15+ Best Passover Flowers & Plants for the Seder Table (2019)

You’re invited to the Passover Seder… how exciting!

We all get to sit together around the Seder table: family, friends and loved ones, to celebrate our Jewish ancestor’s escape from Egypt… from slavery – to freedom! Hooray!

But before you get all excited and start singing “Ma Nishtana”… aren’t you forgetting something?

You’re not planning to arrive at the Passover Seder empty-handed, now are you?

Oy vey! The Chutzpah!

  • Rule #1 of Passover: NEVER arrive empty-handed.
  • Rule #2 of Passover: NEVER forget rule #1

Did You Know? There are other pretty important Passover laws you should be aware of (you know, before you accidentally ask for a beer on the Seder table).

The hostess just spent hours (read: days) preparing an awesome Passover Seder, the least we can do is give her a nice Passover gift as a “thank you”.

As the adage says: “Action speaks louder than words”.

A particularly appropriate gift? Colorful Passover flowers.

  1. They make the Seder table look good.
  2. Which makes the hostess look good in front of her guests
  3. Which make YOU look good

That’s a triple win right there!

The only question that remains is: What are the best flowers for Passover?

Sit tight… things are about to get rosy!

Top Passover Flowers

Spoiler Alert: For those of you in a rush trying to finish your Passover shopping on time – these are Amen V’Amen’s favorite Passover flowers you can bring to this year’s Seder…

Traditional Passover FlowersPassover Flower CenterpiecePassover Seder Plants
Top Traditional Flowers Top Flower Arrangement Top Seder Plants
European Floral GardenEuropean Floral GardenDeluxe Fragrant Stargazer LiliesDeluxe Fragrant Stargazer Lilies6 Handmade Wooden Succulent Triangles6 Handmade Wooden Succulent Triangles
Get it HereGet it HereGet it Here

Top Traditional Flowers
European Floral GardenEuropean Floral Garden
Type: Traditional Passover FlowersGet it Here
Top Flower Arrangement
Deluxe Fragrant Stargazer LiliesDeluxe Fragrant Stargazer Lilies
Type: Passover Flower CenterpieceGet it Here
Top Seder Plants
6 Handmade Wooden Succulent Triangles6 Handmade Wooden Succulent Triangles
Type: Passover Seder PlantsGet it Here

Traditional Passover Flowers

While technically Passover doesn’t have a traditional set of colors… it does have a few things that make it unique:

  1. It’s a Jewish holiday – where we celebrate our Jewish ancestor’s exodus from Egypt: from slavery to freedom!
  2. It marks the beginning of Spring

OK… how does that help us?

Well, both Jewish holidays (actually, Judaism itself), as well as the Spring season, do have traditional color themes… AND flowers:

  • Jewish Holidays: Blue & White (think Star of David, like the one to the left)
  • Spring Colors: Bright colors namely a combination of yellow, green, pink, blue, orange, and purple (I often call them “rainbow colors”).
  • Spring Flowers: Lilies, Carnations, Sunflowers, Tulips, Daisies, Violets, Irises, Orchids.

Now we’re getting somewhere!

Next step: choose traditional Passover flowers that fit that description.

Here are my favorites…

European Floral Garden

Top Traditional Flowers

European Floral Garden

Wouldn’t it be nice to fly to Europe on Passover…?

To see the flowers blossoming?

To take long walks and eat Fish & Chips Matzo?

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to leave everything behind and head to Europe on Passover (I sure don’t).

Luckily – we can “host” a European style bouquet in our house that’ll make us feel all warm and cozy on Passover.

This bouquet is filled with bright yellow sunflowers, green poms, pink tulips, and a bunch of other beautiful flowers I can hardly pronounce (here goes: Alstroemeria).

How exciting!

Get it Here

Deluxe Hugs & Kisses

Deluxe Hugs Kisses

“Happy Passover! Sending you and your family lots of hugs and kisses!”

Now there’s a typical blessing you’ll often get (and send) on Pesach.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s sweet and all… but you know what’s even sweeter?

Sending ACTUAL hugs and kisses… DOZENS of them!

Free Hugs
Image by Ryan Dickey

(No… I don’t mean like this guy)

This impressive bouquet contains a fabulous array of 8 Red tulips, 8 Pink tulips, and 16 Blue Iris… from the fields straight to the Seder table.

Without a doubt – one of THE cutest bouquets to send our loved ones (especially the ones who we won’t get to see this Passover 😢).

Get it Here

Spring Garden Basket

Spring Garden Basket

Like I mentioned earlier: Passover marks the beginning of the spring.

That’s when all sorts of gorgeous flowers start blooming in our gardens…

But why leave them outside in the garden only for the butterflies to enjoy… let’s bring em’ over to our Seder table!

This magnificent spring garden basket comes with a rich collection of beautiful flowers.

How rich?

Well, it doesn’t exactly have a house in the Hamptons. But it does have:

  • Hot pink roses
  • Peach gerbera daisies
  • Pink Asiatic Lillies
  • Pink Peruvian Lillies
  • Pale Pink Carnations
  • Lavender Mini Carnations

Like I said: Rich.

