20+ Best Bar Mitzvah Invitations for Your Boy’s Big Day (2019)

Your little boy is turning 13…

Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

I bet you still remember him crawling on the floor… now all of a sudden, he’s all grown up.

OK, enough with the nostalgia! Let’s get back to planning your boy’s Bar Mitzvah!

At this point, I’m guessing you:

Great! Now, all you need is…  guests!

After all, it’s kind of pointless to go through all this trouble if you don’t have any guests showing up!

Well… today we’re going to make sure your guests show up in droves!


By sending them a unique Bar Mitzvah invitation they won’t be able to say “no” to!


Let’s go customize some invitations!

Top Bar Mitzvah Invitations

You’re about to discover over 20+ unique Bar Mitzvah invitation ideas.

20? That’s a lot, right? How can you possibly decide on the best one?

That’s why we chose the absolute best invitations from each category – and gave them a special Amen V’Amen award!

And here they are standing in front of you:

Traditional Bar Mitzvah InvitationModern & Contemporary Bar Mitzvah InvitationElegant Bar Mitzvah InvitationPhoto Bar Mitzvah InvitationUnique Bar Mitzvah InvitationCool Bar Mitzvah InvitationInexpensive Bar Mitzvah InvitationFancy Bar Mitzvah InvitationSports Bar Mitzvah Invitation
Top Elegant Invitation Top Modern Invitation Top Elegant Invitation Top Photo Invitation Top Unique Invitation Coolest Invitation Top Budget Invitation Top Fancy Invitation Top Sports Invitation
Hanging Shawl Bar Mitzvah InvitationHanging Shawl Bar Mitzvah InvitationModern Hue Foil Pressed MitzvahModern Hue Foil Pressed MitzvahColorful Names Bar Mitzvah InvitationsColorful Names Bar Mitzvah InvitationsMonogram Star Photo Bar Mitzvah InvitationMonogram Star Photo Bar Mitzvah InvitationFloating Miracle InvitationFloating Miracle InvitationKippah Calm & Party On InvitationKippah Calm & Party On InvitationChalkboard Bar Mitzvah InvitationChalkboard Bar Mitzvah InvitationMountain Sky Foil Pressed Mitzvah InvitationsMountain Sky Foil Pressed Mitzvah InvitationsBaseball Round Hebrew Name Bar Mitzvah InvitationBaseball Round Hebrew Name Bar Mitzvah Invitation
Get it HereGet it HereGet it HereGet it HereGet it HereGet it HereGet it HereGet it HereGet it Here
InvitationInvitation Type 
Top Elegant Invitation
Hanging Shawl Bar Mitzvah InvitationHanging Shawl Bar Mitzvah Invitation
Type: Traditional Bar Mitzvah InvitationGet it Here
Top Modern Invitation
Modern Hue Foil Pressed MitzvahModern Hue Foil Pressed Mitzvah
Modern & Contemporary Bar Mitzvah Invitation
Get it Here
Top Elegant Invitation
Colorful Names Bar Mitzvah InvitationsColorful Names Bar Mitzvah Invitations
Type: Elegant Bar Mitzvah InvitationGet it Here
Top Photo Invitation
Monogram Star Photo Bar Mitzvah InvitationMonogram Star Photo Bar Mitzvah Invitation
Type: Photo Bar Mitzvah InvitationGet it Here
Top Unique Invitation
Floating Miracle InvitationFloating Miracle Invitation
Type: Unique Bar Mitzvah InvitationGet it Here
Coolest Invitation
Kippah Calm & Party On InvitationKippah Calm & Party On Invitation
Type: Cool Bar Mitzvah InvitationGet it Here
Top Budget Invitation
Chalkboard Bar Mitzvah InvitationChalkboard Bar Mitzvah Invitation
Type: Inexpensive Bar Mitzvah InvitationGet it Here
Top Fancy Invitation
Mountain Sky Foil Pressed Mitzvah InvitationsMountain Sky Foil Pressed Mitzvah Invitations
Type: Fancy Bar Mitzvah InvitationGet it Here
Top Sports Invitation
Baseball Round Hebrew Name Bar Mitzvah InvitationBaseball Round Hebrew Name Bar Mitzvah Invitation
Type: Sports Bar Mitzvah InvitationGet it Here

Traditional Bar Mitzvah Invitations

What’s a traditional Bar Mitzvah invitation?

