25+ Best Shofar Horns & Kosher Shofar Types from Israel [Kudu, Ram’s Horn & Exotic] (2022)

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Tuuuuuu (Tekiah).

Tuuu-tuuu-tuuu-tuuu (Teruah).

Tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu (Shevarim).

(Don’t worry, my finger didn’t get stuck on the keyboard)

Any Jewish person who has ever attended the synagogue during the high holy days recognizes these sounds: indeed, it is the sound (or rather, a verbal representation) of the Shofar – the famous Jewish horn played during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

What you probably didn’t know, however, is that there are over a dozen Shofar types out there, most of which you have never even seen (let alone heard) in your entire life… (I know, right?)

In this Shofar guide – not only will I reveal every single one of them, but I will also show you exactly where and how to get them!

Excited? You should be… We’re gonna have a blast! (see what I did there?)

Top Shofar Horns

SPOILER ALERT: Want to get a great Shofar horn, but don’t have the time to go through the different types of Shofars?

Good news: Rosh Hashanah came early this year!

I put the best Shofars of each type in this table – so you won’t tumble down the Jewish trumpet rabbit hole.

You’re welcome 🙂

Ram's Horn ShofarsYemenite Shofars (Kudu)Gemsbok ShofarsEland ShofarsDecorated ShofarsSilver ShofarsAntique Shofars
Top Ram’s Horn Shofar Top Yemenite Shofar Top Gemsbok Shofar Top Eland Shofar Top Decorated Shofar Top Silver Shofar Top Antique Shofar
Kosher Odorless Ram's Horn Polished ShofarKosher Odorless Ram's Horn Polished ShofarHalleluYAH Half Polished Kudu Shofar Horn SetHalleluYAH Half-Polished Kudu Shofar Horn SetKosher Gemsbok Shofar Horn PolishedKosher Gemsbok Shofar Horn PolishedBarsheshet-Ribak Large Polished Eland ShofarBarsheshet-Ribak Large Polished Eland ShofarHand Engraved Camels Oryx ShofarHand-Engraved Camels Oryx ShofarSterling Silver Plated Yemenite Kudu Shofar MenorahSterling Silver Plated Yemenite Kudu Shofar - MenorahVintage The Western Wall Jerusalem Silver Plated Rams Horn ShofarVintage The Western Wall Jerusalem Silver Plated Rams Horn Shofar
Get from AmazonGet from AmazonGet from AmazonGet from JWSGet from JWSGet from JWSGet from Amazon
Top Ram’s Horn Shofar
Kosher Odorless Ram's Horn Polished ShofarKosher Odorless Ram's Horn Polished Shofar
Type: Ram's Horn ShofarsGet from Amazon
Top Yemenite Shofar
HalleluYAH Half Polished Kudu Shofar Horn SetHalleluYAH Half-Polished Kudu Shofar Horn Set
Type: Yemenite Shofars (Kudu)Get from Amazon
Top Gemsbok Shofar
Kosher Gemsbok Shofar Horn PolishedKosher Gemsbok Shofar Horn Polished
Type: Gemsbok ShofarsGet from Amazon
Top Eland Shofar
Barsheshet-Ribak Large Polished Eland ShofarBarsheshet-Ribak Large Polished Eland Shofar
Type: Eland ShofarsGet from JWS
Top Decorated Shofar
Hand Engraved Camels Oryx ShofarHand-Engraved Camels Oryx Shofar
Type: Decorated ShofarsGet from JWS
Top Silver Shofar
Sterling Silver Plated Yemenite Kudu Shofar MenorahSterling Silver Plated Yemenite Kudu Shofar - Menorah
Type: Silver ShofarsGet from JWS
Top Antique Shofar
Vintage The Western Wall Jerusalem Silver Plated Rams Horn ShofarVintage The Western Wall Jerusalem Silver Plated Rams Horn Shofar
Type: Antique ShofarsGet from Amazon

Types of Shofars

Even though it seems like there’s an infinite number of Jewish Shofar horns to choose from – the most common Shofar horns fall into just two categories:

  1. Ram’s Horn Shofars
  2. Yemenite Shofars

Aside from those two, the other Shofar types are considered exotic Shofars – they’re much harder to come by (but not impossible, as you’ll soon find out). 

