Write for Amen V’Amen

Why write for us?

Amen V’Amen is growing rapidly, and you get to join us for the ride.

We reach tens of thousands of (mostly) Jewish readers from all around the world every month (mostly in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Israel) – which means YOU get a chance to reach these folks too!

We love introducing interesting people, products, and ideas to our readers…

Whether you’re a writer, creator or business owner looking for a place to share your ideas skills, (unselfishly) promote your [fill in the blank], or you just want to make your mom proud – Amen V’Amen is here to help!

Why NOT Write for Us?

We’re picky… very picky. Not quite “Harvard” picky (we don’t charge ginormous tuition fees), but picky nonetheless.

It’s not because we’re evil, arrogant or anything like that…

Thing is – we treat our readers as guests in our little (virtual) home. And if you know a thing or two about Jewish people – you know how much we pride ourselves on being great hosts!

The last thing we want is our readers skimming on some half-assed article that provides 0 value and only screams “BUY MY SH*T”.


We insist on delivering our readers an excellent experience… an experience they LOVE… an experience that’ll make them come back and bring friends the next time (so we get to host even more people…yay!)

That’s why every article we publish has to be:

  1. Informative
  2. Engaging
  3. Entertaining
  4. Inspiring

If you can’t deliver at least 2 of the 4 – I’m sorry, but we’re not a good fit.

If you believe you can – let’s start the “Shidduch” process…

What are we looking for?

  • Folks who are interested in sharing their unique ideas, designs or products.

Especially if you’re an up-and-coming writer/designer/artist… we know how hard it is to “get the word out”… and we love to help!

  • Original content that brings value to our readers.

This is the big one. If you believe you’ve got something valuable to share with the world – we’re more than happy to give you the mic. If not, don’t bother.

  • Content that “fits” our website and our reader’s interest

Do your research and see what we like to write about, or what you think we might (or should) write about.

Although we’re open to ideas – we like to publish content that fits our narrative and has our “voice”.

So… please please please do your research before you reach out to write about nerf guns (true story).

What are we NOT looking for?

  • No syndicated content. Your article has to be original and written ESPECIALLY for Amen’V Amen. We don’t publish content you’ve already written someplace else.
  • No hate
  • No politics (unless it’s used to illustrate a point)
  • No rehashed content of the same material (“Ugh… not another one of those”)

      Write a Good GREAT pitch

      We get a lot of guest post requests… unfortunately, we have to turn down most of them.

      We can tell if you didn’t bother putting in a minimal amount of effort, so why should we?

      I’m not asking you to write a bible-length dissertation… but your pitch should at least:

      • Introduce yourself. Who are you? Why are you interested in writing for Amen V’Amen? (be honest… don’t sugar-coat it)
      • Pitch your idea. Briefly summarize your topic idea and why you’re the right person to write about it.
      • Include a brief outline/description of your article. If you have a draft ready – include it in your pitch
        • Share your previous work. What (and where) have you written about before? Share links to your previous writings…  

        Writing Guidelines

        Pitch your idea first

        You don’t get married after the first date, now do you? We’d like to get to know you and your idea first. Don’t just blindly send us an article and expect us to publish it. Ain’t gonna happen…

        Your article should be between 1000-2500 words

        No, I didn’t add an extra 0 there.

        At Amen V’Amen, we like publishing detailed, meaty and well-researched articles. Most of our articles are at least 2,000 words… and we expect the same from you.

        Now, that doesn’t mean you should write a 200-word post and stuff it with a whole bunch of fluff. Long ≠ Long-winded.

        We want you to write naturally, but extensively. Go deep and cover your topic from top to bottom.

        Ask yourself: can I write the best article on the internet about that topic? 

        If the answer is yes – fire away!

        Write like you talk

        There’s a reason why kids fall asleep when they read a textbook. Textbooks are b-o-r-i-n-g…

        And when those kids grow up – they’d much rather watch a funny cat video on YouTube than read another blog post. Can you blame them? Most articles remind them of their childhood textbooks. That’s no fun…

        Forget about your English professor. Instead, write like you talk and our readers will love you for it.

        Back up your arguments

        We appreciate the fact that you have an opinion. But opinions can only travel so far without evidence backing it up…

        If you’re making claims or posing arguments – make sure to cite supporting data, stats, and sources backing up your claims.

        Don’t over-promote

        Please avoid excessive “me, me, me”…this isn’t an infomercial.

        We get that you want to promote your brand and improve your website’s rankings… but do it tastefully. Don’t push it.

          Remember: pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.

          No more than 2 links

          Please don’t stuff your article with a ton of links (not to mention affiliate links). 

          We allow no more than 2 links in your article. This can be anything you’d like to promote: your website, your social profiles or other articles you wrote.

          That doesn’t include links to other unrelated websites you’re trying to “help” (heard that agency folks?).

          Note: That limit doesn’t apply to links pointing to our own articles at Amen V’Amen. You’re welcome (and encouraged) to link to them freely. 

          Format your article properly

          Nobody likes to read a huge block of text.

          Format your article with images (with credit), lists, bullet points, headers…

          Tip: Go through Amen V’Amen’s content to match our formatting style.


          If your article sounds like your 6 your old nephew wrote it – Houston, we have a problem.

          Please proofread your article several times before hitting “send”. It doesn’t have to be perfect – a handful of typos aren’t the end of the world. But if the number of typos exceeds the number of fingers on your hands… that’s when we become suspicious.

            Make it “ready to hit publish”

            Make sure your article is as close to publishable as possible. 

            Although our editor edits every article meticulously, she does have a lot on her plate… she’d appreciate if you could cut her some slack.

            Ask yourself: could I just copy & paste your article into WordPress and hit “Publish”?

            How it Works

            1. Contact us and pitch your idea (follow the guidelines above)
            2. If we decide to work with you, you’ll be contacted by our editor. Together, we’ll plan your article and set expectations before you start working on your draft.
            3. After the expectations are set, you’ll write your draft and send it to us for review. Articles should be sent in a Google Doc or Microsoft Word and include all additional attachments: images (including appropriate credit), videos etc’.
            4. We’ll review your draft and ask you to make changes if necessary. 
            5. Once your final draft is ready – it goes through our internal editing process.
            6. The article is ready to be published and added to our queue.
            7. We’ll email you once the article goes live. We ask you to help spread the word and reply to comments when and if necessary (at least in the first week)

            Important: If your post doesn’t meet our quality guidelines, chances are we won’t publish it. So spare us the inconvenience and write a great guest post!

              Ready to send a guest post idea?

              Contact us and let us know all about it!