30+ Classy Mishloach Manot Ideas, Gift Baskets & Gifts for Purim (2022)

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What’s your favorite part of Purim?

Usually, there are three possible answers to that question:

  1. Send/receive Mishloach Manot baskets
  2. Dress up in cool Purim costumes
  3. Send/receive Purim baskets while dressing up in cool Purim costumes

Hmm… it seems that there’s only one answer after all…

In Purim, we give Mishloach Manot as a sign of friendship, unity, and care to the people around us. Every Jew is required to send a Shalach Manot to at least one person.

Luckily – most of us care about more than just a single person (I hope)… so more often than not we end up sending several Shalach Manot to the people we love.

Therein lies the secret of this special Mitzvah: the more we give ⇒ the happier we get.

It’s a beautiful cycle: one filled with love, joy and caring.

And in this guide, we’re going to kickstart the cycle with the best Mishloach Manot & Purim gift ideas we can give to our family, friends and loved ones…

Top Mishloach Manot & Purim Baskets

Before we go over each & every Mishloach Manot (and before you start drooling all over your keyboard/phone), let’s have a glance at the best Purim gift baskets (and other Purim gifts) you’ll find in this article…

Traditional Mishloach ManotClassy Mishloach ManotCreative Mishloach ManotCute Mishloach ManotHealthy Mishloach ManotCheap Mishloach ManotMishloach Manot - Israel OnlyPurim Gift
Top Traditional Gift Basket Top Elegant Gift Basket Top Creative Gift Basket Cutest Gift Basket Top Healthy Gift Basket Top Cheap Gift Basket Top Gift Basket in Israel Top Purim Gift
Gift Tray With Kosher Hamentaschen & Rainbow CookiesGift Tray With Kosher Hamentaschen & Rainbow CookiesFames Chocolate Elegant Mishloach Manot Purim SetFames Chocolate Elegant Mishloach Manot Purim SetBroadway Basketeers Towering Heights Kosher Gourmet Gift TowerBroadway Basketeers Towering Heights Kosher Gourmet Gift TowerPurim Nosh BasketPurim Nosh BasketOh Nuts 12 Variety Nuts In A Modern Wood Gift Tray12 Variety Nuts In A Modern Wood Gift TrayChocolate Oreo Cookies Gifts BoxChocolate Oreo Cookies Gifts BoxPurim Home Basket (Israel Only)Purim Home Basket (Israel Only)Yair Emanuel Wooden Grogger Purim Noisemaker JerusalemYair Emanuel Wooden Grogger Purim Noisemaker Jerusalem
Get from AmazonGet from AmazonGet from AmazonGet from AmazonGet from AmazonGet from AmazonGet from Oh Nuts!Get from JWS
Purim Gift BasketType 
Top Traditional Gift Basket
Gift Tray With Kosher Hamentaschen & Rainbow CookiesGift Tray With Kosher Hamentaschen & Rainbow Cookies
Type: Traditional Mishloach ManotGet from Amazon
Top Elegant Gift Basket
Fames Chocolate Elegant Mishloach Manot Purim SetFames Chocolate Elegant Mishloach Manot Purim Set
Type: Classy Mishloach ManotGet from Amazon
Top Creative Gift Basket
Broadway Basketeers Towering Heights Kosher Gourmet Gift TowerBroadway Basketeers Towering Heights Kosher Gourmet Gift Tower
Type: Creative Mishloach ManotGet from Amazon
Cutest Gift Basket
Purim Nosh BasketPurim Nosh Basket
Type: Cute Mishloach ManotGet from Amazon
Top Healthy Gift Basket
Oh Nuts 12 Variety Nuts In A Modern Wood Gift Tray12 Variety Nuts In A Modern Wood Gift Tray
Type: Healthy Mishloach ManotGet from Amazon
Top Cheap Gift Basket
Chocolate Oreo Cookies Gifts BoxChocolate Oreo Cookies Gifts Box
Type: Cheap Mishloach ManotGet from Amazon
Top Gift Basket in Israel
Purim Home Basket (Israel Only)Purim Home Basket (Israel Only)
Type: Mishloach Manot - Israel OnlyGet from Oh Nuts!
Top Purim Gift
Yair Emanuel Wooden Grogger Purim Noisemaker JerusalemYair Emanuel Wooden Grogger Purim Noisemaker Jerusalem
Type: Purim GiftGet from JWS

Traditional Mishloach Manot Baskets

Let’s start with some of the most popular & traditional Mishloach Manot basket ideas.

