20+ Best Modern Havdalah Sets & Jewish Spice Boxes from Israel (2019)

Shabbat is almost over.

A new week is upon us…

How do you make the transition?

With the Havdalah, of course…

In the Havdalah blessing, we thank God for making a distinction between the sacred, and the ordinary.

Now, you get to decide: would you like the last Shabbat ritual to be special, or ordinary?

The answer is clear…

And for the last Shabbat ritual to be special, we need a special Havdalah set…

Good news – in this article, you’re going to find just that

Top Havdalah Sets

Before we dive any deeper into the magnificent Shabbat Havdalah sets that won a spot on the list, how about a little spoiler?

These are the top Jewish spice boxes & sets from each respective category… the ones that deserve a gold medal (or at least our version of it).

Modern Havdalah SetsSilver Havdalah SetsCeramic Havdalah SetsPewter Havdalah SetsWooden Havdalah SetsTravel Havdalah SetsGlass Havdalah SetsCheap Havdalah Sets
Top Modern Set Top Silver Set Top Ceramic Set Top Pewter Set Top Wood Set Top Travel Set Top Glass Set Top Cheap Set
Yair Emanuel Stainless Steel Pomegranate Havdallah SetYair Emanuel Stainless Steel Pomegranate Havdallah SetSilver Plated Filigree Design Havdalah SetSilver Plated Filigree Design Havdalah SetHavdalah Set 5 Pieces Armenian CeramicHavdalah Set 5 Pieces Armenian CeramicEnameled and Jeweled Pewter Havdalah Set Seven SpeciesEnameled and Jeweled Pewter Havdalah Set Seven SpeciesYair Emanuel Painted Wood Havdalah Set with Jerusalem DesignYair Emanuel Painted Wood Havdalah Set with Jerusalem DesignHand Painted Travel Shabbat & Havdalah Set Pomegranates DesignedHand Painted Travel Shabbat & Havdalah Set Pomegranates DesignedUnique Lily Art Glass appliqued 4 piece Havdalah SetUnique Lily Art Glass appliqued 4 piece Havdalah SetGrapes Motifs Silver Plated 4 Piece Havdalah SetGrapes Motifs Silver Plated 4 Piece Havdalah Set
Get it HereGet it HereGet it HereGet it HereGet it HereGet it HereGet it HereGet it Here

Modern & Contemporary Havdalah Sets

Sure, you can light a standard Havdalah candle and call it a day… Or, you can make the Havdalah ceremony an exhilarating event that starts off your week on the right foot…

Which one sounds better?

If you answered the latter, then allow me to introduce our top modern Havdalah sets that will end your Shabbat on a beautiful note and start your week with a boost…

Yair Emanuel Stainless Steel Pomegranate Havdalah Set

Top Modern Set

Yair Emanuel Stainless Steel Pomegranate Havdallah Set

When you’re talking about modern Jewish Judaica, you can’t avoid mentioning Yair Emanuel.

Emanuel is arguably Israel’s most popular artist, so he obviously made it to the top of my list as well (you’ll see his name come up several times in this article).

His bestselling modern Havdalah set creates a seamless blend of contemporary design and Jewish tradition.

The entire set is made of stainless steel and is beautifully decorated with shiny pomegranates & leaves surrounding the Havdalah spice box, candle holder & Kiddush cup.

This ends your Shabbat or holiday (especially Rosh Hashanah) on a strong note and starts off your new week with a shiny spark of beauty.

What more could you ask from an Havdalah set?

Tip: Also makes a great Jewish housewarming Judaica gift.

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Highly Polished Non-Tarnishing Metal Havdalah Set + Mother of Pearl Design

Highly Polished Non Tarnishing Metal Havdalah Set with Mother of Pearl Design

Here’s the thing with this Havdalah set – the set is pretty good, but the photo sucks.