Well, for starters, it has a bunch of traditional Jewish symbols… (shocking, right?)

Many people these days think of a Bar Mitzvah as just another a flashy party.

The truth is – a traditional Bar Mitzvah ceremony is, first of all, a spiritual event. 

Let’s treat it that way, shall we?

Hanging Shawl Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Top Traditional Invitation

Hanging Shawl Bar Mitzvah Invitation

There’s no such thing as a traditional Bar Mitzvah without a Bar Mitzvah Tallit (especially when it’s covered in Stars of David).

Well, apparently you can say the same thing about a traditional Bar Mitzvah invitation.

And guess what – you can go all “Leonardo Da Vinci” on it and customize the invitation as you see fit.

You can choose from hundreds of different colors, texts and even choose your paper of choice (signature matte, smooth coated, premium shimmer among others).

Tip: The back of the invitation is where you personalize your text, list all the event details and convince your guests that this is a Bar Mitzvah worth attending.


Go put on your “designer hat”, and show us what you’ve got!

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Torah Scroll Invitation

Torah Scroll Invitation

What’s more “traditional” than an invitation to a Torah reading, than… an actual invitation with a Torah scroll?

Since you’re inviting guests to your boy’s Torah reading… you might as well show it on the invitation.

You know, just to make sure nobody accidentally wears their fancy party dress to the synagogue.

Oy vey!

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Blue Navy Tree of Life Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Blue Navy Tree Of Life Bar Mitzvah Invitation

A traditional Bar Mitzvah invitation without a Star of David is like a Bar Mitzvah without a Torah reading – it doesn’t make sense.

How about we throw in the Tree of Life and make it blue & white – you know… just to give it an extra Jewish touch.

I actually thought hard whether I should put this in the “Modern Bar Mitzvah Invitations” or in the “Traditional Invitations” category… it could ‘ve easily fit both.

So, I put it exactly in the middle 🙂

The unique blend of Jewish tradition, combined with a modern, clean design – definitely makes it one of my favorite invitations on the list.

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Modern & Contemporary Bar Mitzvah Invitations

It’s true that a Bar Mitzvah is a traditional Jewish event.

But traditional ≠ old.

Truth is – there’s nothing more refreshing than blending Jewish tradition with modern design…

And it starts with small things…

Including – modern Bar Mitzvah invitations.

Modern Hue Foil-Pressed Mitzvah

Top Modern Invitation

Modern Hue Foil Pressed Mitzvah

Such a terrific color combination in this one. 

And I’m not even talking about the (real) gold foil. I’m talking about the green + blueish colors… Kind of like the Hawaiian ocean 🌊.

Not a huge surprise… Because Lea, the designer of this exceptional Bar Mitzvah invitation card – lives in Hawaii.

Hmm… I wonder where she gets her inspiration from? 🙂

As much as it would be great to celebrate the boy’s Bar Mitzvah in Hawaii… it’ll cost you a fortune (and a kidney).

Much easier (and cheaper) to stick to your local town… and just send out super high-quality invitations that were designed in Hawaii!

Get it Here

Contemporary Lines Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Color Info Grid Invitation

I hate getting invitations where it’s just a huge block of text in the middle.

Look, I get that you want to give your guests the full rundown: when, where, how (to dress) etc’.

But that doesn’t mean you have to cram it all into a pile of text. Instead, you can break it down to fun, playful elements with an easy-to-consume layout – just like with this modern Bar Mitzvah invitation template.

Let me remind you: this isn’t a university paper. It’s an invitation to a Bar Mitzvah.

Make it fun. Make it engaging.

Do that – and believe me – your guests will RSVP faster than Usain Bolt.

