30+ Classy Mishloach Manot Ideas, Gift Baskets & Gifts for Purim (2020)

What’s your favorite part of Purim?

Usually, there are three possible answers to that question:

  1. Send/receive Mishloach Manot baskets
  2. Dress up in cool Purim costumes
  3. Send/receive Purim baskets while dressing up in cool Purim costumes

Hmm… it seems that there’s only one answer after all…

In Purim, we give Mishloach Manot as a sign of friendship, unity, and care to the people around us. Every Jew is required to send a Shalach Manot to at least one person.

Luckily – most of us care about more than just a single person (I hope)… so more often than not we end up sending several Shalach Manot to the people we love.

Therein lies the secret of this special Mitzvah: the more we give ⇒ the happier we get.

It’s a beautiful cycle: one filled with love, joy and caring.

And in this guide, we’re going to kickstart the cycle with the best Mishloach Manot & Purim gift ideas we can give to our family, friends and loved ones…

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10 Stunning Flowers & Bouquets for a Happy Purim (2020)

Believe it or not – there’s more to Purim than just baking a few Hamantaschen, getting a goofy costume and sending out a Mishloach Manot.

Sure, the Mitzvah does require us to send a Shalach Manot to at least one person…

But some (read: ALL) of us care about more than just a single person… and some of us (read: ALL again) tend to love some people more than others (waving to my boyfriend in the stands 👋).

How do you express that love? Whether it’s for our spouse/significant other or a beloved family member?

The answer is (hopefully) NOT “by getting them a bigger Shalach Manot” or “by getting them Hamantaschen with more chocolate inside”.

But one of the answers may certainly be: “by getting them beautiful Purim flowers.”

Now… let’s assume my boyfriend is reading this article (no pressure, darling) – what flowers do I secretly wish he’d get me for Purim?

Let’s explore that question further… shall we? 🙂

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20+ Best Traditional Purim Costume Ideas for Kids & Adults (2020)

You think Halloween is cool?

Pfff…Give me a break!

Purim, aka “the Jewish Halloween”, is WAY cooler! (I’m Jewish… so naturally, I’m biased 🙂 ) 

Especially if you capture everyone’s attention with a unique Purim costume that makes everyone else’s costume look like a joke.

You might wonder: What does such a Purim costume look like? 

That’s exactly what this post is for – to show you some of the coolest Purim costume ideas that’ll make your kids steal the show at the Purim party! 

What about the adults, you ask? Don’t worry, I’m not letting you off the hook that easily. By the end of this post, you’ll be all ready to suit up for Purim just like the rest of us… (what, you think you’re too “cool” to wear a Purim outfit?)

After all, we adults are just kids, only with bigger bodies!

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