Here’s the full list of exotic Shofars: 

  • Gemsbok Shofar
  • Eland Shofar
  • Ibex Shofar
  • Hartbeest Shofar
  • Blesbok Shofar
  • Bushbuck Shofar
  • Impala Shofar
  • Sitatunga Shofar
  • Angora Shofars
  • Aoudad Ram’s Horn Shofar
  • Waterbok Shofars
  • Big Horn Sheep Shofar
  • Springbok Shofar
  • Texas Dall Shofar
  • Roan Antelope Shofar
  • Scimitar Horned Oryx Shofar

Granted, most of these Shofars are so rare that it’s virtually impossible to get them without donating a kidney, so I’m not even going to bother.

Note: If you’re desperately looking for one of them, contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

That said, I promise to show you a few exotic Shofar types later on that are somewhat possible to get and don’t require an arm and a leg.

Sound good?

But first, let’s look at each type of Shofar horn in turn (including the best Shofar of each type)…

Ram’s Horn Shofars

Blowing Shofar
Image by Lilach Daniel

Ram’s horn Shofars, also known as Israeli Shofars, are the classic Shofar horns you’ll often see in Jewish homes & synagogues. As the name implies, they’re usually made of a ram’s horn, but they can also be made of a goat, mountain goat, antelope or gazelle.

The Ram’s horn Shofar is a small instrument. Its size ranges from 10′ – 20′ inches.

The rule of thumb with Ram’s horn Shofars is: the smaller the Shofar horn ⇒ the smaller the mouthpiece is ⇒ the harder it is to play (especially compared to the larger Yemenite Shofar). 

They’re also significantly cheaper than the other Shofar types. A decent Ram’s horn Shofar shouldn’t cost you more than $20-$40.

Note: That’s why it’s common among observant Jews looking for an affordable Rosh Hashanah gift.

Types of Ram’s Horn Shofars

There are several types of Ram’s horn Shofars.

Classic Ram’s Horn Shofars

Classic Ram’s horn Shofars are used in both Sephardic & Ashkenazi communities and it’s by far the most common one. 

They come in a variety of colors – both dark and light, polished & unpolished. Classic Ram’s horn Shofars are a cheaper option if you don’t expect a whole lot of bells and whistles from your Shofar horn.

Bavli Shofars

For the folks in Israel reading this – no, I’m not talking about Shofar horns made in Bavli neighborhood in Tel Aviv.

Bavli Shofars are natural, round-shaped ram horns that produce a deeper sound than a classical Shofar horn. They originated in Babylonia (today’s Iraq) and are still commonly used by Iraqi Jews and many Persian Jews. 

Moroccan Shofars

Moroccan Shofars are flat (no curves except for the main curve), with distinct scalloped edges and a carved mouthpiece (like most Sephardic Shofars).

These Shofars tend to be small, polished, and quite affordable. They arrive in a variety of styles & colors (mostly dark). Because they’re so small – they also have a smaller mouthpiece – making them more difficult to play compared to Yemenite Shofars.

Top Ram’s Horn Shofars

These are the best Ram’s horn Shofars for Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur:

Kosher Odorless Ram’s Horn Polished Shofar + Leather Pouch

Top Ram’s Horn Shofar
Kosher Odorless Ram's Horn Polished Shofar

Don’t let the small size and the cheap price fool you – this bestselling Jewish Ram’s horn trumpet is a high-quality Shofar with a distinct look (and it’s odorless!).

It has a larger mouthpiece compared to other Ram’s horn Shofars. And you remember the rule of thumb I mentioned earlier: a larger mouthpiece means it’s far easier to play (if you ever try to blow a Shofar, you know hard it can be. I always turn into Mr. Tomato when I try to blow a Ram’s horn Shofar).