The gift baskets you’re about to see include the famous Purim-themed treats, plus a few surprises that you wouldn’t normally expect to see in a Purim gift basket…

Because let’s face it – who doesn’t love surprises? 🙂

Gift Tray with Kosher Hamentaschen & Rainbow Cookies

Top Traditional Gift Basket
Gift Tray With Kosher Hamentaschen & Rainbow Cookies

This traditional Shalach Manot gift tray is a prime example of an impressive, yet relatively affordable Purim package you can send to anyone: whether it’s your family, friends, colleagues, teachers, students… you name it!

The gift tray includes four separate sections filled with different Purim treats:

  1. Section 1: Classic black & white cookies
  2. Section 2: Apricot Hamantaschen
  3. Section 3: Raspberry Hamantaschen
  4. Section 4: Rainbow cookies

The best part? It’s nut-free, dairy-free (Pareve), and taste-full!

Get from Amazon

Traditional Fruit-filled & Chocolate Purim Gift Basket

Traditional Fruit Filled & Chocolate Purim Gift Basket

Most traditional Purim gift baskets include Hamantaschen; most commonly, poppy seeds and chocolate Hamantaschen.

Therein lies the problem: we don’t want to be the 11th person sending the same old Hamantaschen; we want to be the first ones who send mouth-watering fruit-filled Hamantaschen!

This gourmet gift basket comes with fresh Raspberry Hamantaschen, Apricot Hamantaschen, delicious brownies, and assorted Ruggelach… all wrapped in a beautiful gift box.

Now that’s how you send a traditional Mishloach Manot, but a unique one that stands out – both in looks and taste!

Get from Amazon

Kosher Red Square Gift Tray with Chocolate & Halva

Kosher Red Square Gift Tray With Chocolate & Halva

The previous Purim baskets are great and all. But they do have one downside: they’re quite small.

What if you’re looking for something fancier for your recipient? What if you’re looking to dazzle them with a Mishloach Manot that is 10x better than any other gift basket they got for Purim? What if you like them to go: “Oh…My…G-d…” the moment they receive their Shalach Manot?

That’s precisely what this extraordinary gift tray was made for: to blow people’s minds.

A remarkable array of goodness, filled with glorious chocolate praline, peanut butter pops, and d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s Halva slices that remind you of Israel… All beautifully packaged in a 12′ x 12′ rustic wooden tray.

Get from Judaica.com

Classy & Elegant Mishloach Manot Ideas

Just because you’re wearing a goofy Purim costume doesn’t mean you should get a goofy gift basket. You’re better off getting a classy Mishloach Manot and leave your wit and creativity to the Purim party.

These elegant Shalach Manot baskets are pure quality… and, as you might expect – they don’t exactly lack quantity either.

Fames Chocolate Elegant Mishloach Manot Purim Set

Top Elegant Gift Basket
Fames Chocolate Elegant Mishloach Manot Purim Set

Feeling particularly generous? I mean, do you want to blow someone’s mind with an out-of-this-world Shalach Manot?

Fames Chocolates is one of the finest chocolatiers in the country (luckily – their chocolates are 100% Kosher, hooray!)

Their stunning chocolate-themed Mishloach Manot set contains not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different premium chocolate treats – each one more delicious (and impressive) than the other.

Different flavors, different fillings, different toppings… a totally different experience.

If there’s such a thing as the ultimate Shalach Manot – then I believe this is it.

