25+ Unique Passover Decorations, Supplies & Table Setting Ideas for Pesach (2022)

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So… you’re hosting the Passover Seder this year.

How exciting!

Or, should I say, overwhelming?

A bit of both?

I hear ya!

Preparing for Passover is no walk in the park. You’ve got a ton of things to do, in VERY little time:

  • Getting the Pesach groceries
  • Cooking a delicious Passover m eal
  • Decorating the Seder table

Just to name a few (don’t even get me started about cleaning and Kashering your house for Passover).

Well, I’ve got good news… Today, you’ll be able to scratch the last item off that list.

Because in this article – I listed EVERYTHING you need to decorate the best Passover table in town (without breaking the bank in the process)!

Ready? Let’s get moving! (Time is against us!)

Passover Table Decorations & Supplies

Do you know what the word “Seder” actually means in Hebrew? It means “order”.

That’s exactly what we’ll do in this section: put our Passover table in order.

And to do that – we need the essentials: Passover table decorations & supplies!

After all, it ain’t much of a Seder without basic supplies for Pesach, now is it?

Passover Seder Plate

Spode Judaica Seder Plate

There are Passover Seder plates (like the ones I mentioned earlier), and then there’s THE Passover Seder plate – the main plate that holds the special Passover symbols throughout the Seder.

Sure, it might not a big deal to use disposable Passover Seder plates to serve the guests. But for the main Seder plate – you’ve got to use a “real” one… and ideally – a nice looking one.

Spode’s Seder plate is my personal favorite, and probably the most popular out there (I bet you’ve seen one of these before).

Matzah Cover & Afikoman Bag

Matzah Cover & Afikoman Bag Set For Passover Satin Blue Matzo Set

Now that we’ve got the Matzo plate – we need a way to cover the Matzah (including the Afikoman).

I don’t know about you – but I can’t think of a better way to cover it than with beautiful, vivid scenery of Jerusalem.

The Matzo may not taste amazing… but it definitely looks amazing!

Tip: If you’re not hosting the Seder yourself – you may want to get this as a Passover gift for your hostess.

Passover Table Runner

Passover Seder Meal Table Runner

There are tons of Passover Seder supplies to take care of. But what’s the one thing that holds everything together?

You guessed it: the Passover tablecloth!

Now… there are two options you can go with here:

  1. The “boring” route – a normal (aka boring) tablecloth.
  2. The “Passover-decorated” route.

I think you know which option I prefer 🙂

Note: I wrote an entire article with cool Passover tablecloths. Check it out 🙂

Disposable Passover Paper Plates, Cups & Napkins

Disposable Passover Paper Plates, Cups & Napkins

One of the first things you have to decide when you set the table is: “Should I use a regular dinnerware set (like this one) or disposable Passover tableware set (like this one)?”

Obviously, there’s no right or wrong answer. Each option has it’s own pros and cons:

Regular Dinnerware


  • Looks more impressive
  • You can continue using it in future Passovers


  • Requires Kashering (or dedicated Kosher-for-Passover dishes)
  • A nightmare to clean after the Seder

Disposable Dinnerware


  • Easy to clean and dispose of (well, duh!)
  • Nice Passover decor (including the Seder symbols)


  • Looks cheap
  • One time use

Which option should you go with? At the end of the day – you’ll have to choose what works best for you.

To quote Morpheus:

Passover Matzo Napkins

Passover Matzo Napkins

Matzo? Again? Didn’t I already mention that?

Hold it there, tiger! This is a Matzo napkin, not a Matzo!

Tip: Want to really confuse everyone? Wrap their personal Matzos in these Matzo napkins! (this is the point where you tell me: “Rebecca – grow up”)

Matzah Napkin Rings

Matzah Napkin Rings

Let’s go even more meta: Matzah napkin rings, for Matzah napkins, that will cover the Matzah.

I think we just crossed into another dimension…

Disposable Kiddush Wine Cups

Disposable Kiddush Wine Cups

Passover is a festive meal. That means… LOTS of wine, baby!

We drink four glasses of wine during the Seder itself… NOT including the glasses of wine, we drink during the meal.

To quote Psalm 104:15:

“Wine gladdens the heart of man” (Psalm 104:15)Click To Tweet

And if you don’t want to waste hours cleaning the dishes afterward – these disposable Kiddush wines can “set you free” (pun intended).