Good thing many of you recommended it to me and that’s so popular on Amazon, otherwise, I would’ve ignored it just because of the lousy picture.

This contemporary Havdalah set is crafted from a highly polished metal alloy, with a unique, handmade mother of pearl design.

There are 4 pieces in this metal set:

  1. Gleaming ceremonial wine goblet (Kiddush cup)
  2. Jewish Spice box (with a pierced lit and a Star of David decoration)
  3. Havdalah candle holder
  4. Metal tray

Note: Resist the urge to judge it by the image alone like I did… it looks much better in real life.

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Yair Emanuel Textured Nickel Havdalah Set. Variety of Colors

Yair Emanuel Textured Nickel Havdallah Set Variety of Colors

I warned you that Yair Emanuel will be the star the of the show…

His artistic, ultra-modern Havdalah set is made (in Israel) of aluminum and features a stunning & unique blend of ancient Jewish tradition and contemporary design.

Great as a gift for any special Jewish occasion (Bar Mitzvah, weddings, birthdays…), or as a new addition to your Jewish kitchen. 

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Havdalah Set: Braided Candle + Havdalah Spice Box Holder – Yair Emanuel

Havdalah Set For Braided Candle + Spice Box Holder

Another Yair Emanuel original piece of artwork… this time with a hammered finish, which gives it a timeless (almost ancient) quality.

This compact, modern & elegant set comes with a braided Havdalah candle & Jewish spice box holder and is extremely easy to use.

Stick a braided Shabbat Havdalah candle into rectangular opening, and let the cup easily blow out the candle when you’re done.

Great for any Jewish household or even as a Jewish wedding gift.

Bonus: Fragrant spices are included in the Shabbat spice box.

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Silver & Sterling Silver Havdalah Sets

Shabbat is referred to as the “queen” in Jewish tradition. The queen should be treated accordingly, don’t you think?

What better way to treat our queen than with a shiny, silver Havdalah set?

Silver Plated Filigree Design Havdalah Set

Top Silver Set

Silver Plated Filigree Design Havdalah Set

Speaking of the queen, this silver Havdalah set looks like it was taken straight from Queen Elizabeth’s Jewish kitchen.

This magnificent silver plated set is made in Israel, and is fully decorated with a beautiful filigree design.

The 4 royal-looking pieces in this set include:

  • Kiddush wine cup
  • Havdalah spice box
  • Havdalah candle holder
  • Octagonal silver tray

A beautiful Jewish addition to any Jewish household, whether yours or one of your loved ones.

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Traditional Havdalah Set with Jerusalem Motif

Octagon Havdala Set with Jerusalem Motif

Jerusalem of gold? Not this time…

This time it’s Jerusalem of silver.

If you miss having the feeling of performing Havdalah in Jerusalem, then this nickel-plated Havdalah set from Israel will bring you very close.

Fully decorated with Jerusalem’s old city stunning scenery, this elegant Havdalah adds a wonderful touch to any Jewish home. Besides the beautiful Jerusalem design, it also comes with a signature of the final Havdalah blessing: “Hamavdil Bein Kodesh Le Chol”, which marks the transition from the holy Sabbath to the rest of the week.

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Nadav Art Isvei Sterling Silver Havdalah Set

Nadav Art Isvei Havdalah Set

This sterling silver Havdalah set is not for the faint-hearted, and it’s especially NOT the best choice if you’re just looking for a new Havdalah spice set you can use on a regular basis.

However, if you like the idea of getting someone you love a contemporary Havdalah set as a wedding gift, then hands-down – this is my favorite choice. This stunning Havdalah set can be proudly displayed as a decorative piece in the Jewish couple’s new home.

Tip: Technically, you could also use it as a functional Havdalah set. Should you do that? That’s up for debate… But I’ll leave that for you to decide.

In case you were wondering what that cone-shaped thing is – yes, that’s the Kiddush cup. The entire set is made of 925 sterling silver, with a base made of glowing brass. The (ball-shaped) spice holder hangs on the brass stand for quick & easy access.