Get from Amazon

Handmade Chocolate Kosher Purim Platter – Mishloach Manot

Handmade Chocolate Kosher Purim Platter – Mishloach Manot

This elegant Purim platter is the definition of gourmet. It features an impressive range of handmade, premium chocolate treats.

Want the specifics? Here goes:

  • Chocolate covered nut clusters
  • Chocolate covered pretzels and cookies
  • Chocolate peanut butter cups
  • White chocolate wafer bites
  • Buttercrunch
  • Signature Irish truffles

This is, no doubt, one of the fanciest Mishloach Manot on the list.

Note: You can personalize the Mishloach Manot with a personal gift message – so your recipient knows exactly who’s the generous soul that sent it.

Get from Amazon

Godiva Assorted Chocolate Gold Gift Box

Godiva Assorted Chocolate Gold Gift Box

You can’t talk about classy Mishloach Manot baskets without mentioning Godiva. Godiva’s gift boxes are the embodiment of elegance.

But they’re not just elegant, they’re also delicious beyond belief. If you ever tasted Godiva, you know exactly what I’m talking about (in fact, it’s my favorite chocolate!). If you haven’t – then I only have one question: what the hell are you waiting for?!

I sure hope you’ll be lucky enough to receive a Shalach Manot with at least a few Godiva chocolates this Purim (don’t forget, you can always treat yourself with a yummy Shalach Manot 😉)… But if not, then at least you can redeem someone else who appreciates quality.

100% Kosher. 100% premium. 100% irresistible.

Get from Godiva

Unique & Creative Mishloach Manot Ideas

This isn’t your first rodeo Purim, is it? It’s hard to impress you, or any other Jewish adult (kids are easy to impress) who has been through a few Purim festivals in their lifetime…

Hard, but not impossible.

And I’m not talking about getting a crazy Purim costume (you can do that too). Believe it or not, I’m talking about Purim baskets.

Don’t believe me?

Don’t worry, these unique (and original) Mishloach Manot ideas will change that in a minute…

Broadway Basketeers Towering Heights Kosher Gourmet Gift Tower

Top Creative Gift Basket
Broadway Basketeers Towering Heights Kosher Gourmet Gift Tower2

Looking back, I bet the folks who built the Tower of Babel would’ve preferred a tower of Shalach Manot, filled with delicious chocolates, snacks, sweets, cookies & nuts… don’t you think?

You probably wouldn’t fit through the door carrying this gift tower, but rest assured – whoever receives your cool Mishloach Manot will remember it for years.

And it’s NOT your typical, boring chocolate either: it’s a tower filled with:

  • Lindt Truffles
  • Milk chocolate Bavarian pretzels
  • Blueberry-Greek Yogurt cookies
  • Double-Dipped chocolate peanuts
  • Milk toffees
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • …and many others!

And guess what?

It’s surprisingly cheap, too!

Get from Amazon

Milk Chocolate Candy Pieces Chocolate Lovers Popcorn Pizza

Milk Chocolate Candy Pieces Chocolate Lovers Popcorn Pizza

I know what you’re thinking:

“What the hell is a Pizza box doing on a post about Mishloach Manot?”

Don’t worry, its not a mistake; rather, its a unique Purim basket for someone with a sense of humor.

Imagine someone handing you a nice little Mishloach Manot gift basket, and you giving them a pizza box in return.

At first, they’ll be shocked… b once they open the pizza box, it’ll suddenly dawn on them that they just received a gourmet candy “pizza” – with milk chocolate crust, popcorn “cheese”, pretzel and chocolate candy pieces (M&M’s style) topping with chocolate drizzled on top.

How can anyone “top” that (insert Pizza topping joke here)?

Get from Amazon

Kosher Six Section Wooden Round Gift Tray with Candy

Kosher Six Section Wooden Round Gift Tray With Candy

Look closely: there is no Purim-related treat in this gift tray; not a single one.

Instead, this gift tray is about one thing, and one thing only: candy.

The way I see it – if you’d like to wish someone a sweet Purim – give them a sweet gift basket… Not just mildly sweet, put hyper-sweet!