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Contemporary Lines Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Contemporary Lines Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Less is more.

That’s certainly the case with this classy invitation.

No fluff. Just a simple, elegant design with nice contemporary lines.

Remember though – as simple as it may be, you can completely customize the “look and feel” of the invitation. 

You can change the text, colors, shape, paper… you name it.

Tip: The same holds true for the matching direction cards, RSVP cards, “Thank You” cards… and everything else Basic Invite allows you to customize.

Get it Here

Also Recommended: Give your guests the coolest Bar Mitzvah favors they’ll LOVE to take home (and tell their friends about it).

Elegant Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Modern VS Traditional.

Traditional VS Modern.

Which one will it be?

The answer? Why choose either of them, when you can choose both at the same time?

These elegant Bar Mitzvah invitations are the perfect mix of Jewish tradition and contemporary design. So you get to eat the cake and have it too (I’m not talking about the Bar Mitzvah cake, that’s something else) entirely.

Colorful Names Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Top Elegant Invitation

Colorful Names Bar Mitzvah Invitations

One of the first lessons you learn in graphic design is this:

Elegance = SimplicityClick To Tweet

No doubt  – whoever designed this elegant Bar Mitzvah invitation took this counter-intuitive, yet profound lesson to heart.

And the proof is in the pudding.

A crisp, simple & modern design  = a bestselling Bar Mitzvah card.

It’s great to see that Jewish parents have good taste 🙂

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Sophisticated Elegance Mitzvah Invitations

Sophisticated Elegance Mitzvah Invitations

The name says it right there: “Sophisticated Elegance”… and it couldn’t be more accurate.

Here are a couple of “Guess What’s” I bet you’ll find interesting:

  • Guess what? You can even get an entire “Sophisticated Elegance” set – with similar reception cards, RSVP cards, “Thank You” cards and direction cards.
  • Guess what? Lori, the talented designer of this elegant Bar Mitzvah invitation lives in Honolulu, Hawai (Aloha, Lori!)
  • Guess what? Lori’s design studio is called “Guess What Design Studio” 🙂

And guess what? You can…

Get it Here

Classic Stripes Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Classic Stripes Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Last but not least – a classic Bar Mitzvah invitation template with a Star of David seal of approval!

No special effect. No special “Hoo-hahs”

Pure. Simple. Elegant.

Just the way I like it 🙂

Bonus: You can even add a matching guest book with the same design, so your son gets a nice & elegant keepsake from his Bar Mitzvah.

Get it Here

Custom (Photo) Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish (sadly, I’m not joking… and neither does science).

How can you make sure your invitation doesn’t get lost in all the flyers and brochures being sent to us via email every day?

You put your young man’s photo right on top of the Bar Mitzvah invitation card! That way, there’s no chance anyone would miss it.

Plus, it gives a nice, personalized touch and giving your guests an opportunity to see who’s Bar Mitzvah they’ll be attending (you know, just in case you invited distant relatives or people you haven’t seen for a while).

Let’s look at some of the best custom invitations for your boy’s Bar Mitzvah your money can buy…

Monogram Star Photo Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Top Photo Invitation

Monogram Star Photo Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Look at that pretty face!

This young model looks more like a little Backstreet Boy, not a Bar Mitzvah boy… 

Anyway, I digress! This is about your Bar Mitzvah boy, not this fella!

I’m sure your son will give a good fight, and look just as handsome on this invitation.

Then, he won’t just be another Backstreet Boy… He’ll be a Jewish Backstreet Boy!

Get it Here

Sectioned Perfection Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Sectioned Perfection Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Why so serious, young Ethan (if that’s your real name)?

There’s no need to have that “tough guy” look on your Bar Mitzvah invitation… chill!

If you choose to go with this invitation – don’t feel like you have to imitate this boy.

The Star of David and the “small letters” are serious enough. Your son can have a big smile on his face.

Remember that you’re sending these invitations to your guests… they expect to see your son excited, not a boy preparing for battle.

Bonus: Envelopes are included. 