Elijah Cup

Spode Judaica Kiddush Cup

I mentioned earlier that we drink four glasses of wine during the Seder. Notice how I highlighted the “drink” part?

That’s because technically – we pour a fifth wine. We just leave it untouched for Elijah (Eliyahu) the prophet.

Note: This is more of a symbolic tradition… if a burglar named Elijah breaks into your house and drinks from Elijah’s cup – call the police.

Any Kiddush cup can be used to fill Elijah’s cup… but I believe Spode’s Kiddush cup is particularly fitting to the occasion… especially if you’re using Spode’s matching Seder plate.

Miriam’s Cup

Lily Art Glass Miriam Cup With Metal Plaque

Following Elijah’s footsteps… A fairly new Passover tradition has emerged in recent decades to honor Miriam (Moses’s Sister): leaving a cup filled with water next to Elijah’s cup.

While this isn’t exactly a Halachic requirement – this tradition is becoming more and popular – mainly thanks to the egalitarian “shift” in the world.

Just like Elijah’s cup, it’s common to use a festive Kiddush cup, like this one (which is a dedicated Miriam Cup), that is appropriate for the occasion and fill it with water.

Why Water?

There are 3 symbolic reasons:

  1. Miriam famously saved her baby-brother Moses from drowning in the Nile river.
  2. While the Jews were crossing the Red Sea, Miriam led the Jewish people by playing a drum/tambourine to boost morale.
  3. It is said that God created a moving well of clear water (Exodus 17:5-6) to honor Miriam’s dedication, which provided water to the Israelites throughout their journey in the desert.

10 Plagues Wine Glass Decor

10 Plagues Wine Glass Decor

We’ve got all the Kiddush and wine cups we can handle… all that’s left is to decorate them with these 10 plague decorations!

Woah! Do what now?!

Don’t worry, I don’t think these frogs and insects will come to life. Besides, it would be nice to rub it in the Pharaoh’s face one more time.

Passover Matzo Coasters

Passover Matzo Coasters

These Matzo coasters are a cool little Passover table decoration that’ll absorb all that wine that is about to be spilled (like it or not, it’s going to happen).

In case your table isn’t filled with Matzos yet (whether it’s the real thing, Matzo napkins or any other Matzo shaped items) – now it definitely will be.

Funny Passover Wine Bottle Labels

Funny Passover Wine Bottle Labels

We decorated the wine glasses… how about the wine bottles? Don’t they deserve any fancy decorations?

Well, that depends: are you getting a fancy $200 bottle of wine you’d like your guests to appreciate? In that case – better do the wine bottle itself do the talking.

But in every other case – these witty Passover wine labels are a nice touch, and absolutely hilarious!

Passover Haggadah

A Passover Haggadah As Commented Upon By Elie Wiesel And Illustrated By Mark Podwal

Without a Passover Haggadah – it isn’t exactly a Seder, now is it? (more like a “Balagan”). Without it – we’re just having dinner with flatbread and Maror. That’s no fun.

This Haggadah by the late Elie Wiesel (the storyteller) and Mark Podwal (the illustrator) includes the traditional Haggadah text, alongside Elie Wiesel’s poetic interpretations and Mark Podwal’s fascinating illustrations that complement the text perfectly – like Haroset to Matzoh.

Tip: The only “problem” with this Haggadah is that it’s packed with TONS of information that can easily drag your guests through the rabbit hole… and as a result – drag the Seder for hours! If you want to avoid that – you may want to go with a simple(r) Passover Haggadah.

Customized Printable Passover Menu

Customized Printable Passover Menu

Like it or not – if you’re hosting the Passover Seder this year – you’re in charge of feeding lots of hungry tummies.

Now, just because your guests won’t leave you a generous tip (they might get you a generous Passover gift though), doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to give them a 5-star experience that will blow them away.

A unique way to do just that is by handing out these customizable Matzah-shaped menus.

Now… the only question remaining: “Where can I find a helpful staff that can hand out the menus?” (hint: The kids are on vacation (and so is your spouse)

Printable Passover Matzo Place Cards

Printable Passover Matzo Place Cards

Want to give your guests an even more outrageously awesome service? Prepare these Matzah place cards for each guest. After all – it’s reserved seating, isn’t it?