Now, count how many times I mentioned the word ‘sweet’ in the sentence above… Pretty sweet sentence, huh? Well, it doesn’t even come close to this gift tray’s level of sweetness.

Sweet Moses!

Tip: It wouldn’t come as a huge surprise that kids LOVE this gift basket, now would it?

Get from Judaica.com

Recommended: Passover is coming soon… why not get Passover gifts as well while you’re at it?

Cute Mishloach Manot Ideas

“Awww. That’s so cute!”

You’d expect to hear someone say that with a cute baby, a cute puppy, or a cute baby playing with a cute puppy.

But a cute Mishloach Manot?

You wait and see my friend…

Tip: If you’re looking to get that response from your significant other, try getting them flowers for Purim. You can’t lose with flowers.

Purim Nosh Basket

Cutest Gift Basket
Purim Nosh Basket
'I have a dream... that one day, we will all include chocolate Babkas in our Shalach Manos'.Click To Tweet

Most traditional Purim packages look pretty much the same: a bunch of chocolates, nuts, a Hamantaschen or two, and maybe a little beverage for good measure.

Not very often do you witness a cute Purim food basket filled with the finest Jewish baked goods: Challah, chocolate Babka, assorted Rugelach, and of course Hamantaschen… ALL Parve.

This gift basket is a breath of fresh air in a world of “me too” baskets (not that kind of “me too”).

Get from Amazon

Gourmet Gift Basket Baked Goods Gift

Gourmet Gift Basket Baked Goods Gift

Staying with baked goods… except, this time we’re taking the cookie-route.

Everyone is so hung up on Hamantaschen, chocolates, candy…

Yawn 😴… how much of that stuff can we eat in one day?

Why not get a little creative, and give your Purim gift basket some personality?

How the hell do you give personality to a gift basket, you might wonder? Easy: add plenty of irresistible baked goods into the mix!

  • 2 fudge walnut brownies
  • Peanut butter brownie
  • 2 chocolate chunk brownies
  • 2 chocolate chip blondie brownies
  • Butterscotch blondie brownie
  • 2 oatmeal raisin cookies
  • 2 peanut butter cookies
  • 4 chocolate chip cookies
  • 2 fudge brownie cookies
  • 2 lemon sugar cookies
  • 2 pecan sandy cookies

Just writing this list of goodies almost made me drool all over my keyboard. Imagine what it’s like eating it?

Note: All of the baked goods are Kosher OU-D certified.

Get from Amazon

Broadway Basketeers Chocolate Photo Gift Box

Broadway Basketeers Chocolate Photo Gift Box

Chocolate gifts + a personalized photo gift box (maybe of a baby) = c-u-t-e-n-e-s-s!

This unique chocolate photo gift box comes with a wooden keepsake box, filled with 2 meaningful gifts for chocolate lovers:

  1. Your photos & memories
  2. Delicious chocolate treats & snacks

See? What did I tell you? “Awwww. So cute!”

Get from Amazon

Healthy Mishloach Manot Basket Ideas

Believe it or not, you don’t have to visit the dentist after Purim…

Truth is, there are plenty of healthy Shalach Manot baskets that don’t make you feel guilty after every single bite. As much as we all love our love handles, it’s hard to handle them when they grow too big!

I’m here to prove to you that with a little willpower, and with the right gift basket, you can send someone a delightful Shalach Manot that is both yummy and healthy…

12 Variety Nuts in a Modern Wood Gift Tray

Top Healthy Gift Basket
Oh Nuts 12 Variety Nuts In A Modern Wood Gift Tray

You know your recipient is trying to lay off the snacks… so don’t you dare get them a fattening Mishloach Manot! We all know how that’ll turn out:

  1. They’ll inhale the chocolates & sweets
  2. They’ll feel bad about themselves
  3. They’ll blame you for putting on weight

What do you say we avoid that scenario… and instead go for the healthier alternative?