Get it Here

Photo Earth Tones Invitation

Photo Earth Tones Invitation

Backstreet boy #2. (Seriously, doesn’t this guy look like Nick when he was young?!)

Anywaaaay, moving on…

This invitation doesn’t just allow you to include your son’s photo, but you can also include his initials in the Star of David.

The rest of the invitation has a clean, classic feel with nice bright colors (which you can customize).

Pure elegance.

Get it Here

Unique & Creative Bar Mitzvah Invitations

It’s nice to draw between the lines.

But we all remember those few creative souls in school who just couldn’t do it… Who would rather die than do it “by the book”.

(Maybe you were one of them?)

Now, imagine what happens when you ask those creative souls to pour their inspiration into a unique Bar Mitzvah invitation card.

In fact, you don’t have to imagine it…  Instead, I’ll just show you exactly what happens.


Prepare to be mind. blown.

Floating Miracle Invitation

Top Unique Invitation

Floating Miracle Invitation

13 years ago, your son was born. 

You thought that was a miracle…?

There he is, about to step up onto the Bimah and read from the Torah for the first time…13 years have passed in a blink of an eye.

That’s a miracle.

And in the spirit of miracles – you get to invite your guests with this uniquely floating miracle invitation to celebrate your boy’s Bar Mitzvah ceremony.

No, no one is standing behind this invitation lighting a candle. It’s the actual design you’re looking at.

Quite miraculous, huh?

Get it Here

Geo Mitzvah Foil-Pressed Mitzvah Invitations

Geo Mitzvah Foil Pressed Mitzvah Invitations

I always hated Geometry in school. I always thought it was a useless subject I’ll never get apply in my lifetime.

Thank God that Monika, the designer of this wonderful invitation, didn’t think the same way… 

I never really thought I’d get to see a combination of real gold foil, geometric shapes and a Star of David (which is technically also a geometric shape) come to life in a Bar Mitzvah invitation.

Boy, am I glad Monika proved me wrong! 

Get it Here

Psychedelic Tree of Life Celebration Card

Psychedelic Tree Of Life Celebration Card

I left the most creative Bar Mitzvah invitation template for last.

“Creative”? More like *mind*-*blowing*.

People have been talking about the metaphysical and creativity-enhancing powers of psychedelics for decades.

But only recently, psychedelics research started going through a renaissance… and it’s been absolutely fascinating (to read about it, haven’t used it in my life).

In recent studies, psychedelic researchers found a correlation between metaphysical experiences induced by psychedelics and an enhanced sense of meaning in life and psychological well-being. 

Needless to say, when you “marry” that with the Tree of Life – the ancient Kabbalistic symbol that describes God’s creation of the world using 10 interconnected spheres (Sefirot) – you start getting into concepts that are way above this article’s pay grade.

Note: I’m fully aware that an article about Bar Mitzvah party invitations isn’t the time or the place to dive deep into such a heavy (and incredibly interesting) concepts, so I’ll stop here.

I do plan on writing about it on my blog in the future. Feel free to subscribe to follow along.

Don’t get me wrong,  I’m NOT saying you should use psychedelics. They’re incredibly dangerous (and illegal).

But I AM saying you can invite your guests with these ultra-creative Bar Mitzvah invitation cards. That is if you have the guts :).

That’ll certainly give your guests something to think (and talk) about when the big day arrives.

Get it Here

Cool & Fun Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Haven’t found a cool Bar Mitzvah invitation yet?

Well, that’s because I saved them for last 🙂

Trust me, your son doesn’t want to send a lame invitation to his friends and classmates.

He needs something that’ll make him look cool.

Or at least something that’ll make them laugh (preferably not at him!).

Rock Band Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Rock Band Bar Mitzvah Invitation

“You’re a rock star”!  

Everyone likes to feel like one, even if you’re not really into Metallica.

The Bar Mitzvah deserves to feel like a rock star on his big day… Send this invitation to your guests, and you’re halfway there.

Now… Mr. Bar Mitzvah Boy (hey, that’s a cool stage name).

