Ketubah Text Options: Free Samples, Examples & Templates (Traditional, Conservative, Reform, Secular)

There are some marvelous Ketubah designs out there, no question about that.

But what if you want to keep it simple? What if you don’t need all the bells and whistles? What if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy Ketubah

Well, then you’re in the right place… because on this page, you’ll be able to download your preferred Ketubah text…  free of charge.

Tip: You can even frame the Ketubah yourself and avoid the hefty costs of a custom frame). 

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Ketubah: The Jewish Marriage Contract & What it Really Means

What’s your favorite part of weddings?

  1. The wedding vows?
  2. The reception?
  3. The food?
  4. The marriage contract?

“WHOA?! Marriage contract? Are you nuts?!”

Believe it or not – not only does the Ketubah – the Jewish marriage contract – play a key role in a Jewish wedding, but it’s also one of the most emotional and memorable parts of the Jewish wedding ceremony.

So much so, that married couples often display their Ketubah in their home.

“What the hell”, right?

Don’t worry, there’s a perfectly reasonable (and fascinating) explanation for it… 

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30+ Traditional Jewish Wedding Gift Ideas the Couple will LOVE (2020)

Let me guess:

You’re about to attend a special Jewish wedding of a very special someone, and you’re scratching your head thinking:

“What’s an appropriate gift for a Jewish wedding?”


  • You don’t want to buy the happy couple a gift they’ll never use.
  • You certainly don’t want them to “blacklist” you for being too. Ehm… cheap
  • And you definitely don’t want to embarrass yourself with an inappropriate gift that doesn’t fit the occasion.

Instead, you want to get them something meaningful.

Something useful… You know – something that can actually help a young Jewish couple get off the ground and start their new life together.

Am I right or am I right?

In that case – you’re in the right place. 

Because that’s exactly why I created this Jewish wedding gift guide in the first place: to help you find the very best Jewish wedding gift ideas that’ll make the happy couple want to dance the Horah – even after their wedding is over!

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20+ Beautiful Jewish Wedding Invitations for the Couple’s Big Night (2020)

How long did you wait for your very own “Save the Date” moment?

Now it’s finally your turn! Your turn to invite your friends & family to celebrate with you on your big day.

I know, I know…

All those wedding preparations can get pretty overwhelming…

But choosing your Jewish wedding invitations should NOT feel overwhelming… in fact, it should be one of the most exciting parts – if done right.

And today, I’m going to show exactly how to get it “right” and invite your guests with a beautiful, elegant invitation.

Sound good?

Great, let’s get moving (the Chuppah clock is ticking)!

Good News! We managed to get exclusive discounts on some of the invitations – especially for Amen V’Amen readers! Look for the special coupons sprinkled around the article. I don’t know how long they’ll last though (they might be gone by the time you’re reading it)… so you better act quick. You’re welcome 🙂

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