This Mishloach Manot gift basket is ideal for anyone who’s on a diet, or someone who’d rather NOT enter a new diet after Purim (ehm, because someone gave them an unhealthy Shalach Manot, ehm).

It’s fully packed with a huge variety of all-natural, gluten-free, protein-rich nuts & snacks, namely:

  • Almonds
  • Pistachios
  • Cashews
  • Mixed nuts
  • Raw walnuts
  • Pecans

Tip: This gift tray is great for people on all sorts of special diets: vegans, diabetics, paleo diet, or almost any diet under the sun.

Plus, it’s MASSIVE. There’s no chance they’ll be able to finish it on their own…which means they’ll have to share it with their loved ones for days (if not weeks). And sharing – is caring ❤️.

Get from Amazon

Holiday Delight Gluten-Free Gift Tower

Large Holiday Delight Gluten Free Gift Tower

Purim snacks fall into one of two categories:

  1. Tasty snacks
  2. Healthy snacks

Rarely do you find snacks that fit both categories… so when that happens – it’s worth paying attention.

Broadway Basketeers managed to find the right balance of tasty AND healthy in their huge, Kosher gift tower. Not only is it gluten-free; it’s also wheat-free, dairy-free, and most importantly – guilt-free!

Now that’s a Kosher Purim gift basket tower you, I, and anyone who’s on a diet can get on board with!

Get from Amazon

Hula Delights Deluxe Roasted Nuts Gift BasketHula Delights Deluxe Roasted Nuts Gift Basket

Speaking of diets… if your recipient is trying to lay off the sweets – then go “nuts”!

2 pounds of hand-selected, fresh & delicious nuts, to be exact… including:

  • Roasted salted macadamia nuts
  • Almonds
  • Pistachios
  • Cashews
  • Mixed nuts
  • Raw walnuts
  • Honey glazed pecans

Like I said: go NUTS!

Get from Amazon

Kosher Certified Tropical Dried Fruit & Nut Spectacular

Kosher Certified Tropical Dried Fruit & Nut Spectacular

Boy, that sure was a lot of nuts, wasn’t it? But hey, this is Purim after all… cut em’ some slack, will ya?

I’m not saying you should ruin their diet with candy, chocolates and all sorts of fatty snacks they’ll hate you for (after they finish eating the whole thing). But you could at least throw in some tropical fruits to the mix to make things more “interesting”.

OK, LOTS of tropical fruits!

  • Dried Kiwi
  • Sliced Mango
  • Dried Figs
  • Dried Apricots
  • Dates
  • Dried Pears
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Dried Plums

Fruit (and roasted pistachios) galore!

Get from GiftBasket.com

Cheap Purim Gift Baskets

The Mitzvah of Mishloach Manot is about giving, but nowhere does it say you have to go bankrupt when you send out a gift basket to your loved ones. Halakha clearly states we should send at least two items of food to at least one person.

Now… you’d probably want to send more than just two pieces (to avoid being called a cheapskate and all)…

There are wonderful Purim package ideas out there available for a very reasonable price. Here, I’ll show you…

Chocolate Oreo Cookies Gifts Box

Top Cheap Gift Basket
Chocolate Oreo Cookies Gifts Box

I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t love Oreo cookies.

Yes, they’re not exactly Purim-y…

Yes, they’re round, not triangular like Hamantaschen…

None of that matters… what matters is: they’re Kosher, they’re yummy, and most importantly – they’re affordable!

The Oreos come in 12 different flavors, all handcrafted from premium chocolate, nuts, and toppings, and they’re friggin’ delicious!

I think it’s time we publicly declare: gourmet Oreo sandwich cookies = awesome Purim treats!

Bonus: You can also personalize the box for your recipient.

Get from Amazon

Fames Chocolates Kosher Chocolate Purim Mishloach Manot

Fames Chocolates Kosher Chocolate Purim Mishloach Manot

Earlier in the guide, I included Fames Chocolates’ enormous Purim gift package. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a cheap, simple Mishloach Manot – that clearly isn’t it.

