15+ Unique Sukkot Gift Ideas You Can Bring to the Sukkah [+ Simchat Torah] (2019)

Sukkot – one of the Three Pilgrimage Festivals (Shalosh Regalim) …

The holiday we get to replace our home for 7 days, in favor of a small, modest hut – as a reminder of the clouds of glory that protected our ancestors during the Exodus.

We eat, sleep & celebrate the Jewish feast of Tabernacles (or the feast of booths) under a Kosher Sukkah

If you’re lucky enough to get invited to a friend’s Sukkah, then you probably shouldn’t go empty-handed. I’m guessing you already knew that otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this…

So, let’s get straight to it: allow me to help you find the best Sukkot gift ideas you can get your family or Sukkah host/hostess…

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17 Stunning Etrog Boxes for this Year’s Sukkot Festival (2019)

The Etrog is the “richest” of the four species.

It’s rich in taste (Etrog Jam anyone?), small and fairly expensive.

And what do you do with such an important Jewish symbol?

You protect it!

No, I’m not saying you should hire bodyguards… an Etrog box would do the job just as well (it might even take a bullet for the Etrog) – and it looks much better and costs less, too!

Etrog boxes have evolved into a kind of Jewish heirloom. In fact, they often look like treasure chests taken from straight King Solomon’s castle.

You’ll see what I’m talking about in just a moment…

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7 Easy [and Cheap] Sukkah Kits You Can Buy for Sukkot (2019)

Let’s be honest…

Not having your own Sukkah on Sukkot sucks.

You walk around the neighborhood and watch your Jewish friends & neighbors sitting in their Sukkah having a good time…

You think to yourself: “Damn…I wish I had set up my own Sukkah”…

How about we avoid that feeling, shall we?

Now. You might be wondering…

  • … Isn’t it hard to build a Sukkah?
  • … Doesn’t it cost a fortune?
  • … Doesn’t it take forever to build one?
  • What if I fall down the ladder and break my pinky finger?

The answer to ALL of those questions… (ready for it?)


It’s true…

For years I thought that building a Kosher Sukkah (aka a “Jewish tent”) was a huge chore, so I never bothered trying…

But then I finally decided: “What the hell, let’s give it a shot. How hard can it be?”.

Turns out – VERY hard – if you’re building one yourself from scratch.

But VERY easy – if you’re using a Sukkah kit.

The “right” Sukkah kit can save you hours (if not days) of total frustration (trust me, I’ve been there).

In fact… It’s not that different than building Legos.

Can you handle legos? Good – then you can handle setting up a Sukkah.

If you’re a Sukkah-building virgin, or if you’re just looking for an affordable & easy-to-assemble Sukkah kit for Sukkot – good news, you’re about to find one!

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20+ Unique Sukkah Decorations & Craft Ideas for Sukkot (2019)

Sukkot is (almost) here…

We get to sit in a Sukkah for 7 days – just like our Jewish forefathers did in the desert after they left Egypt.

How exciting!

Or is it…?

Well, that depends:

  1. … Is your Sukkah so boring and dull that you can’t stand to spend 7 minutes inside, let alone 7 days?
  2. … Or is it so fun, beautiful and appealing that it makes you want to stay there all day, every day (and forget all about your cozy little bed)?

If you like how #2 sounds – then my friend, get ready to decorate your Sukkah… big time!

By the time you finish going through these Sukkah decorations – you’ll be able to make your Sukkah so appealing that your friends & family will flock to your Sukkah (and not run off to your neighbor’s Sukkah).

P.S Don’t worry, I’ll show you how you can let the kids do most of the work while you’re chilling on the beach drinking Mojitos 😈 (just kidding…).

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