Playing the Tekiah, Teruah & Shvarim has never been easier. It’s a piece of cake apple & honey! (lame joke, I know)

Get from Amazon

Get from Amazon

Natural Ram Horn Shofar with Curved Top and Ridges

Natural Ram Horn Shofar With Curved Top And Ridges

Another natural Ram’s horn, which means it’s:

  • Unpolished, with a rough body
  • Colored with the natural Ram horn’s shades of brown, black & white
  • Has a large bend in its body + a smooth, narrow section near the mouthpiece

It’s available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10”-22”. Don’t let the small size fool you though – this little Jewish Ram horn is quite loud.

Note: Made & certified Kosher in Israel by the Israeli Rabbinate

A great little gift for your Jewish friend, especially during the High Holidays

Get from Amazon

Small Ram’s Horn Shofar from Israel

Small Rams Horn Shofar From Israel

Another small (12”) Ram horn Shofar, straight from the holy land.

Odor-free, compact and relatively easy to play… (you still have to practice a bit… don’t expect miracles right off the bat)

The smallest AND cheapest Shofar horn on this list and a great little item to have at your disposal for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

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Moroccan Ram’s Horn Shofar + Crown Cut

Moroccan Rams Horn Shofar Crown Cut

Moroccan Ram’s horn Shofars are famous for their scalloped edges and carved mouthpieces (just like this one).

Believe it or not – but those tiny tweaks produce a completely different sound compared to other Ram’s horn Shofars, making it a unique gift for many different Jewish occasions (hint: this is a pretty cool Bar Mitzvah gift). 

This small Shofar is made in Israel and comes with a neat Shofar guide that’ll help you start jamming – the Moroccan way!

Keep in Mind: When I say small, I mean small… so small, that it might take you a while to produce a decent enough sound. So if you order this – do NOT give up! Follow the guide, and keep trying… eventually – you’ll “crack” the code.

Get from Amazon

Polished Ram Horn Shofar with Wide Bend and Natural Colors

Polished Ram Horn Shofar With Wide Bend And Natural Colors

This fully polished, light brown Israeli Ram’s horn trumpet appears with black & brown streaks on its body.

It has a nice, antique-y look – as if it came straight from biblical times (OK, that might be pushing it).

Beautiful, affordable and playable – which is arguably the most important quality in a small Ram’s horn Shofar horn. It’s hard enough to fast on Yom Kippur, no need to make it harder with a Shofar that’s impossible to blow.

And when the Jewish high holy days are over, you can display it somewhere in your house for the rest of the year (you know, instead of letting it collect dust).

Get from Amazon

Yemenite Shofars (Kudu)

Blowing Yemenite Shofar

Yemenite Shofars are large Jewish horns made of an African Kudu antelope’s horn.

Kudu Shofars are far more impressive than Ram’s horn Shofars – both to play and display. Many Jews prefer using them on Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur – and later display it in their living room instead of letting it collect dust throughout the year.

They come in a variety of colors and styles: brown, black, polished, half-polished, not-so-polished, you name it…

Note: Despite the “Yemenite” association, Yemenite Shofars are popular across all Jewish communities (both Ashkenazi & Sephardic).

Did You Know? 

In the past, Yemenite Jews used to make Shofars from an Ibex horn, particularly Nubian Ibex, which were common in Yemen in those days.

Today, however – the population of Ibex is decreasing… That’s why you’ll have a (very) difficult time finding an Ibex Shofar these days. And if you are lucky enough to find one – be prepared to pay A LOT of money for it… 

When you attend the prayer service during the Jewish high holy days – there’s a good chance you’ll stumble into a Kudu Shofar… especially if the Rabbi doesn’t want to screw up the Shofar blast in front of the entire congregation (remember – he’s on an empty stomach on Yom Kippur, and a Ram’s horn Shofar requires more energy).

Yemenite Shofars vs Ram’s Horn Shofars

Other than the fact they’re both considered a type of Shofar, Yemenite Shofars and Ram’s horn Shofars and Yemenite Shofars have almost nothing in common.

