30+ Romantic Jewish Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Year by Year (2022)

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Jews have their own “shtick” when it comes to celebrating holidays and special occasions:

  • Instead of Christmas gifts, they have Hanukkah gifts.
  • Instead of dressing up for Halloween, they have their own dress-up holiday called Purim.
  • Instead of Easter, they celebrate Passover
  • Instead of (or in addition to) a baby shower, Jews have a Bris ceremony

But unlike holidays, Jews celebrate special occasions just like any other culture (albeit with a “Jewish twist”): Jews get engaged, get married… and of course – the topic for today – they celebrate a wedding anniversary!

And just like any other Jewish celebration – the types of gifts you’d normally give on a Jewish wedding anniversary are slightly different than in most cultures…

In this guide, we’ll showcase all kinds of gifts you can surprise your significant other with on your special day, doesn’t matter if it’s your 1st Jewish wedding anniversary or your 50th…

Let’s begin!

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