Also, see that cute little illustration on the bottom? That’s an engraving of Jerusalem’s skyline… nice right?

All in all – this is a marvelous, glowing gift to get a Jewish couple for their wedding.

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Ceramic Havdalah Sets

If you appreciate high quality ceramic Judaica items… then boy oh boy will this section be a treat for you.

Sure, the most famous Judaica ceramic sets are usually Armenian ceramics… but there’s more to the story than that.

You’re about to be surprised with these state-of-the-art ceramic Havdalah sets (both Armenian and not).

Havdalah Set – 5 Pieces Armenian Ceramic

Top Ceramic Set

Havdalah Set 5 Pieces Armenian Ceramic

Let’s start off with the most popular Judaica ceramic design: Armenian ceramics.

This traditional Havdalah arrives straight from Israel and features a colorful & cheerful floral design on the traditional blue Armenian theme.

The famous Havdalah blessing is obviously also present: “Hamavdil Ben Kodesh Le Chol”.

If you’re an Armenian ceramics fan, then the beautiful design and cheap price probably already convinced you to add this one to your collection.

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White Ceramic Havdalah Set Kiddush Cup Candle Spices Fragrance Judaica Kabbalah 

White ceramic Havdalah Set Kiddush Cup Candle Spices Fragrance Judaica Kabbalah

Purity, Spirituality & Significance. 

That’s what Shabbat stands for… You could already see how this pure-white ceramic Havdalah set fits in the picture.

Combine the white & gold colors with the beautifully written Hebrew text of the associated blessings, plus the unique floral design – and you get a beautiful ceramic spice set to start off off your new week in the best way possible.

Oh, and it’s very cheap… lucky you. 

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Jerusalem Havdalah Set Ceramic

Jerusalem Havdalah Set Ceramic

Having a tough time to gather the kids around for Havdalah?

I have good news: problem solved.

Israeli artist Sharon Muchnick was able to make the traditional Havdalah items very delightful and engaging with her unique touch.

Every item in this set has the associated blessing engraved on it, so everyone can follow along easily.

This playful ceramic Havdalah set includes:

  • Havdalah spice box (windmill)
  • Wine cup
  • Havdalah candle holder
  • Ceramic plate

A fantastic item for a young Jewish family. 

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Recommended: Beautiful modern Kiddush Cups for a traditional Jewish Shabbat.

Pewter Havdalah Sets

Speaking of royal, you can’t talk about a royal-looking Shabbat Havdalah candle set and not mention the popular Pewter Havdalah sets. If silver doesn’t cut it and you want to step it up a notch – then a Pewter set is the way to do that.

Enameled and Jeweled Pewter Havdalah Set-Seven Species 

Top Pewter Set

Enameled and Jeweled Pewter Havdalah Set Seven Species


That’s what I said when I first saw this breathtaking Judaica piece.

The radiance of style… the beauty… the “seven species of fruits” decoration… just perfect.

The shining pewter on this piece is decorated with 24K gold, with highlights of iridescent enamel with sapphire crystals.

It includes all of the required items for Havdalah (and then some), all decorated with the “seven species of fruits” native to the land of Israel:

  • Havdalah cup
  • Saucer
  • Spice container
  • Havdalah candle holder

A magnificent Pewter Judaica Havdalah set, Jewish artwork and a future family heirloom – all in one.

Get it Here 

Pewter Havdalah Set – Jerusalem

Pewter Havdalah Set Jerusalem

A fully pewter crafted Jewish Havdalah set from Israel that will make you wonder how you ever managed to do Havdalah without this gorgeous set.

This pewter Havdalah set is very affordable, especially considering it’s extremely high quality (the photo doesn’t do justice to it): it’s made of thick metal with a fantastic finishing & varnish, adding a delicate feeling to it and practically guaranteeing it will last for many years to come.