Are you ready to rock the Bimah?

Get it Here

Bar Mitzvah Movie Star Invitation

Bar Mitzvah Movie Star Invitation

Well, if not a rock star… then at least a movie star!

Hollywood pays better!

Besides, the boy’s Torah reading could use a little PR boost to make it more appealing.

If you think about it, a Torah reading isn’t all that different from a Hollywood film: 

  • Every hit film needs a big movie star: The Bar Mitzvah.
  • Every hit film needs a premiere: this one takes place at the synagogue
  • Every hit film needs producers and directors: the Bar Mitzvah’s parents.

Special “thank you’s” of course to the Bar Mitzvah’s siblings, grandparents and the rest of the family members we couldn’t have done this without them.

With this unique Bar Mitzvah party invitation, you get to write your own script (literally)!

Get it Here

Kippah Calm & Party On Invitation  

Coolest Invitation

Kippah Calm & Party On Invitation

With all due respect to the “rock star” or the “movie star”, nothing beats the “Jewish star”!

No need to fake it till you make it… your boy has already made it!

He’s finally a real Bar Mitzvah … and he’s got his cool Bar Mitzvah invitation with a Kippah to prove it!

Note: Besides, I find the “Kippah Calm & Party On” thing is hilarious.

Get it Here

Inexpensive Bar Mitzvah Invitations

A Bar Mitzvah party has a lot of expenses. The event hall, the food, the Bar Mitzvah favors, and of course: the invitations.

If you prefer cutting costs invitations, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice quality.

These Bnai Mitzvah invitations are proof that invitations can be beautiful and affordable at the same time.

Chalkboard Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Top Budget Invitation

Chalkboard Bar Mitzvah Invitation

When I was a kid, I dreaded every time the teacher “invited” me to write something on the chalkboard in front of everyone.

Thankfully, kids these days don’t have to deal with that pressure… heck, they don’t even have chalkboards in classrooms anymore!

This time – people would LOVE to get invited to by the chalkboard to attend your son’s invitation.

And guess what? You’ll LOVE it too…



  1. It’s beautifully designed
  2. It’s fantastic quality
  3. It’s friggin’ cheap


Get it Here

Rustic Blue Tree of Life Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Rustic Blue Tree Of Life Bar Mitzvah Invitations

In Judaism, the Tree of Life is a symbol of life, wealth & fruitfulness.

Fortunately for you, that doesn’t mean you have to pay a hefty price just to get an elegant Tree of Life invitation for your son’s Bar Mitzvah celebration.

This invitation is simple, yet very elegant…

And guess what? You can even invite your son to customize it himself! (it’s his Bar Mitzvah after all)

Get it Here

Prayer Shawl Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Prayer Shawl Bar Mitzvah Invitations

It’s true that modern Tallit prayer shawls can get pretty expensive (if you’ve just gotten a Tallit for your son’s Bar Mitzvah, you know exactly what I’m talking about).

But here’s the good news: you don’t have to pay nearly as much for a modern prayer shawl invitation!

For around $1 per invitation (depending on how many guests you invite) – you get to send out these beautiful Tallit invitations and give your guests a little “preview” of the real show.

Get it Here

Fancy Bar Mitzvah Invitations

There are invitations, and then there are fancy Bar Mitzvah invitations.

Invitations that make you go “Wow” the moment you notice them.

Invitations that are so beautiful you can’t ignore them.

Invitations that make you put the Bar Mitzvah date on the calendar so you don’t forget it.

A word of warning though – quality costs more. So if you’re not prepared to spend a lot of money on invitations, you might want to scroll back up. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending more than you initially planned on one of these high-end invitations.

Mountain Sky Foil-Pressed Mitzvah Invitations

Top Fancy Invitation

Mountain Sky Foil Pressed Mitzvah Invitations

You wanted a fancy Bar Mitzvah invitation?

This stunning literally glitters with gold!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to celebrate your Bar Mitzvah underneath the mountain sky? On a full moon?

Well, I don’t know what your plans are… but you can at least send out invitations with that exact design!


