from Etsy
Top Designer Tallit
Multi Color Silk Tallit By ReevaMulti Color Silk Tallit By Reeva
Type: Designer Bat Mitzvah TallitGet from Amazon

Modern Bat Mitzvah Tallit

Imagine giving the most creative Jewish minds in the world a big blank canvas, and telling them:

“Go make something awesome (and Jewish) for a Bat Mitzvah girl”.

What do you think they’ll come up with?

Turns out, you don’t need to imagine such a (weird) scenario… you can see it for yourself, get it yourself, wear it yourself (although you should give it to your daughter, really)

“Wear a canvas?? Are you mad?!”

Relax… that canvas – just happens to be a Tallit 🙂

Bat Mitzvah Mountain Tallit

Top Modern Tallit
Bat Mitzvah Mountain Tallit

“Honey, go ride your mountain bike to the synagogue… and don’t forget to wear your Mountain Tallit”

Now there’s a sentence you’ll never hear again for the rest of your life.

And there’s an exceptional Tallit you’ll never see again for the rest of your life (unless, of course, you get it for your daughter).

Sarah, the talented designer behind this masterpiece, handmade this Bat Mitzvah Tallit with Kosher wool (made in Israel).

Her unique Tallit features (unsurprisingly) a landscape of mountains, painted with rich blue and deep watery green colors.

Interesting combination, huh?

Turns out – Sarah knew exactly what she was doing. She created an instant bestseller – now worn by many Jewish tweens across the country.

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Tree of Life: Yair Emanuel Embroidered Polysilk Tallit

Tree of Life: Yair Emanuel Embroidered Polysilk Tallit (Colors)

The Tree of Life is arguably one of the most important symbols in the Jewish tradition.

This ancient Kabbalistic symbol dates back to Abraham the Patriarch’s Book of Creation (Sefer Yetzirah).

It represents God’s divine creation of the world – using the 10 foundational elements of life (called Sefirot)… It’s a symbol of our ability and responsibility in carrying God’s creation forward.

Recommended: If you’re interested – Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan translated the fascinating Book of Creation (Sefer Yetzirah), where he dives deep into the Sefirot and the Tree of Life.

  • … Ability?
  • … Responsibility?
  • … Maturity?

Sounds incredibly similar to the what the Bat Mitzvah – the Jewish coming of age – is all about…

That’s what makes Yair Emanuel such a genius. He’s able to take one of the oldest Jewish symbols – and bring it back to life in his own unique & contemporary way.

There’s a reason why he’s considered to be one of the top Judaica designers in the world… And one of many reasons lies in his remarkable (and bestselling) Tree of Life Tallit.

Tip: This Tree of Life Tallit is also available in pink.

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Yair Emanuel Raw Silk Embroidered Tallit Set – Lavender Purple

Yair Emanuel Raw Silk Embroidered Tallit Lavender Purple

“Yair Emanuel returns.”

No, that’s not the title of Emanuel’s latest blockbuster movie.

That’s just me saying: “This man is ridiculously talented… so he deserves several spots on the list”

This Tallit set (which is made in Israel, by the way) has everything Yair Emanuel is so famous for:

  1. Jewish symbolism (in this case: Jerusalem)
  2. Vivid colors
  3. A unique blend of traditional and modern design

It’s not every day you get to see someone wearing such a vivid depiction of Jerusalem during their morning prayer.

Rest assured: when your daughter steps up to the Bimah wearing this magnificent Tallit – she’ll instantly capture everyone’s attention… even before she reads a single word from the Torah.

Bonus: It comes with a matching Kippah and Tallit bag.

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Ronit Gur Sheer Lilac Floral Tallit Set with Blessing

Ronit Gur Sheer Lilac Floral Tallit Set With Blessing

Ronit Gur made quite a name for herself in recent years. I see more and more Jewish girls wearing one of her Tallit prayer shawls on their Bat Mitzvah ceremony.

But this one stood out the most!

Probably because of the stunning floral design running all across it, the lovely organza ribbons, combined with the traditional Tzitzit blessing embroidered on the Atarah.

It’s the embodiment of what a modern Bat Mitzvah Tallit should look like.

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Custom Bat Mitzvah Tallit

“This time… it’s personal.”

There are two possible reasons you might say that.

  1. You’d like to get your daughter a custom Tallit for her Bat Mitzvah
  2. You’re rehearsing for a bad mafia movie.

If it’s #1 – read on…

If it’s #2… you’re on the wrong website.

Personalized Four Mothers Women’s Bat Mitzvah Tallit

Top Custom Tallit
Personalized Four Mothers Women's Bat Mitzvah Tallit

Spoiler Alert: You’ll notice that Galilee Silks are dominating the custom Bat Mitzvah Tallit section…  for good reason.

Not only do they make exceptional Tallit sets for girls, but you can also choose to customize them with your daughter’s name.