Tip: A great gift for any Jewish occasion.

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Wooden Havdalah Sets

Why are you getting a new Shabbat Havdalah set? Do you need one just for utility reasons?

In that case, then this section is not for you…

This section is for people who are looking for art, and only then for a set for their Havdalah ceremony.

The wooden Havdalah sets featured here function as traditional sets for Havdalah on Shabbat, and as gorgeous Jewish artwork, you can proudly display in your home the rest of the week…

If that’s what you’re after, then read on…

Yair Emanuel Painted Wood Havdalah Set with Jerusalem Design

Top Wooden Set

Yair Emanuel Painted Wood Havdalah Set with Jerusalem Design

Yair Emanuel has done it again.

His gorgeous wood Havdalah set is THE artistic set for your collection.

The vivid colors of this hand painted artwork will stand out anywhere, anytime.

It includes the following items:

  • Shabbat Spice box
  • Kiddush cup
  • Havdalah candle holder
  • Pedestal

Let me break it down how you can use this set:

  1. Make your Shabbat guests’ eyes pop out during the Havdalah ceremony (not literally)
  2. During the weekday, display it so they’ll ask you “wow, did you get this from?”
  3. And of course: get it as a gift for your friends & family on any Jewish occasion.

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Yair Emanuel Combination Shabbat & Havdalah Set + Jerusalem Design

Yair Emanuel Combination Shabbat and Havdalah Set with Jerusalem Design

Another eye-catching piece by Yair Emanuel (made in Israel).

This heirloom-quality, innovative painted wooden Shabbat & Havdalah set can be used both to welcome Shabbat and to end Shabbat. And oh my what a special way to do that.

Display it oh-so-proudly in your kitchen or living room during the week, surprise everyone when Shabbat comes in, and delight them when it’s Havdalah time… Mission accomplished.

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Wood & Glass Havdalah Set – Carved and Painted

Wood & Glass Havdalah Set - Carved and Painted

The official custom-made Havdalah gift set in this article.

This Havdalah set is custom-made from Sapele wood, carved & painted, leaving parts of the wood in its natural color.

Designed & made specifically for special Jewish occasions: Jewish weddings, donor appreciation gifts or other Jewish celebrations.

Tip: Great as a gift, not so much for personal use.

Get it Here

Travel Havdalah Sets

Here’s a challenge for you: How do you do Havdalah when you’re on the road, with no sign of a synagogue nearby? Do you just skip it?

Hell no… that’s what travel Havdalah sets are for: small, portable and space-efficient.

Hand Painted Travel Shabbat & Havdalah Set – Pomegranates Designed

Top Travel Set

Hand Painted Travel Shabbat & Havdalah Set Pomegranates Designed

On the road and need to do Kiddush & Havdalah? I got your back.

Yes, this hand-made wooden travel Havdalah set is beautiful… but more importantly – it’s very compact.

Hard to believe that this condensed and space efficient set has everything you need for Kiddush, candle lighting, and Havdalah, all in one travel-friendly vessel.

The vivid colors and pomegranate theme (the symbol for abundance) is a nice touch to complement the incredible utility of this tiny travel Havdalah set.

Get it Here

Hammered Travel Havdalah Set- Multicolor Rings

Hammered Travel Havdallah Set Multicolor Rings

Looking for a portable Shabbat Havdalah set small enough to fit into a purse? How about your pocket?

This travel Havdalah set is so compact you won’t even notice it’s there.

When it’s closed, it looks like an ordinary stick… but when you unscrew the ends, magic unveils: you’ll discover a cute miniature Shabbat spice box at one end and a candle holder at the other. How cool is that?

Get it Here

Glass Havdalah Sets

If you’ve been following my writing for the past few years, you probably know by now that I’m a huge fan of Lily Shohat and her brand: Lily Art. She’s a master of unique, handmade Judaica products, especially glass Judaica items.