Passover 10 Plagues Banner

Passover 10 Plagues Banner

It’s easy to obsess about decorating the Pesach Seder table, that we can easily neglect the rest of the room!

Take this lovely Passover banner for example. Sure, you can hang it next to the table… but you can also hang it in any other room in the house – or even the entrance so your guests instantly enter into the Passover spirit!

I know I know – you’re literally hanging symbols of plagues in your living room… but that’s so much fun 🙂

Matzah Pillow

Matzah Money Pillow

I’ve been to a Seder once where the hostess (my aunt) made sure each guest was sitting on a comfortable pillow. How sweet is that?

You know what would’ve been even cooler? If all of us were sitting on a Matzah Pillow like this one.

Imagine what would’ve happened when we all got drunk? 

2 words: “Pillow fight!“.

Passover Decorations for Kids

If you think the kids will sit still for a few hours while everyone is taking their time reading through the Haggadah – you’re more delusional than the Pharaoh was when he decided not to let the Jewish people go.

The way you make kids actually enjoy the Seder without crying/complaining every 2 seconds – is by making it interactive, engaging and entertaining.

And the way you do that – is with these cool Passover supplies & decorations the kids can play with.

30 Minute Seder Haggadah

30 Minute Seder Haggadah

Earlier, I mentioned Elie Wiesel and Mark Podwal’s Passover Haggadah. Do yourself a favor – do NOT give these to kids… it’s great for adults, not so much for kids.

For kids, you’d probably want something more lightweight – without excessive commentary that’ll bore them till they finally “opt out” of the Seder.

That’s exactly where the 30 Minute Seder Haggadah shines. It’s short, easy-to-consume and relatable with lots of beautiful illustrations – everything you need to keep the kids engaged throughout the entire Seder.

Passover Plague Masks

Passover Plague Masks

“Put your blood mask on!”

Any other day besides Passover – this sentence would be bloody terrifying! But this IS Passover, and Passover plague masks are not only awesome… they’re educational!

So be a good parent, and put that lice mask on your child’s face. You can wear the frog mask… it’ll fit you nicely.

Tip: If you really want to take it to the next level – you can dress up as the Passover heroes with these unique Passover costumes.

Plush Passover Finger Puppets

Plush Passover Finger Puppets

“Waiter? Can I get more of those plagues please?”

“Certainly, madame. More plagues, coming up!”

These Plush Passover finger puppets are an excellent way to involve the kids in the Passover Seder…

Especially if you have a bunch of little ones running around that can’t sit still for a split second.

Let My People Go! Passover Game

Let My People Go! Passover Game

The goal of this Passover board game is simple: whoever escapes Egypt first – wins.

Escape from slavery → to freedom… You up for it?

Ready, set, go!

A fun and entertaining way to teach the kids all about Passover through gamification.

Warning: This game is more addictive than it looks. If your kids keep escaping the Seder table so try and escape from Egypt – don’t come complaining to me 🙂

Passover Balloons

Passover Balloons

“I’ll go wherever you will go

Way up high or down low, I’ll go wherever you will go”

I love that song.

You know what’s funny? It kind of represents how kids react to balloons!

If you want the kids to stay seated at the Passover Seder and not run around the living room – just keep these Passover balloons close to the Seder table… and you’ll witness a miracle!

Seder Meal Story Stones

Seder Meal Story Stones

How do you nurture your child’s inner Stephen King, instill confidence in them AND teach them about Passover all at the same time?

Well, you could always call up Stephen King and ask for private tutoring lessons… Or you could go the cheaper route and start with baby steps using these unique Passover Seder story stones.

It includes 7 painted stones with images of the 7 Seder symbols: egg, bitter herbs, parsley, lettuce, shank bone, Charoset, and the central theme – Pesach!

Simply have your kid pick up a stone, and encourage them to start developing a storyline around that stone!

Tip: They could also be used as a classroom activity or as creative writing prompts.

Recommended: These stones are perfect for children over the age of 3+.

Squeaking Passover Frogs

Squeaking Passover Frogs

Frog attack!

Relax… the frogs aren’t going to attack the Jews (unless you’ll flip them with your finger on someone’s back). We’re safe.

These tiny frogs are an adorable addition to the Seder table. They even squeak and everything!