Case in point – this traditional Tallit prayer shawl – embroidered with the names of the four mothers (remember the song we sing at the Passover seder?) in each corner, and is covered in beautiful purple (Lilac, to be exact) decorations.

It’s handmade of Polyester… so your daughter won’t just look ravishing at her Bat Mitzvah ceremony, she’ll also be comfortable as hell 🙂

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Personalized Bat Mitzvah Musical Tallit

Personalized Bat Mitzvah Musical Tallit

What Tallit should I get for a music fanatic?

How about a musical Tallit – with floating music notes and everything.

What about an art fanatic?

The artistic and colorful waves ought to do the trick.

One that you can wear as a fashion item?

Does a super-comfortable silk Tallit (or the way Zohan would say: “silky-smooth”) with a hand-painted silk panel sound good?

That you can personalize…?

Hello… you’re in the “Personalized Bat Mitzvah Tallit” section… of course you can personalize it!

Not much else you can ask from a Tallit…

Or is there?

Actually, there is one more thing!

Guess where it’s made (hint: some refer to it as “the holy land” 🙂 )?

That’s right – It’s made in Israel!

It doesn’t get any more authentic than this…

Bonus: What? Another bonus? You bet! A matching Kippah and Tallit bag are also part of the deal. Sweet!

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Personalized Blue & Purple Blend Silk Bat Mitzvah Tallit for Women

Personalized Blue & Purple Blend Silk Bat Mitzvah Tallit For Women

If you liked the previous Tallit – then you’re going to LOVE this one.

This Tallit is made (also in Israel) by the same brand – Galilee Silks, using 100% silk crepe de chine – a soft and lightweight fabric that makes you want to wear your Tallit all day just because it feels so damn pleasant on your skin.

Sounds like the folks at Galilee Silks know a thing or two about creating high-quality silk Tallitot for women.

And the proof is in the (Kosher) pudding.

Note: Speaking of pudding. Check out our Bat Mitzvah food ideas you can serve your guests on your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.

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Handmade Bat Mitzvah Tallit

If you thought the previous Tallitot were special – you’re in for a BIG surprise.

You see, some Bat Mitzvah Tallit prayer shawls are so unique, so intricate, so complex… that they just cannot be mass-produced. They have to be handmade.

These are the type of Bat Mitzvah shawls that end up becoming family heirlooms; you know, the kind that if you get to live long enough (Amen V’Amen) – you might see your grandchildren wear them for their Bat Mitzvah.

Rainbow Silk Tallit for Bat Mitzvah

Top Handmade Tallit
Rainbow Silk Tallit For Bat Mitzvah

Don’t let the girl’s face fool you (I mean c’mon, how about a little smile?) – this Tallit is one of the most unique and most colorful Tallit sets you’ll ever come across.

It’s a work of art masquerading as a Tallit, or a Tallit masquerading as a work of art – depends on how you look at it… made by the wonderful and uber-talented Jewish artist – Sharon.

Now, get this:

  • Sharon handmakes each Tallit from 100% Chinese Habotai silk (don’t know what that is, but it sounds amazing)
  • Each Tallit is individually hand-dyed and hand-marbled by Sharon.
  • You can choose the traditional prayer or customize the Atarah with your favorite verse. Either way, the prayer/verse will be directly applied to the silk using a subtle pattern of Swarovski Crystals (!).
  • The Tallit comes with a special keepsake bag (also customizable) that’ll keep your Tallit safe while it’s being passed along to your future generations (trust me, it will).
  • And if you pretty-please – Sharon will further customize the Tallit at your request.

Give it up for Sharon everybody! 👏

I think it’s safe to say – Sharon treats her customers with tremendous love and care.

And anyone ready to go this far for her customers – deserves Amen V’Amen’s love in response 🙂

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Lightweight Hand Painted Linen Tallit

Lightweight Hand Painted Linen Tallit

A few years ago, Lois (the creative mind behind this gorgeous Tallit) got a call from a friend asking her if she can make a lightweight Tallit he can wear on a trip.

That’s how this lighter-than-air Tallit was born.

The oh-so-famous Tree of Life design, which according to Lois was inspired by Medieval Andalusian Art, is surely no stranger to Amen V’Amen readers.

And if you ask nicely – Lois might even customize your Tallit 🙂

Tip: Also available in red and purple (which looks amazing, I might add).

Get from Etsy

Bat Mitzvah Tree Tallit

Bat Mitzvah Tree Tallit

The wonderful and talented Sarah returns – this time with another fascinating, handmade Bat Mitzvah tree Tallit – made of poly chiffon.

This one is a favorite among Jewish moms who are looking for a unique Bat Mitzvah prayer shawl for their daughter’s special day. And for good reason… 

Indeed, wait till you see her wear this dazzling Tallit at the Bat Mitzvah ceremony – you’ll instantly realize just how special this day really is. 