  • Yemenite Shofars are larger – and therefore easier to play (they have a bigger mouthpiece)
  • All Kudu Shofars have the same signature spiral shape 
  • They make a deeper sound compared to Ram’s horn Shofars – like an echo arriving from a distance

Top Yemenite Shofars

These are some of the most popular Kudu Shofar horns for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

HalleluYAH Half-Polished Kudu Shofar Horn Set

Top Yemenite Shofar
Halleluyah Half Polished Kudu Shofar Horn Set

I would be remiss if I didn’t start this section off with the best Kudu Shofar set I’ve come across (and I’ve seen A LOT).

It’s not just the outstanding quality, the majestic sound and the reasonable price that makes this Shofar set a bargain (the other Yemenite Shofars on this list are just as good).

What makes HalleluYAH’s Kudu Shofar really stand out is its comprehensiveness. It (literally) has the “full package”.

Let me explain…

Aside from the Shofar itself, the package includes:

  • Carry Shofar bag – so you can easily carry your Shofar with you without having to walk around holding a gigantic Kudu Shofar like some weirdo.
  • Anti-odor spray – to get rid of iffy smells
  • Shofar blowing guide – dummies guide for beginners who’ve never blown a Shofar

And it’s all pro bono! 

See what I mean? 

Without a doubt: the best Shofar set with the highest value for your money.

Tip: You can choose a different finish: you can get the natural version (what I call the “raw” version), the half-polished version (like in the image above) or the fully-polished version. 

Tip 2: It’s available in 7 different sizes – ranging from small (20″ – 24″, 24″ – 28″), to large (28″ – 32″, 32″ – 35″), to  HUGE (35″ – 39″, 39″ – 41″) .

Get from Amazon

High-Quality Kosher Polished Yemenite Shofar

High Quality Yemenite Shofar Kosher & Polish

The Jewish crowd has spoken: you’re looking at one of the most popular (and best-selling) Yemenite Shofar horns out there…

This polished Jewish horn is made in Israel. But when it does finally arrive at your doorstep and you witness it for the very first time – you can’t help but be amazed by its impressive look and feel of this large Shofar.

Not to mention when you get to play it for the first time. Prepare for some goosebumps…

A fabulous gift for Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur for a Rabbi, or someone leading the congregation during the High Holy days.

Wait, but Why?

You might be wondering: how come this isn’t the Top Yemenite Shofar” award-winner for 2024?

Great question! 

(it actually did win last year’s Top Yemenite Shofar award)

The only “downside” of this Shofar horn (and any other Yemenite Shofar for that matter) is the lack of options to choose from.

  • Choice of Size: Some people prefer large Yemenite Shofars, while others prefer smaller ones… and because the size of Yemenite Shofars varies significantly, we often find that the Shofar we chose is either too large or too small for our taste.
  • Choice of Finish: Some people prefer a fully-polished Shofar, while others prefer half-polished, and some might even opt for natural Shofar horns.

That’s what made me give the Top Yemenite Shofar award to HalleluYAH’s Kudu Shofar this year. Their selection and customization options are simply better. 

Get from Amazon

Get from JWS

Half Polished Half Natural Kudu Horn Shofar

Half Polished Half Natural Kudu Horn Shofar

Up next – a half polished natural Kudu Horn Shofar.

This Kudu Shofar produces the most joyful Oboe/clarinet-like sound – perfectly fitting the spirit of the Jewish holidays.

When it’s played in the synagogue, people will have a hard time turning their eyes away from this magnificent Shofar horn in front of them… and the ears? They’ll become captive to the glorious sound produced by this large Shofar trumpet.

Note: Made in Israel, and certified Kosher directly by the Israeli Rabbinate.

Tip: This blowing horn comes in a variety of sizes, so if the traditional (Jumbo) Kudu horn length is too long for you, then you can get a 20”-22” size Shofar.

Get from Amazon

Get from JWS

Kosher Yemenite Kudu Horn Fully Polished Shofar

Kosher Yemenite Kudu Horn Fully Polished Shofar

The last Yemenite shofar on the list is also a rather unique one (notice the difference?).

Besides being handmade & fully polished, this Kosher Yemenite Kudu horn has a distinct dark brown color, compared to the traditional lighter colors.

