8 Cute Bris Outfits for a Jewish Newborn Baby’s Brit Milah (2020)

The little Bubelah has finally arrived… Mazel Tov!

Now, it’s time to finally introduce the little munchkin to the world…

But before you do, first you need to find a cute Bris outfit for the little mensch to wear… After all, you want him to make a good first impression, don’t you 🙂 ? 

Cuteness Alert: Well, allow me to introduce you to a few adorable Brit Milah outfits that’ll make your guests instantly fall in LOVE with the little guy! 

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20+ Hilarious Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters That’ll Crack You Up! (2020)

  • People at the party: “Wow, look at you. You’re so ugly!”
  • Me: “Aww, thanks! That’s so sweet of you!”

Hanukkah (Christmas too… but we’re Jewish, so let’s stick with Hanukkah shall we?) is one of the few occasions where calling someone ugly might be the biggest compliment in the world… IF they’re wearing an ugly Hanukkah sweater (don’t start calling random people ‘ugly’, unless you want to get punched in the face).

But you have to earn your “compliments”, especially nowadays – where everyone is trying hard to out-wit each other with the funniest, most awkward Hanukkah sweaters they can pull off (seriously, it’s like an ugly-pageant out there).

Luckily, you’ve landed in the right place… because I’m about to show you how to WIN the ugly-pageant with the ugliest (and funniest) Hanukkah sweaters ever created!

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10 Traditional Hanukkah Flowers & Flower Arrangements (2020)

“You know, you don’t need to wait for a special occasion just to get me flowers”.

I remember saying that to my ex-boyfriend one time; he gave me a death stare in response (that’s not why we broke up though 🙂 ).

Well, guess what? There is a special occasion around the corner. It’s called Hanukkah! So no excuses this time!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to physically drive to the flower shop and pick up some random flowers you know nothing about. Instead, I’m going to show you what flowers are best for Hanukkah. And guess what? It’ll arrive right at your doorstep (there goes another excuse)!

Sound good?

Great! I knew you’d come around!

  • Gentlemen – get ready to pick up some nice Hanukkah flowers for the people you love!
  • Ladies – make sure your spouse or boyfriend reads this…

Let’s begin 🙂

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8 Stunning Hanukkah Tablecloths & Table Runners (2020)

Every time someone asks me for Hanukkah table setting advice (or any table setting for that matter), I always start by saying:

“Make sure you get the right tablecloth. The tablecloth makes up 50% of the table decor.”

The same is true for Hanukkah tablecloths (or table runners). If you’re hosting a Hanukkah dinner, make sure you use a tablecloth that fits the occasion.

What does that mean, you ask?

That’s precisely why I wrote this guide: to show you my favorite Hanukkah table linens you can use throughout the entire week of Hanukkah – whether you’re hosting a Hanukkah party or eating Sufganiyot with your family!

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40+ Elegant Hanukkah Decoration Ideas, Ornaments & Party Supplies (2020)

Look outside… What do you see?

Christmas trees, shiny lights, reindeers flying over your head…

Say what you will about Santa – he sure knows how to throw a party.

Let’s be honest: as pretty as a Menorah may be (and there are quite a few gorgeous Menorahs out there), it doesn’t stand a chance against Santa and his army of elves.

It’s no wonder Jewish kids (heck, even adults) feel like “second best” on Hanukkah. Can you blame them? While everyone is out there celebrating Christmas under the Christmas Tree, opening presents, having a jolly good time – Jewish kids have to settle for the “crumbles”.

Question is: what can we Jews do to make Hanukkah at least as appealing (or dare I say, even more appealing)?

I’ve got two words for you: Hanukkah decorations.

Not just any decorations… I’m talking unique Hanukkah supplies and centerpieces; the kind that make kids (and adults) jump out of bed in the morning!

That’s why for this year’s festival of lights (2022), I decided to create a MONSTER guide (it took me almost a week to create it, btw) to help Jewish families decorate their home for Hanukkah and turn their house into one gigantic Hanukkah treat! 