You’ll be one proud Jewish mother – observing her daughter transform from a young girl ⇒ into a young lady while she’s wearing this beautiful, glimmering, one-of-a-kind Tallit.

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Designer Bat Mitzvah Tallit

We’ve all seen designer dresses, designer shoes, and designer handbags before.

But a designer Tallit?

Don’t worry, I’m not saying that Ralph Lauren has entered the Tallit market…

By the way: Did you know that Ralph Lauren is Jewish?

But what I am saying is that there are a few remarkable Tallit prayer shawls, that are so unique, so rare, and yes – so expensive, that you’ll have to pay a little extra to get your hands on them.

And if you (or rather, your daughter) do get your hands on any of them – you’ll belong to a very small group of people who did.

Multi-Color Silk Tallit by Reeva

Top Designer Tallit
Multi Color Silk Tallit By Reeva

This out-of-this-world Tallit looks like it was taken straight from The Avengers movie set.

Well, you’re not that far off.

It’s designed by Reeva Shaffer – the legendary calligraphy-artist-turned-Tallit-designer, who’s made one or two (read: countless) masterpieces in her lifetime.

But her BIGGEST masterpiece, her equivalent of Beethoven’s Symphony – is this colorful Tallit staring right at you.

It’s considered by many to be one of the most beautiful Tallit ever created.

As you might expect – there isn’t a lot of these out there in the world.

Keep in Mind: In fact, this Tallit is so rare, that there’s a good chance that by the time you’re reading this – it won’t be available anymore. But damn it! I just couldn’t help myself… I HAD TO include it on the list.

Get from Amazon

Ruth Tallit Prayer Shawl – Hand Painted Silk

Ruth Tallit Prayer Shawl Hand Painted Silk

Ruth is arguably the most influential heroine in the Bible.

The Book of Ruth is a story about persistence, loyalty, and determination.

Despite having lost her husband. Despite getting the chance to take the path of least resistance and return to her old comfortable life – Ruth decided to stick with her grieving mother-in-law and take the harder route, the uncertain route.

“Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.”

Talk about an awesome female role model for a Bat Mitzvah girl!

But why wait till Shavuot to read the Book of Ruth – when your daughter can wrap herself with a delightful silk Tallit portraying Ruth’s relentless work ethic?

Now that’s how you empower a young woman!

Note: Despite being such an important figure in Jewish history, there aren’t many Ruth Tallitot out there. They’re incredibly rare. As a matter of fact, this is the *only* Ruth Tallit I’ve ever seen (and at the time of this, there’s only a single unit available)

Get from Etsy

Yair Emanuel Embroidered Raw Silk Tallit Set – Miriam and the Drum

Yair Emanuel Embroidered Raw Silk Tallit Set Miriam And The Drum

We’re all about female role models today…

(Well, what’d you expect – this is an article about feminine Tallit prayer shawls, not a Rocky film!)

First, we had the Four mothers, then we had Ruth…

Now, let’s make room for Miriam – Moses’s sister.

The story goes like this:

After many years of slavery, our forefathers finally managed to escape Egypt and cross the Red Sea under the guidance of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam.

But the Israelites did so reluctantly: they feared for their future, they were afraid they’ll never escape the desert. They were so anxious, discouraged, and demoralized, that they hesitated to cross through the Red Sea.

That’s when Miriam decided to step up: she grabbed her drum (or was it a tambourine?) and started playing for the Israelites. She encouraged them to continue in their journey, and trust that God will be on our side.  Moral went up, the Israelites crossed the Red Sea and escaped Egypt… and here we are telling the story thousands of years later!

Clearly, Miriam knew a thing or two on how to motivate people. If she were alive today, she’d make an outstanding motivational speaker or HR executive.

OK, now let’s go back to the Tallit…

If you look closely – you’ll notice Miriam beating her drum with gusto!

I know what you’re thinking: what a unique and unexpected theme for a Tallit.

That’s Yair Emanuel and his crazy (good crazy) ideas. I don’t know how he comes up with these fascinating ideas…

I guess that’s why he’s considered one of the top Judaica artists in the world… and I’m, well, not.

Bonus: It also comes with a matching Tallit bag and Kippah.

Get from Amazon

Bat Mitzvah Tallit Sizes

What Bat Mitzvah Tallit size should you get for your daughter?

This table will help you answer that question…

Bat Mitzvah Height

Reform Style

Traditional Style

Under 5’

Size 18

Size 45-50

5’ – 5’6

Size 18-24

Size 50-55

5’6 or taller

Size 24-36

Size 55-70


If you made it this far… Kol Hakavod (congrats)! Chances are you found your girl’s first colorful Bat Mitzvah Tallit!

All that’s left?

Among other things…

Piece of cake 🙂

Relax! Baby steps! Just like the baby steps your daughter took to get to where she is today.

The good news is: you’re well on your way to throwing your daughter a marvelous Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Mazel Tov!

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