Like the other Kudu horns, this one is very easy to play after a little practice (much easier than a Ram’s horn).

A thoughtful gift or a nice addition to your Judaica collection.

Keep in Mind: It does have a strong smell, so you may want to get an odor neutralizer to eliminate bad odors.

Bonus: Comes with a beautiful carrying & protective Kudu Shofar bag.

Get from Amazon

Get from JWS

Gemsbok Shofars

Gemsbok Shofars are made of the South African Oryx (called “Gemsbok” in Afrikaans) – a large antelope that lives in dry regions in South Africa.

This type of Shofar is rare, but not as rare as the other ones on the list above. (SPOILER: you’ll be able to buy a few in this section!) 

The sound of this exotic Shofar is out of this world. It’s the best sounding Shofar if you ask me. Its sound is almost mythical, especially when you hear it during the prayers of Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur…

Don’t believe me? Behold: 

Got the “chills” yet?


Now, let’s have a look at the few Gemsbok Shofars you can get:

Kosher Gemsbok Shofar Horn – Polished

Top Gemsbok Shofar
Kosher Gemsbok Shofar Horn Polished

This beautiful Gemsbok Shofar horn is handcrafted and fully polished in Jerusalem (seems appropriate, huh?).

It went through rabbinical supervision and was tested several times by a special Shofar expert to avoid the awkward incidents of: “Hello? my Shofar doesn’t make a sound! Please help!” (plus, it has a traditional mouthpiece, so you’re set)

As you might expect from a Gemsbok Shofar – it produces a unique, awe-inspiring sound… the type of sound that awakens something deep in your soul. (go back up to the video and tell me if I’m wrong)

Isn’t that the whole point of Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur?

Tip: The Shofar might smell a little, so I suggest you get an odor neutralizer to get rid of the funky smell.

Get from Amazon

Gemsbok Oryx Shofar

Gemsbok Oryx Shofar

“I don’t really feel a spiritual connection when I pray”.

People don’t like to admit it, but you’d be surprised how often people feel the same way. In fact, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel that way sometimes

But let me tell ya: when you hear the “cry” of the Gemsbok Shofar during the Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur… that statement no longer rings true, even if it’s just for a few moments.

The sound of the Gemsbok Shofar is just something else, and this large Oryx Shofar is no different.

Words can’t explain it. You have to hear it for yourself to believe.

Get from JWS

Barsheshet-Ribak Oryx Shofar

Barsheshet Ribak Oryx Shofar

Let’s step the quality notch up a bit…

Introducing: Barshehet-Ribak’s classic Oryx Shofar.

Barsheshet-Ribak’s story goes back to the 14th century in Spain where they started handcrafting their Sephardic Shofars. Fast forward 700+ years later – here they are today – producing flawless Kosher Shofars in Israel and keeping their long & proud family tradition alive and well.

Only this time – you don’t have to live in Spain to enjoy them (thanks internet!). 

Get from JWS

Top Eland Shofars

Eland Shofars are made of an Eland horn’s – an Antelope that lives in East and Southern Asia.

As you can see hear – it sounds nothing like any of the other Shofars. 

Just like the Gemsbok Shofar – the Eland Shofar is also straight, but I’d say it’s even harder to find compared to the Gemsbok Shofar… 

So if you’re reading this – lucky you… because you just found a few Eland Shofars up for the taking 🙂

Barsheshet-Ribak Large Polished Eland Shofar

Top Eland Shofar
Barsheshet Ribak Large Polished Eland Shofar

Have you noticed a recurring theme with Barsheshet-Ribak?

I’ll give you a hint: this is the second exotic Shofar on this list produced by Barsheshet-Ribak. First, it was a Gemsbok Shofar, now it’s an Eland Shofar.

And I’ll give you another spoiler… this isn’t the last time you’ll stumble into Barsheshet-Ribak’s phenomenal Shofar (in fact, the best is yet to come).

The folks over at Barsheshet-Ribak are doing a huge service to Jews all over the world. Not only are they making the most magnificent and rare exotic Shofars available to average Joe’s like you and me… they also make it affordable for every one of us enjoy.