Tip: While these frogs are large enough to not be a choking hazard… but I’d still keep them away from toddlers.

Passover Favors

There are only a handful of days in the year where we all get together with our extended family and friends.

One of those days is the Passover Seder.

While the Seder only lasts one night, the memories can last a whole lot longer (that is, if you don’t drink too much wine)… especially if you hand out these cool Passover party favors at the end of the meal!

Passover Matzah Design Kippah

Passover Matzah Design Kippah

When I was young, every Passover my brother used to always put a Matzah on his head and pretend it was a Kippah. For some reason, he thought it was very funny… I thought it was very stupid.

When I saw this Matzah Kippah, I immediately thought to myself… “Hmm, maybe he wasn’t so stupid after all”.

Imagine each and every one of your guests wearing Matzos on their heads. Now that’s genius!

Does that mean my brother was also a genius? Nope, he was still a goofy little clown…

Passover Sandwich Cookies

Passover Sandwich Cookies

Time for some yummy Passover snacks!

Quit your drooling! I can see you through the screen!

Well, I don’t blame you… these Passover sandwich cookies are Yum-my.

They’re filled with jam and drizzled with chocolate on top… like I said – Yum-my!

Anyone who tells you that it’s hard to find good Passover desserts – clearly doesn’t know where to look (just send them this article 🙂 ).

Just make sure you don’t reveal these cookies before the Seder is over… if you want the kids (and the adults) to eat some proper food first.

Note: Needless to say – they’re Parve (and Gluten Free), and Kosher for Passover!

Passover Seder Invitations

Custom Passover Seder Invitations

Let me throw you a bit of a curveball here…

I know that a Passover invitation isn’t exactly the type of Passover favor you’d expect (for starters, you send it before the Seder, not after). But truth is, it’s so rare for a hostess to send her guests a Passover invitation – that before you know it – your small gesture turns into an unexpected Passover favor your guests will likely remember for years (at some point they’ll want to “steal” that idea when they get to host the Seder).

People are used to getting wedding invitations, Bar Mitzvah invitations, Bat Mitzvah invitations… but Passover Seder invitations? Talk about going the extra mile…

Passover Embroidered Guest Towel

Passover Embroidered Guest Towel

As part of the Passover Seder, we get up to wash our hands several times (during Urchatz and Rachtzah). Instead of forcing everyone to wait for the towel, you can provide each of your guests with their very own Passover embroidered guest towel.

And if you’re REALLY determined – you can even customize these guest towels.

Passover Cootie Catchers

Passover Cootie Catchers

Ready for some Passover trivia? This awesome Passover Cootie catchers will liven things up and introduce the Passover noobies to our unique holiday!

Tip: Have a few glasses of wine before you start playing to raise the difficulty level.


  1. Print the file
  2. Fold the pages into a cootie catcher (follow the instructions)
  3. Start the trivia!

A wonderful, educational and entertaining Passover favor that’ll keep your guests busy.

Passover Table Settings: Centerpieces & Tablescapes

So far, we’ve added lots of traditional Passover decorations to add “character” to our Seder table.

But what about the Passover centerpieces? How can you set an elegant Passover table setting? What unique Passover tablescapes can you try?

Let’s explore a few interesting Passover table setting ideas…

Colorful Spring Flowers

European Floral Garden

Passover marks the beginning of the spring. So adding a collection of flowers for Passover (like this lovely bouquet) to your Seder table is definitely on point.

So far most of our Passover Seder decorations were focused on a single sense: our eyesight. They’re visually appealing? Great! Add em’ to the Seder table.

But what about the rest of our senses? Do we just ignore them?

The good thing about a beautiful spring bouquet – is that it caters both to our sense of sight, AND our sense of smell.

Believe me, that’s a blessing if you have Gefilte Fish right next to you on the table (not staying that it stinks! Ok… I am saying that)

Flowers & Fruits Centerpiece

Apple Flower Centerpiece

If flower centerpieces aren’t enough, you can sprinkle some fruit across the Seder table for décor purposes (and for eating).

Decorative Flower On Each Plate

Decorative Flower On Plate

Instead of (or in addition to) the flower centerpieces – you can take it a step further and add a decorative flower to each plate. That adds a nice personal touch… and it’s classier, too.

