20+ Beautiful Jewish Wedding Invitations for the Couple’s Big Night (2022)

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How long did you wait for your very own “Save the Date” moment?

Now it’s finally your turn! Your turn to invite your friends & family to celebrate with you on your big day.

I know, I know…

All those wedding preparations can get pretty overwhelming…

But choosing your Jewish wedding invitations should NOT feel overwhelming… in fact, it should be one of the most exciting parts – if done right.

In this guide, I’m going to show exactly how to get it “right” and invite your guests with a beautiful and elegant invitation!

Let’s get started…

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Top Jewish Wedding Invitations

This article is full of elegant Jewish wedding invitations. But a few of them that stood out, so we decided to give them an award!

And the Oscars Amen V’Amens go to…🥁

Traditional Jewish Wedding InvitationElegant Jewish Wedding InvitationModern Jewish Wedding InvitationUnique & Creative Jewish Wedding InvitationInexpensive Jewish Wedding InvitationCool & Funny Jewish Wedding Invitation
Top Traditional Invitation Top Elegant Invitation Top Modern Invitation Top Creative Invitation Top Inexpensive Invitation Funniest Invitation
I Found Hebrew Jewish Wedding InvitationI Am My Beloved’s & My Beloved Is Mine – Hebrew Jewish Wedding InvitationSilver Elegance Jewish Wedding InvitationSilver Elegance Jewish Wedding InvitationI Am My Beloved's Jewish Wedding InvitationI Am My Beloved's Jewish Wedding InvitationGold Leaf Pomegranate InvitationGold Leaf Pomegranate InvitationElegant Gray Wedding InvitationsElegant Gray Wedding InvitationsHora Chair Dance Jewish Wedding InvitationHora Chair Dance Jewish Wedding Invitation
Get from ZazzleGet from ZazzleGet from ZazzleGet from GreenvelopeGet from ZazzleGet from Zazzle
InvitationInvitation Type 
Top Traditional Invitation
I Found Hebrew Jewish Wedding InvitationI Am My Beloved’s & My Beloved Is Mine – Hebrew Jewish Wedding Invitation
Type: Traditional Jewish Wedding InvitationGet from Zazzle
Top Elegant Invitation
Silver Elegance Jewish Wedding InvitationSilver Elegance Jewish Wedding Invitation
Type: Elegant Jewish Wedding InvitationGet from Zazzle
Top Modern Invitation
I Am My Beloved's Jewish Wedding InvitationI Am My Beloved's Jewish Wedding Invitation
Type: Modern Jewish Wedding InvitationGet from Zazzle
Top Creative Invitation
Gold Leaf Pomegranate InvitationGold Leaf Pomegranate Invitation
Type: Unique & Creative Jewish Wedding InvitationGet from Greenvelope
Top Inexpensive Invitation
Elegant Gray Wedding InvitationsElegant Gray Wedding Invitations
Type: Inexpensive Jewish Wedding InvitationGet from Zazzle
Funniest Invitation
Hora Chair Dance Jewish Wedding InvitationHora Chair Dance Jewish Wedding Invitation
Type: Cool & Funny Jewish Wedding InvitationGet from Zazzle

Traditional & Orthodox Jewish Wedding Invitations

Jewish weddings are filled with traditional Jewish customs, symbols, and blessings.

It’s no wonder why Jewish wedding invitation templates follow the same path… and why so many Jewish couples – whether Orthodox, conservative, reform or even secular – choose to include them in their wedding invitation.

Let me show you what I mean…

I Am My Beloved’s & My Beloved Is Mine – Hebrew Jewish Wedding Invitation

Top Traditional Invitation
I Found Hebrew Jewish Wedding Invitation

We’re starting off with this unique & elegant invitation reciting King Solomon’s famous passage from Song of Songs:

“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” – Song of Songs 6:3

Printed on high-quality Italian luxe paper (champagne shimmer) with a ton of beautiful color options for you to choose from.

Bonus: White envelopes are included for free.

One of the most exciting moments of any Jewish wedding is the moment the couple recites this passage under the Chuppah. This invitation gives your guests a little “appetizer” before the real thing.

Note: Don’t get confused by the names on the invitation. I find it hard to believe that the Clinton and Bush families will get along so well. Besides, they’re not Jewish, so…

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Tree of Life Jewish Hebrew Wedding Blue Card

Tree Of Life Jewish Hebrew Wedding Blue Card

You probably noticed a recurring theme so far: King Solomon’s Song of Song passage has become part of Jewish weddings, and that includes the invitations.