Luckily, it’s not “all or nothing”: you can order one of the premium boxes from Fames Chocolates’ gigantic gift set, for a fraction of the price.

This chocolate-themed Purim gift box is handmade in Brooklyn and arrives with an impressive collection of premium chocolates that melt in your mouth… including:

  • Almond patties
  • Vanilla hazelnut truffle
  • Chocolate caramel
  • Nutty chew
  • Chocolate fudge
  • Raspberry stick
  • Mango fruit

Tip: Every single one of these treats is Pareve.

It’s a shame that Purim doesn’t come more often, huh?

Get from Amazon

Broadway Basketeers Chocolate & Nut Gift Tray

Broadway Basketeers Chocolate Nut Gift Tray

Broadway Basketeers has already made several appearances in this article.

The thing about their Kosher gift baskets is that most of them are incredibly cheap, considering the size of their baskets and the portions included.

I could’ve easily fit all of their baskets in the “affordable gift baskets” section, but that wouldn’t be fair to the other baskets (we wouldn’t want to hurt the chocolate’s feelings, now do we?).

After careful consideration, I decided that their chocolate & nut gift tray deserved a special spot in this section.

The gift tray includes:

  • Milk + Dark chocolate Bavarian pretzels
  • Milk + Dark chocolate-covered Graham crackers
  • Gourmet caramel popcorn
  • Yogurt enrobed peanuts
  • Assorted milk toffees
  • Crème Brulee mix
  • Mint sweets

A generous amount of treats, for a surprisingly low price.

Get from Amazon

Mishloach Manot – Send to Israel

Just because you’re not physically in Israel, doesn’t mean you can’t send a lovely Mishloach Manot basket to someone you love.

These gift baskets are exclusive to Israel. Just give the order, and they’ll be delivered to their address the very next day!

Purim Home Basket (Israel Only)

Top Gift Basket in Israel
Purim Homey Basket Israel Only

Home sweet home.

Unfortunately, you’re not there with them to celebrate Purim together. But the good news is – you can still make their home a sweet one with this yummy Purim gift basket – full of Hamantaschen, rum-balls (yep!), chocolates, cookies, milk pralines, wine (yep, yep!), and peanut chews.

Get from Oh Nuts!

Purim Chocolate, Nuts & Wine Basket (Israel Only)

Purim Chocolate Nuts Wine Basket Israel Only

Let’s get a little bigger and fancier…

And by fancy – I mean Vienesse crunch, caramelized almonds, pistachios, milk praline chocolates – and a sweet bottle of wine.

Get from Oh Nuts!

Purim Classical Round Sectional Wall Clock Gift Basket

Purim Classical Round Sectional Wall Clock Gift Basket

Time is running out… so let’s end this article with one final flash of inspiration.

A classical Purim package that evokes an “Oh… my… G-d” when your recipient opens the door… and sees this phenomenal Mishloach Manot sent from their loved ones in America.

As you might expect – you’ll have to pay a little extra for this one.

Get from Oh Nuts!

Purim Gifts

Purim isn’t all about Mishloach Manot (and costumes), you know? You don’t have to bless (or curse) your recipient with a big basket of sugary treats. Instead, you can get em’ a nice, traditional Purim gift that doesn’t involve gaining a few pounds.

Here are a few examples…

The Koren Five Megillot – Hebrew / English

The Koren Five Megillot

With all that talk about Mishloach Manot and Purim food baskets, it’s easy to forget that there are other Purim gifts out there besides ones you can chew on.

Take the Megilla reading for example… there ain’t no chewing going on when we read Megillat Esther.

Candy and sweets are of no use to us during that time.

What do we need during the Megillah reading? Two things:

  • A copy of the book of Esther
  • A grogger (we’ll cover that in a second)

Koren’s hardcover Five Megillot is one of the most popular editions of the Hebrew Megillot… with the 5 Megillot (5 scrolls) of the Ketuvim:

  1. Song of Song
  2. The Book of Ruth
  3. The Book of Lamentations
  4. Ecclesiastes
  5. The Book of Esther (the book we read in Purim)

It features a new English translation to the Hebrew text, and it’s decorated with over 30 beautiful and vibrant watercolor illustrations by the famous Israeli artist, Leela Ganin… so both adults and kids can enjoy following along while the Rabbi reads the Megillah!