Tip: If you want to make it even personal – combine the flower with the person’s personal place card.

Candy Sticks

Candy On Sticks

Candy sticks are always pleasing to the eyes, and to our tummies!

Unfortunately, there are two problems with adding candy sticks early on to the Seder dinner table:

  1. Kids (and adults) will stuff themselves with candy and won’t touch the actual Pesach food
  2. Most candy out there isn’t Kosher for Passover

Luckily – there are solutions to each of these problems:

  1. Only bring the candy sticks after the Seder meal
  2. Serve Passover fruit slices! They’re delicious… and they’re Kosher for Passover!

Now that’s how you get rid of that awful Maror taste!

Outdoor Seder Table

Outdoor Seder Table

If you’re feeling adventurous, and the weather allows it – why stay indoors when you can pack your Seder supplies and have your Seder in the outdoors?

Just beware of any unwelcome guests (like stray cats) who drop in for a visit to taste some of your delicious Passover brisket.

Silverware Passover Table Setting

Silverware Table Setting

Imagine if the queen of England dropped by your Passover Seder. Would you serve her with a bunch of disposable cutlery? I doubt it…

More than likely – you’d put on your A game and set the table with lots of fancy schmancy tableware. And what rhymes with tableware? Silverware!

How to Set the Passover Seder Table

Passover Seder Table 2
Original image by Magnus Manske
  • … You’ve got all the Passover decorations you need…
  • … You decided what table settings to use.
  • Finally – it’s time to actually set the table!

Tip: Feel free to scroll back up at any point to choose the right Passover supplies for the job.

Here’s how you set the Seder table – step by step:

1. Cover the Seder table with your Passover tablecloth. 

2. Place your Passover centerpieces (if you’ve chosen any).

3. Set the personal Passover tableware for each guest. Each guest should get, at a minimum:

  • Plate
  • Bowl (if you’re serving soup)
  • Cutlery (include tablespoons if you’re serving soup)
  • Napkins
  • Drinking glass
  • Wine glass/Kiddush cup (you can also use disposable Kiddush cups like the ones I mentioned above)
  • Haggadah

And at a maximum:

  • Place card
  • Personal hand towel
  • Napkin ring
  • Pillows
  • Coaster
  • Wine glass
  • Menu
  • Yarmulkes (Kippot) for the boys
  • Any of the other Passover decorations I mentioned above

4. Place the Seder plate, including the Passover plate items:

Seder Plate With Items
  • Egg (ביצה)
  • Shank bone (זרוע)
  • Bitter herbs/Horseradish (מרור)
  • Vegetable (כרפס) – usually parsley or celery
  • Haroset (חרוסת)
  • Hazeret (חזרת) – usually lettuce or a root vegetable

5. Set a Matzo plate. Set a plate with three pieces of Matzah on top of each other, and cover them with a Matzah cover.

Shmurah Matzah
Original image by Edsel Little

6. Set another Matzo plate with plenty of Matzos for people to eat freely.

7. Add a bowl (or several bowls) of salt water. During the Seder, we dip a piece of Karpas (the vegetable) in the salt water – a symbol of our Jewish ancestor’s tears while they were enslaved.

Tip: To avoid the salt water bowl being passed around, you can add a dedicated small salt water bowl for each guest.

8. Spread several bottles of wine or grape juice across the table.

Kosher For Passover Wine

Each person drinks four cups of wine as part of the Seder… not including the wine we drink after it! So you’ll need at least a few bottles of Kosher for Passover wine (take the number of guests you expect at your Seder into account before you decide how many bottles to buy).

9. Place an empty Kiddush cup for Elijah, and (optionally) an empty cup for Miriam


Whew! That’s a LOT of Passover decorations right there!

It took me days to write (not exactly 40 years, but still)… so I hope you use it wisely!

Now… don’t try to be a hero and try to consume this list all at once. Rome wasn’t built in one day, and the Jews didn’t cross the desert in one day either (OK, OK, enough desert jokes)

I strongly recommend you save this article so you can return these Pesach decorations later. So bookmark it, share it, pin it – whatever helps you find things easily.

And remember, you don’t have to get everything on this list for your Seder table setting. In fact, you shouldn’t get everything… Instead, use this list as a guide to help you “fill the missing pieces”.

Hope you enjoyed this article! Chag Sameach!

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