We should all join hands and shout from the rooftops: Thank you! Or better yet, blast their magical Shofar from the rooftops!

Get from JWS

Torch Shaped Eland Shofar

Torch Shaped Eland Shofar

If it looks like a torch, and it sounds like a Shofar….what is it?

It’s an Eland Shofar!

Don’t worry, you won’t get burned when you play it. But you will blast and make a resounding sound that’ll instantly capture people’s attention. After all, most people have never seen or heard the sound of an Eland Shofar before.

Tip: There’s also a larger version available.

Get from JWS

HalleluYAH Eland Shofar Set

Halleluyah Eland Shofar Set

An exotic Shofar sold on Amazon? HalleluYAH! I never thought I’d see the day…

I don’t like making predictions (last time I checked – I’m no prophet). But I have a good feeling HalleluYAH is going to repeat the same success as they had with their brilliant Kudu Shofar set.

Once again – they’re “breaking the market” with an irresistible offer: 

  • Eland Shofar (made in Israel)
  • Carry on bag
  • Anti-odor spray
  • Shofar blowing guide

All in one beautiful combo box, for one unbelievably cheap price.

Just imagine: your next order will be for groceries, new sneakers, and an Eland Shofar. And I’m willing to bet that the sneakers will cost you more than the Shofar.

Get from Amazon

Decorated Shofars

A decorated Shofar isn’t exactly a type of Shofar. Rather, decorated Shofars belong to one of the Shofar types we’ve seen so far – with extra decorations or engravings.

While some decorated Shofar horns are fully functional and can be played freely, others are strictly for display purposes (don’t worry, I’ll show you both). 

Since it’s hard to tell what people expect from their decorated Shofar, I’ll show you both kinds just in case. Not only that – I’ll show you at least one decorated Shofar of each type to make things easier (or harder?) on you 🙂

Hand-Engraved Camels Oryx Shofar

Top Decorated Shofar
Hand Engraved Camels Oryx Shofar

Astonishingly, we’re able to put our hands on a rare Gemsbok Shofar, to begin with. But to actually be able to buy a decorated Oryx Shofar? That, that is almost unthinkable… yet here we are!

This spectacular Oryx Shofar portrays a person leading his flock of camels along the desert, towards a palm tree.

Sound familiar?

No matter what anyone tells you – there simply aren’t that many one-of-a-kind gifts you can buy to dazzle someone on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur. 

But I think you’d agree – this is undoubtedly one of those rare cases.

Get from JWS

Lily Art Painted Genuine Ram’s Horn Shofar – Pomegranates

Pomegranates Painted Genuine Rams Horn Shofar Lily

Those of who’ve been hanging around the artistic section of Amen V’Amen probably recognize this artwork. It’s the signature style of one very talented, very famous Israeli: Lily Shochat (aka Lily Art).

Turns out, Lily doesn’t just design amazing glass Menorahs and Challah boards… she also designs stunning Shofars for Rosh Hashanah.

And it’s for Rosh Hashanah alright – in case it wasn’t obvious; painted with cheery colors and cute pomegranates…

Now that’s how you guarantee someone has a blast on Rosh Hashanah… not just any blast, a creative Shofar blast!

Get from JWS

Barsheshet-Ribak Lion of Judah Eland Shofar

Barsheshet Ribak Lion Of Judah Eland Shofar

Remember how I promised that the best of Barsheshet-Ribak has yet to come? Brace yourself: we’re here.

No, that Lion on the head of the Shofar is not Mufasa. It’s an even more powerful Lion: the Lion of Judah – the eternal symbol of the tribe of Judah.

In the bible, Jacob, on his deathbed, blessed Judah and referred to him as a Lion. At that moment – The Lion of Judah was born, and it has been an iconic Jewish symbol of leadership, power, and courage ever since.  

Did You Know?

Interestingly enough – it’s also featured in the royal flag of Ethiopia, surrounded by four Stars of David.

That also tells you the type of person who this prestigious Lion of Judah Eland Shofar is for, doesn’t it?