Mark my word – by the end of this guide, you’ll have enough Hanukkah decoration ideas to last you for a lifetime. 

OK, enough babbling, let’s get this party rolling!

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13 Gorgeous Dresses for the Mother of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah (2020)

How’s your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah preparation coming along? Hopefully, by now you should at least have:

Great! Lets the party started, then!

“HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, Rebecca! What about me? I’m the mother of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah and I don’t have a dress yet. Heck, I’m not even sure what I should wear!”

D’oh! Silly me!

Let’s get you all sorted out, shall we?

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20+ Beautiful Jewish Wedding Invitations for the Couple’s Big Night (2020)

How long did you wait for your very own “Save the Date” moment?

Now it’s finally your turn! Your turn to invite your friends & family to celebrate with you on your big day.

I know, I know…

All those wedding preparations can get pretty overwhelming…

But choosing your Jewish wedding invitations should NOT feel overwhelming… in fact, it should be one of the most exciting parts – if done right.

And today, I’m going to show exactly how to get it “right” and invite your guests with a beautiful, elegant invitation.

Sound good?

Great, let’s get moving (the Chuppah clock is ticking)!

Good News! We managed to get exclusive discounts on some of the invitations – especially for Amen V’Amen readers! Look for the special coupons sprinkled around the article. I don’t know how long they’ll last though (they might be gone by the time you’re reading it)… so you better act quick. You’re welcome 🙂

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20+ Stunning Bat Mitzvah Jewelry Gift Ideas for a 12-13 Year Old Girl (2020)

The girl’s Bat Mitzvah is around the corner.

And you’re about to be a part of it…

Yippee! How exciting!

But before you hop on the dance floor and do the chair-dance (spoiler alert), you first need to get the girl a sparkling Bat Mitzvah gift.

A gift that shines… something that will light her up like a Menorah the moment she sees it for the first time.

And what better way to do that than with a unique Bat Mitzvah Jewelry gift?

After all – we all know that Jewish Jewelry gifts are THE best present you can get for a Bat Mitzvah girl on her big day. It’s the ultimate blend of beauty and meaning – which is exactly what the Bat Mitzvah ceremony is all about. 

But what kind Jewelry gift should you get her? The million dollar question…

Should you get her a Star of David necklace? Maybe a Hamsa bracelet? How about a Shema Yisrael ring? Perhaps Roman Glass earrings?

Ahhhh! Too many choices!

No wonder people get overwhelmed…

That’s exactly why I spent hours writing this comprehensive Bat Mitzvah Jewelry gift guide…

To help you:

  • … Escape the same cliché gifts everyone else gets 
  • … Avoid getting her Jewelry she’ll never wear (or worse – ones she’ll only wear when you’re around to not hurt your feelings)
  • … Choose the best Jewelry gift the girl will absolutely LOVE (without spending hours (or days) browsing through endless Jewelry pieces that all look the same)


Follow the bling…

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20+ Cool & Easy Sukkah Decorations + Craft Ideas for Sukkot [2020]

Sukkot is (almost) here…

We sit in the Sukkah for 7 days – just like our Jewish ancestors did in the desert after they left Egypt.

How exciting!

Or is it…?

Well, that depends:

  1. … Is your Sukkah so boring and dull that you can’t imagine spending 7 minutes inside, let alone 7 days?
  2. … Or is it so fun, beautiful and appealing that you could easily stay there all day, every day? (and forget all about your cozy little bed?)

If you like the sound of the second one – then you’re in the right place!

In this guide – not only will you learn how to decorate a Sukkah… but you’ll also discover the best Sukkah decorations that’ll convince your friends & family to flock over to your Sukkah (and not run off to your neighbor’s Sukkah instead).

Pssst: I might even show you how to make the kids do most of the work while you’re chilling on the beach drinking Mojitos (just kidding… or am I? 😈).

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