There’s no full moon. Instead, there’s a full Star of David.

Much better, don’t you think?

Get it Here

Tallit Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Tallit Bar Mitzvah Invitation

We already had a cute Tallit invitation card on this article. But if you’re looking for something a little more “serious”, this one is the next step.

As opposed to the first one, this one actually looks like the real deal. A contemporary twist on the traditional Tallit turned into a modern & elegant Bar Mitzvah card that captures your attention in a split second.

Everything about this card is world-class: the design, the paper, the printing, the price…

A high-end Bar Mitzvah card for any type of event, from Orthodox Jewish to conservative. 

Get it Here

Sports Themed Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Boys will be boys.

They just love sports. So much so, that they want demand entire sports-themed Bar Mitzvah parties… and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

But you absolutely can do something for it.

No, I’m not talking about decorating the Bar Mitzvah candle lighting, or even ordering a nice sports-themed Bar Mitzvah cake… that comes later.

First, you need to invite the “crowd” (your guests) in the first place.

And if you’re having a sports-themed party… what kind of invitation will you send?

(Repeat after me…)

A sports-themed Bar Mitzvah invitation!

“Why thank you, captain obvious…”

You’re welcome!

Baseball Round Hebrew Name Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Top Sports Invitation

Baseball Round Hebrew Name Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Batter on deck!

AND your guest hits a home run! (they RSVP’d).

Now, the pressure is on you… to throw your son a home-run Bar Mitzvah!

A baseball Bar Mitzvah invitation is definitely a good start.

Get it Here

Green and Black Soccer Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Green And Black Soccer Bar Mitzvah Invitation

If your boy loves soccer, then he’s probably used to putting on his jersey and running up the field.

Unfortunately for him – his Bar Mitzvah isn’t celebrated on grass, and he’s definitely NOT wearing his soccer jersey tonight.

Tonight, he’s putting on his Bar Mitzvah suit and he’s making mommy proud!

Poor boy, you promised him a soccer-themed Bar Mitzvah… what gives?!

That’s where this cool soccer-themed Bar Mitzvah invitation “kicks” in (get it? “kicks”? Never mind…).

And guess what – you can even include your boy’s picture on the invitation:

Green And Black Soccer Bar Mitzvah Invitation Back

Just don’t forget to include the Bar Mitzvah kickoff time so your guests don’t miss the “game”.

Get it Here

Basketball Bar Mitzvah Card

Basketball Bar Mitzvah Card

We could use a few more Jewish players in the NBA, don’t you think?

I mean, all we’ve got is Omri Casspi… And as much as I like Casspi, I think we can do better.

Well, guess what? The Bar Mitzvah boy is all grown up now! 

Hint: Lebron James started dunking when he was 13 years old… just think about that.

It’s time to get serious!

No… I’m not saying you should invite NBA scouts to your son’s Bar Mitzvah.

But you can start by inviting your guests with a basketball Bar Mitzvah invitation.

That’s what I call baby steps.

Get it Here

Sports Fan Invitation

Sports Fan Invitation

Football? Baseball? Basketball? Soccer? Maybe Tennis?

Geez…  your boy is one helluva sports enthusiast, isn’t he?

Well, if he likes em’ all, then why force him to choose one for his Bar Mitzvah invitation?

He’s 13 years old. Now’s the time for him to explore all kinds of sports!

Don’t worry…

One day, he’ll settle on a favorite… and you’ll be there rooting for him (or should I say, embarrassing him?) in the stands.

But for now, let him have all the sports he can “eat”. 

Get it Here


End of the road!

Those were some pretty cool Bar Mitzvah invitation ideas, huh?


Before you go on with your day… Remember to:

  1. Save/bookmark this article so you can come back to it later
  2. Send it to your son and ask him which of these Bar Mitzvah invitation templates he likes best
  3. Start customizing your invitations before its too late!

I’ll be looking for my invitation in my mailbox…

Just kidding! You don’t have to invite me…

(unless you insist 🙂 )

Mazel tov!

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