People have come to expect them on wedding invitations, that’s why you’ll see them in almost every Jewish wedding card imaginable.

This remarkable Hebrew wedding invitation combines King Solomon’s emotional passage with another iconic Jewish symbol: The Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life is an ancient Kabbalistic symbol that represents God’s creation of the world.

It’s a symbol for new beginnings… of a new Jewish family being born.

What Jewish symbol could possibly be more appropriate than that?

Bonus: You can choose to add additional photos and text to the card for free.

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Ani L’Dodi – Rose Jewish Wedding Invitation

Ani Ldodi Rose Jewish Wedding Invitation

If you’d like some elegance added to your card, then this Rose Jewish wedding invitation is packed with elegance.

This high-quality card is printed with full-bleed printing on both sides on semi-gloss paper, designed for optimal color vibrancy.

It features the Song of Songs passage both in Hebrew and English, followed by the newlywed names in a beautiful font (which you can choose to customize…but DON’T!).

A great invitation for an Orthodox Jewish couple!

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Elegant Jewish Wedding Invitations

“Elegant is good taste plus a dash of daring” – Carmel Snow

An elegant Jewish wedding invitation speaks volumes.

The invitation is your guest’s first exposure to your wedding. It’s a glimpse into the future, what your guests can expect at your wedding.

Needless to say, you want your invitation to be elegant, classy and compelling.

Silver Elegance Jewish Wedding Invitation

Top Elegant Invitation
Silver Elegance Jewish Wedding Invitation

Now here’s one of my favorite invitation cards out there. It’s called “silver elegance”, but I think it deserves a couple of other adjectives. Here’s a few I’d use:

  • Classy
  • Stylish
  • Tasteful
  • Clean

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Made by “Mazal Tov” studios who specialize in Jewish invitations, and IMHO, their best work ever.

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Tree of Life + Star of David Hebrew & English Wedding Invitation

Tree Of Life Star Of David Card

This simple, yet elegant Tree of Life card features not one, but two Trees of Life – connected together by a Star of David in the middle. What does that mean?

I’d like to think that each Tree of Life represents a Jewish spirit. On the wedding day, two spirits reunite into one complete spirit, thanks to the power of the Torah.

The rounded wedding card includes a combination of both Hebrew and English calligraphy.

Tip: This is a great wedding invitation to consider if you’re getting married in Israel (or having an Israeli wedding).

Simplicity = beauty – this invitation reinforces that idea yet again.

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Simple but Elegant Jewish Wedding Invitation

Simple But Elegant Jewish Wedding Invitation

“Simple but elegant”- a perfect way to describe this card.

If you’re not looking for anything flashy, and believe in “less is more”, then you’ll appreciate this card.

Simple, elegant, modest…

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Modern Jewish Wedding Invitations

The combination of traditional design + contemporary design = Magic.

The same is true in Jewish wedding invitations.

Incorporating traditional Jewish symbols in your wedding invitations doesn’t mean you should create an invitation from the Bronze age.

After all, you’re not exactly carving it on stone or using ink and paper to invite your friends & family (I hope).

Let’s see what modern Jewish wedding invitation templates look like…

I Am My Beloved’s Jewish Wedding Invitation

Top Modern Invitation
I Am My Beloveds Jewish Wedding Invitation

This Jewish wedding card was an easy choice for the “Top Modern Invitation” award.

Designed by the “Big Fat Jewish Wedding” studio, who specialize in remarkable Jewish wedding invitations (even though their name is pretty aggressive).

The famous “I am my beloved’s” passage (in both Hebrew and English) is neatly organized in a colorful boxed design, printed on Matte paper with a smooth finish.

Certainly not a design you see every day, and that’s the beauty of it.

Note for Design Geeks:

The seemingly “organized chaos” design illustrates an interesting underlying idea: order can be found in the chaos. This message has a powerful interpretation related to marriage: marriage may have its struggles – but there’s always order to be found if you decide to look for it… 

Get from Zazzle

Kol Sasson Hebrew Jewish Wedding Chocolate Invitation Card

Kol Sasson Hebrew Jewish Wedding Chocolate Card

“Kol sason v’Kol Simcha. Kol chatan v’kol Kalah”. 