Get from JWS

Yair Emanuel Wooden Grogger – Jerusalem

Top Purim Gift
Yair Emanuel Wooden Grogger Purim Noisemaker Jerusalem

We all know how much kids (and adults) LOVE blasting the grogger every time the Rabbi or Chazan mentions Haman’s name.

The only problem with those groggers (aside from the fact they become annoying at some point) – you throw them away after Purim is over.

Such a waste…

Legendary Judaica artist, Yair Emanuel, certainly thought so… that’s why he created this epic wooden grogger – with an artistic depiction of Jerusalem (his signature design)

Emanuel is a master of turning mundane things into remarkable pieces of Jewish art… that includes something as simple as a Purim grogger!

Get from JWS

European Floral Garden

European Floral Garden

Purim flowers, particularly colorful bouquets like this one – are a delightful addition to any Purim holiday table.

This lovely bouquet is filled with bright yellow sunflowers, green poms, pink tulips, and a bunch of other beautiful flowers I can hardly pronounce (here goes: Alstroemeria).

A terrific way to surprise someone you love, decorate your Purim holiday table or add some bright, cheerful colors to your home.

Getfrom From You Flowers

DIY: What to Put in a Mishloach Manot?

Prefer putting together a Mishloach Manot on your own? In that case, there are a couple of things you need to know.

First, let’s clarify the rules dictated by Jewish Law when it comes to choosing what to put in the Mishloach Manot:

  1. Include at least two items: A Mishloach Manot has to include at least two different items. Some Jews are more stringent and include two items that require distinct blessings (although that’s not a Halachic requirement). For example, they might include a piece of fruit (Borei Pri Ha’etz/Ha’adama), and a piece of chocolate (SheHakol)
  2. Choose foods that are ready to be consumed. There’s a reason why snacks and wine are so prevalent in Mishloach Manot: they can be consumed immediately. The items you include should be edible/drinkable without requiring any cooking or prep work. In other words, don’t put any weird stuff like a piece of uncooked meat or baking ingredients from your recent grocery shopping.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Now, for the real challenge: what should you put in the Purim gift basket?

First, you’ve got to decide whether you’re creating a themed Purim gift basket, or a generic one.

Themed Purim Gift Baskets

If you’re creating a themed Mishloach Manot, you’d want to include items that align with that theme. For example, if you’re creating a coffee-themed Mishloach Manot – you’d want to include things like ground coffee or instant coffee, coffee-flavored treats, maybe even a small coffee cup and a coffee recipe book.

Popular Mishloach Manot Themes: Here’s a (partial) list of popular Mishloach Manot themes and ideas for your Purim gift basket…

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Chocolate
  • Candy
  • Israel
  • Shabbat
  • Healthy
  • Vegan
  • Wine
  • Cuisines (Italian food, Chinese food, Israeli food…)
  • Sports (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer…)
  • Colors (Purple, Pink, Teal)
  • Animals (Dogs, Cats, Horses…)

Generic Purim Gift Basket

If you’re building a generic Mishloach Manot, you’re essentially including a bit of everything. I included our DIY recommendations below, divided into different categories. Pick and choose the options you like best.

Tip: I recommend choosing between 5-10 Mishloach Manot food and drink items of different types, and 1-2 Purim decorations. 

Gift Baskets & Accessories

Purim Decorations

Food & Drink


Purim isn’t just about wearing funny costumes, eating Hamantaschen, and drinking wine at the Purim party…

Purim is about expressing our love and care towards others. We send Mishloach Manot to show compassion, share with our community and bring people closer together.

If this guide helped you find a Shalach Manot that helps you do that, then every minute I spent writing it has been time well spent…

Happy Purim 🙂

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