And of course – her Glass Havdalah sets are no different… That’s why it’s no surprise her glass sets dominate this section.

Glass Havdalah Set with Pomegranate Motif

Glass Havdalah Set with Pomegranate Motif

There’s a reason why Lily Art’s amazing items dominate the glass Havdalah set category… and the reason is standing here right in front of you. Well, at least an image of it (and a pretty poor photo I might add, it looks much better in reality)…

Lily’s pomegranate-themed glass Havdalah craft includes:

  1. Wine glass
  2. Candleholder
  3. Spice jar to hold the “Besamim” (fragrance)
  4. Glass tray (featuring a multi-colored pomegranates illustration with gold accents, and an excerpt of the Havdalah blessing)

A beautiful piece of art for your own Shabbat evenings, or as a marvelous gift for any Jewish holiday (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur…) or special occasion. Either way, whoever gets it – wins. 

Get it Here

Delicate & Exquisite Design Glass Havdalah Set + Dark Purple Stripes & Flower Décor

Delicate And Exquisite Design Glass Havdalah Set With Dark Purple Stripes And Flower Decor

Well, the title says it all: a delicate & exquisitely designed Havdalah set.

Lily’s glass masterpiece includes a candle holder, wine cup and spice jar for the fragrance blessing, in a unique flower design ̀with dark purple stripes on top. 

Like any other beautiful glass set for the Jewish Sabbath ritual – it’s an excellent gift idea for any Jewish friend or relative. 

Get it Here

Unique Lily Art Glass Appliquéd 4 piece Havdalah Set

Top Glass Set

Unique Lily Art Glass appliqued 4 piece Havdalah Set

It’s orange time!

This glass Havdalah set is very similar to the previous one, except this set has a more unique & colorful design to it.

You probably noticed the glass tray is a bit different too: this tray has a laser cut design and the Havdalah blessing in Hebrew.

Bonus: Havdalah guide included.

Get it Here

Cheap Havdalah Sets

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a nice Jewish Havdalah set.

There are a ton of great options out there that are very affordable, so you don’t need to break the bank just to perform the end of Shabbat ceremony…

Let’s have a look at some of these inexpensive options, shall we?

Grapes Motifs Silver Plated 4 Piece Havdalah Set

Top Cheap Set

Grapes Motifs Silver Plated 4 Piece Havdalah Set

The wisdom of the crowd never fails… that saying definitely holds true here…

You’re looking at one of the most popular Havdalah sets you can find online.

This silver-plated beauty is made in Israel, in great detail, and includes everything you need for your Havdalah ceremony: spice tower, Havdalah holder, Kiddush cup and a round plate (all designed in a grapes theme, which references the Jewish blessing for Kiddush).

Note: The product looks SO MUCH better in real life than in the photo.

Care to guess how much this very bright & reflective set costs? Go ahead, click on the link… you’re about to be surprised.

An absolute bargain…

Tip: And a great gift! 

Get it Here

Majestic Giftware Havdalah Set, Silver Plated

Majestic Giftware HS410 Havdalah Set, Silver Plated

Majestic Giftware product great Judaica gifts… and this Judaica Havdalah set is no different.

This high-quality, silver plated set is elegantly designed, beautifully packaged and extremely affordable – all the qualities you expect from the perfect gift for any Jewish holiday or occasion.

Tip: Especially great for big Jewish holidays such as Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah & Passover.

Get it Here


The Havdalah ritual doesn’t get a lot of attention on Shabbat. Hopefully, that’s about to change…

Now that you got yourself a brand-new Jewish Havdalah set, you can perform the Havdalah ceremony with a smile on your face, and get ready for a new week…

I hope I helped you find a nice set for your upcoming Havdalah ceremony, one you’ll use for many years to come…

If I have, I’m curious to know which one is your personal favorite?

Shabbat Shalom (or Shavua Tov) 🙂

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