Get ready to hear that famous Jewish song a LOT on your upcoming wedding.

You usually hear it after the groom breaks the wedding glass, and the man and woman are announced husband and bride for the first time are considered “one”.

This marks the beginning of the marriage, and more importantly: the beginning of the celebration!

Note: That’s why the Tree of Life fits in perfectly here: it’s a symbol for the couple’s new mutual beginning.

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Joy & Happiness Wedding Invitation

Joy Happiness Wedding Invitation

It bears repeating:“Kol sason v’Kol Simcha. Kol chatan v’kol Kalah”. 

Only this time, we’re adding flowers to the celebration!

The lovely flowers at the edges is Sharon’s signature design.

“Wait, who’s Sharon?”

Oh right, sorry!

Sharon is the talented designer behind this stunning invitation. She designs her wedding & Bat Mitzvah invitations all the way in Melbourne, Australia.

That’s right: you could be sending out Jewish wedding invitation cards designed-in-Australia, and help a young talented Jewish artist make a living at the same time! (I heard Melbourne is ridiculously expensive, too)

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Watercolor Star Wedding Invitations

Watercolor Star Wedding Invitations

You don’t see Jewish wedding invitations in watercolor very often. 

Not surprising, since watercolor invitations are usually too “out there” for most people, so people often shy away from them.

This invitation is an exception…

It has a very subtle watercolor Star of David (a gorgeous one), combined with the classic fonts and swirling script that fits oh-so-well in wedding invitations.

The result?

An incredibly elegant Jewish wedding invitation with a nice modern touch that’ll give your guests a glimpse of your creative spirit (without freaking them out at the same time).

Exclusive: -20% OFF Coupon Code: AMENVAMEN Copied! Enjoy 🙂

Get from Basic Invite

Unique & Creative Jewish Wedding Invitations

Are you a creative spirit? Turn the invitation into your own personal canvas.

The “problem” with most Jewish wedding invitation cards is that they all look the same. Now imagine what happens when your family & friends get a unique invitation they’ve never seen before.

Now that’s how you make your friends excited about your wedding (and encourage them to get you awesome wedding gifts!)

Gold Leaf Pomegranate Invitation

Top Creative Invitation
Gold Leaf Pomegranate Invitation

Every Jewish person who ever attended a Rosh Hashanah dinner knows exactly what the pomegranates stands for: love, prosperity, and wealth. 


  1. Love
  2. Prosperity
  3. Wealth

Sounds an awful lot like a recipe for a successful Jewish marriage, don’t you think?

That’s certainly what Nikki Levine, the Jewish designer who created this fascinating Jewish wedding invitation, believes.

If that wasn’t enough – she even used watercolors and gold accents (did I mention wealth?) to bring this pomegranate to life… 

And to guarantee that whoever gets this invitation – there’s no way in hell they’re going to want to miss this wedding.

Get from Greenvelope

Floral Canopy Jewish Wedding Card

Floral Canopy Jewish Wedding Card

Don’t wait for your guests to come to the Chuppah…send a Chuppah to them (and throw some summer flowers on top of it while you’re at it)!

That way, odds are they’ll attend your real Chuppah.

This unique Jewish wedding invitation delivers a warm message that is simply hard to say “no” to. I mean, would you say “no” if you received such a lovely invitation?

Doesn’t matter if you’re getting married during winter or summer, in the USA or Europe (or Israel?) – everyone loves getting a nice, warm invitation card in the mailbox. 

Get from Zazzle

Jewish Ribbon Wedding Flat Invitations

Jewish Ribbon Wedding Flat Invitations

We already had flowers – now it’s time for gifts! Or at least an invitation with a ribbon (close enough).

Everyone loves getting gifts, so dressing up your wedding invitation as a gift will likely strike a chord with your guests, and hopefully, they’ll give you nice Jewish wedding gifts in return 🙂

Add that to the elegant blue & white design and lovely Star of David – and you get a captivating Jewish wedding card.

Note: This isn’t a real ribbon, so expect moderated excitement (after all, it’s not a real gift). 

Get from Zazzle

“Meet Us Under The Chupah” Card

Meet Us Under The Chupah Card

If the previous invitation looked like a gift to invite your guests to the Chuppah, then this invitation takes it a step forward and actually includes a Chuppah.

Not only does it include the Song of Songs passage, but it also illustrates a cute little Chuppah to get your audience warmed up for the big moment.