If you’re looking for an extraordinary gift for someone strong, courageous and powerful – you’re looking at it.

Get from JWS

Hand Painted Jacob’s Dream Shofar

Hand Painted Jacobs Dream Shofar

Speaking of Jacob, we’ve all heard the legendary biblical story about Jacob’s ladder: the bridge connecting Heaven and earth.

But having it portrayed on a Shofar? Now there’s something you don’t see every day… But you certainly can see it every day if you so desire :).

Hand-painted by a local Israeli artist, this beautiful Shofar trumpet depicts the angels climbing up and down the ladder, while Jacob is peacefully sleeping underneath it.

A unique and quite surprising Rosh Hashanah gift that no doubt deserves an honorary spot on this list.

Get from JWS

Silver Shofars

Silver Shofars are Shofar horns adorned in silver or sterling silver.

As you might expect, these Shofars are more expensive than your run-of-the-mill Shofar. This isn’t the type of Shofar trumpet you buy to play your lungs out (although with some of them – you certainly can). 

They’re mostly purchased as a gift or used as a decorative Judaica piece to display in your home. 

Sterling Silver Plated Yemenite Kudu Shofar – Menorah

Top Silver Shofar
Sterling Silver Plated Yemenite Kudu Shofar Menorah

Believe it or not, this large Yemenite shofar is the real deal, not a replica: It came from an actual greater Kudu horn from Africa, polished, and decorated with three layers of gleaming silver – and eventually crafted into this remarkable masterpiece you see in front of you.

The cherry on top? A beautiful Menorah engraving surrounded by two majestic winged lions and the word “Jerusalem” written below.

A true masterpiece in the making, and a deserving winner of the “Top Silver Shofar” award.

Get from JWS

Silvered Ram’s Horn Shofar Replica – Jerusalem

Silvered Rams Horn Shofar Replica Jerusalem

We just had a silver-plated Kudu Shofar. Now, it’s time for a silver-plated Ram’s horn Shofar (what’s fair is fair).

This Ram’s horn Shofar is not of an actual ram, it’s a replica… and boy oh boy what an impressive replica it is.

Beautifully engraved with Jerusalem’s old city highlighted in gold – all ready to capture the attention of anyone who enters the room.

Forget playing this on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur (although you can). Instead, get it for someone as a gift, put it somewhere noticeable so it keeps shining throughout the year… 

Get from JWS

12 Tribes Silver-plated Ram’s Horn Shofar + Free stand

12 Tribes Silver Plated Rams Horn Shofar From Holy Land

If you’re after a dazzling, traditional Jewish Shofar trumpet with a deep historical connection to the Jewish people, then this 12 Tribes silver-plated Ram’s horn Shofar is a phenomenal option.

The 12 tribes of Israel are the biblical descendants of Yaakov, our Jewish forefather… the marvelous stones on this Ram’s horn instrument depict each of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Shipped straight from the holy land (shocking, ain’t it?), this eye-catching piece is definitely worth its weight in silver.

Get from Amazon

Barsheshet-Ribak 925 Sterling Menorah & Lion of Judah Eland Shofar

Barsheshet Ribak 925 Sterling Menorah & Lion Of Judah Eland Shofar

We’ve already seen what Barshehet-Ribak can do when they marry the Lion of Judah with a Shofar.

Now, imagine what happens when you ask them to add sterling silver to the mix.

In fact, we don’t have to ask them for anything, and we don’t have to imagine it either. They’re way ahead of us!

Not only did they create a silver Shofar with a Lion of Judah AND Menorah engravings, but they also did it with an Eland Shofar – an exotic Shofar most people haven’t ever heard of, let alone seen one.

And even the few who did see one – I’m willing to bet they’ve never seen a masterpiece like this. 

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Shofar Jerusalem Silver 925 Plated (Electroforming) from Israel

Shofar Jerusalem Silver 925 Plated Electroforming From Israel

The unique silver Shofar is an original piece made by the famous Jerusalem-based Judaica studio, Karshi Original.