Printed using liquid inks on high-quality Felt Ecru textured paper with a warm & creamy ecru hue. It includes a spectrum of colors you can choose from… so get ready to put your “designer hat” on!

See you at the Chuppah! 

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Inexpensive Jewish Wedding Invitations

Weddings require a lot of expenses…

Perhaps you’re not keen on spending too much of it on wedding invitations.

I get it…

But does that mean you should sacrifice quality?

Not necessarily…

Don’t believe me?

You’re about to…

Elegant Gray Jewish Wedding Invitations

Top Inexpensive Invitation
Elegant Gray Wedding Invitations

One of my favorite wedding songs is featured on top of this elegant Jewish wedding invitation card:

“It will yet be heard in the cities of Judea and in the streets of Jerusalem.

The sound of joy and the sound of happiness

The voice of a groom and the voice of a bride…”

That in itself deserves a spot on the list.

Add the affordable price and the high-quality printing – and you get a classic Jewish wedding card suitable for any Jewish wedding.

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I am my Beloved’s Jewish Wedding Invitation

I Am My Beloveds Jewish Wedding Invitation

We managed to go through several Jewish wedding invitation templates in a row without mentioning the famous “I am my beloved” song. I think it’s time for a comeback!

This card by Cohen’s printing studio is a nice option to consider if you’re looking for a clean, simple, and affordable wedding invitation card.

It allows you to focus your creative efforts (and cash) on other important stuff, without sacrificing quality.

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Under the Chuppah Jewish Wedding Invitation

Under The Chuppah Jewish Wedding Invitation

The final “Meet us under the Chuppah” card on this list also features the coolest Chuppah illustration we had on here.

Let’s face it – having a Chuppah on your card is a nice touch. It’s the most iconic part of any Jewish wedding, so there’s no wonder so many couples choose to include it in their wedding invitation.

But that doesn’t mean you have to cough up a ton of cash just to have a cute little (or in this case big) Chuppah on your wedding card. This lovely card is proof of that.

Get from Zazzle

Cool & Funny Jewish Wedding Invitations

If you’re a funny character, your guests are looking forward to a special wedding invitation that reflects that.

There’s nothing better than have a cute invitation that brings a smile to their faces the moment they see it. It tells your guests: “You think this is fun? Wait till you attend the actual wedding”

Guess what: chances are, they’ll attend the wedding to find out.

Hora Chair Dance Jewish Wedding Invitation

Funniest Invitation
Hora Chair Dance Jewish Wedding Invitation

I promised you funny Jewish wedding invitations.

So you see why I  just had to include this hilarious invitation right off the bat.

Needless to say, this invitation won our “Funniest Invitation” award.

It’s obviously not the most elegant wedding card (there’s a whole section for that), but definitely the coolest and most hilarious card you can send your guests.

The card depicts the traditional Jewish wedding chair dance, the Hora.

If you’re the bride or groom to be, face it – you’re going to be thrown off a chair… whether you like it or not. So prepare yourself mentally and get your guests laughing while you’re at it. 

Get from Zazzle

Beauty and the Beast | Enchanted Rose Wedding Card

Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Rose Wedding Card

Beauty and the beast?

If you’re the groom – come on… don’t take it personally! I’m sure you’re a handsome man!

The fact of the matter is, this is quite an impressive wedding card (you can’t expect anything less from Disney).

Why not sprinkle some magical fairy dust on your wedding?

Get from Zazzle

Mickey & Minnie Wedding | Married Invitation

Mickey Minnie Wedding Married Invitation

Mickey & Minnie are Disney classics.

Jewish weddings can get too serious sometimes with all the fasting, the Ketubah, and other Jewish wedding customs

Why not make it a little lighthearted? Guests would like to come to a fun wedding.

With Mickey & Minnie – fun is pretty much guaranteed 🙂

Get from Zazzle


How’d you like them apples? I mean, invitations?

I hope you fell madly in love with (at least) one of these Jewish wedding invitation cards.

The moment your guests receive your invitation the moment your wedding is officially announced. You just got one step closer to it, so you must feel pretty excited!

So go ahead, customize your favorite wedding card, customize it, and invite your friends to celebrate with you on your big day.

I wish you Mazel Tov! See you at the wedding!

(just kidding, don’t feel obligated to send me an invitation… I’ll understand if you don’t invite me 🙁 )

Spread the love ❤️

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