Crafted with 925 silver (using an Electroforming process), this gorgeous silver-plated horn is engraved with Jerusalem’s beautiful scenery in gold accents. Both ends of the Shofar horn are plated with enamel with a brown-pearl color.

Tip: Even though you can technically play this silver-plated Shofar, I wouldn’t bother getting it because of that. It’s best used as a decorative display – not to mention as a gift for special occasions (Jewish weddings & anniversaries in particular).

The good thing about it? It’s covered with a clear coat to prevent tarnishing, so it’ll (hopefully) last for AGES, without you having to waste all that time (and money) polishing it yourself.

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Antique Shofars

Last but not least – vintage Shofars for you Judaica collectors out there… 

If you’re looking to expand someone’s (or your own) personal Judaica collection with a brand new old antique Shofar horns that can last for generations – then this is a section you wouldn’t want to miss.

Vintage Jerusalem Silver Plated Rams Horn Shofar

Top Antique Shofar
Vintage Jerusalem Silver Plated Rams Horn Shofar

If you’re looking for a unique Shofar to gift someone on their special occasion, and I mean a literal one-of-a-kind piece you won’t be able to find elsewhere, then this is it.

This vintage, silver-plated Jerusalem Ram’s horn is a highly valuable antique for those special characters who are looking for the next rare piece to go into their collection.

It’s the last piece available anywhere, so get it while you still can.

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Vintage the Western Wall Jerusalem Silver Plated Rams Horn Shofar

Vintage The Western Wall Jerusalem Silver Plated Rams Horn Shofar

Another gorgeous, one-of-a-kind vintage Jewish trumpet.

Entirely silver-plated and engraved with Jerusalem’s western wall, which means an amazing gift for a religious man or worshiper.

It’s the last one available, so get it quick…

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Vintage Lamp Menorah Silver-plated Moroccan Hebrew Rams Shofar

Vintage Lamp Manora Silver Plated Moroccan Rams Shofar

The last vintage Shofar in the series, and a very special one…

This antique, silver-plated, Moroccan Hebrew Shofar horn is engraved with Jewish Menorah, one of the ancient Hebrew symbols from the holy temple in Jerusalem.

A wonderful & rare item for an avid antique collector.

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Synthetic Shofars

There is technically one other type of Shofars: synthetic Shofars.

Synthetic Shofars are made of plastic. The reason I don’t put too much emphasis on these Shofars is simple: they’re not Kosher… we can’t even use them on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur (unless it’s a toy Shofar for kids, in that case, it’s fine 🙂 ).

Your Turn

The Shofar blast marks the peak of the Jewish high holy days. It’s the moment we all eagerly wait for.

But not all Shofars are created equal. Some Shofar types are prevalent in Jewish households (Ram’s horn and Yemenite Shofars fall into this category), others are considered more exotic and are much harder to come by (Gemsbok Shofars and Eland Shofars both fall into this category).

Which of these Shofar horns should you choose? I’m afraid that’s up to you…

As Morpheus said: I can only show you the door. You’re the one who has to walk through it.

As long as it’s Kosher – you have my blessing (and the Rabbi’s as well).

And remember: blast your Shofar proudly. Blast like your life depends on it. Blast so hard that the doors to heaven fly open!

Shana Tova 🙂

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5 thoughts on “25+ Best Shofar Horns & Kosher Shofar Types from Israel [Kudu, Ram’s Horn & Exotic] (2022)

  • March 15, 2018 at 22:47

    I have a large Kudu shofar. How do you measure its length? Is it from tip to the end or is it going around the twists?

    Besides the table stands that you advertise, do you know of any wall hanging units?

    • March 16, 2018 at 13:19

      Hey Baruch!

      You measure it by going around the curves, not from tip to tip.

      Not sure what wall hanging units you’re referring to?

  • December 30, 2018 at 05:42

    Do you sell wall mounted brackets to display a large Kudu Shofar, not a table stand.

    • December 31, 2018 at 19:12

      You mean wall mounts? A few of these should do the trick for a large Kudu Shofar.

    • October 28, 2020 at 05:31

      Is it different types of shofar will be blast in different jewish calendar occasion?


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