Plus, all of that vivid goodness is decorated with lush greens, beautifully hand-arranged by a flower expert.

Now that’s the kind of Passover flower bouquet that can even make Gefilte Fish look tolerable on the Seder table (ok, maybe that’s pushing it)!

Get it Here

Sapphire Skies Bouquet

Sapphire Skies Bouquet

If there’s such a thing as a “Jewish bouquet” – I believe this is it.

OBVIOUS JOKE: No, not because it’s circumcised! Haha, you’re such a joker (not).

  1. First – it’s blue & white…
  2. Second – the unique combination of flowers & colors makes you want to stare at it for hours. And once you do…

It’ll capture your focus… soothe your soul… and you’ll start to feel that inner sense of bliss…

You know – that feeling you get when you stare at the clear blue sky (hint: that’s why this bouquet is called Sapphire Skies).

Now you see why this is a terrific flower bouquet for Passover? Or any Jewish holiday for that matter?

Get it Here

The Spirited Grace Lily Bouquet

The Spirited Grace

Lilies are my favorite (in case you ever like to surprise me)…

So you can see why these bright white Oriental Lilies made it to the top of the list!

They’re so… what’s the word I’m looking for?


And if you look at the name of this flower arrangement (“The Spirited Grace”), I’d say that name is right on the money.

Peace, spirit, grace, … it doesn’t matter what you call it.

All I know is – this extraordinary flower arrangement fits amazingly well with the peace/spirit/grace of Passover!

Get it Here

Arrive in Style

Arrive In Style

Listen up, boys & girls!

To arrive in style to the Passover Seder, you need:

  1. Your finest Passover clothes (I recommend a white buttoned shirt)
  2. A nice bottle of Kosher for Passover wine
  3. The “Arrive in Style” flower bouquet

Beyond the catchy (and very appropriate) name, it has an impressive collection of white (and some Pink Roses) flowers:

  • White Asiatic lilies
  • White alstroemeria
  • White cushion spray chrysanthemums
  • White statice and colorful pittosporum

In Judaism, white is a symbol of purity. It’s why you’ll often see men wear white to the synagogue on Jewish holidays (particularly Passover).

Well, with this fine bouquet, you’d be dressing up your Seder table for Passover, too!

Tip: Don’t forget to actually dress up your Seder table with a Passover tablecloth.

Get it Here

Faithful Guardian Bouquet

Faithful Guardian Bouquet

In Passover, we reflect on our Jewish history as slaves in Egypt… we read all about the hardships, the struggles, as well as the miracles our ancestors witnessed during the Exodus on their road to freedom.

While there are many flowers that are a great fit for Passover… I’d say this one fits in particularly well.

  • The deep blue colors of the sky
  • The marvelous combination of white roses, white button poms with blue Bella Donna Delphinium and Blue Hydrangea
  • The fascinating display with the dazzling blue glass vase (which the recipient can keep as a keepsake)

An absolutely stunning Passover gift that fits the occasion perfectly (you know, the traditional Jewish blue & white colors and all).

Tip: You can even add a nice personalized message (for free) to wish your hostess a “Happy Passover”, and even throw in a cute teddy bear while you’re at it ( that’s not free… don’t push it)!

Get it Here

Passover Flower Arrangements & Seder Table Settings

It’s true – some flower types are more appropriate for Passover than others.

But does that mean you can’t choose other types of flowers to decorate your Seder table?

As I like to say in Hebrew: “Ma Pitom!” (heck no!)

Certain flowers (hint: Roses!) are known to upgrade any holiday table – yes, including Passover!

They allow you to decorate your Seder in various ways (a Rose on each plate would be lovely, no?) and get creative with your Seder table setting.

Let’s explore a few of em’, shall we?

Deluxe Fragrant Stargazer Lilies

Top Flower Arrangement

Deluxe Fragrant Stargazer Lilies

Lilies are my absolute favorite (did I say that already?)…

Not only do they look divine (once the buds open up), they also smell AMAZING!

These Stargazer Lilies are a great example.

Did You Know? The reason they’re called Stargazer Lilies is that each stem has multiple blooms – giving them a unique star shape.

And that’s the reason why they’re such a cool option for Passover!

You can either use them as your main Seder table centerpiece, or you can break them apart and sprinkle individual blooms across the Seder table…

No matter which option you choose – get ready to little extra perfume when you arrive at the Seder table… otherwise, I’m sorry to say, you’ll be outmatched by these Lilies!

Get it Here

Clarity Luxury Rose Bouquet

Clarity Luxury Rose Bouquet

If you’re a regular reader of my (sorry, our) blog… this elegant Rose bouquet may look familiar.

I pretty much include it every time I talk about flowers (like when I wrote about flowers for Rosh Hashanah).

The all-white Rose bouquet gives it a nice spiritual feel, which obviously fits perfectly with Passover.

I have to warn you in though. This bouquet is quite expensive.

Get it for someone close… someone you love.

(Husbands and boyfriends, I’m looking at you).

Don’t just get it to try and impress your inlaws (unless you “accidentally” leave the price tag on 😉).

Get it Here

Sweet as Sugar

Sweet As Sugar

What’s the hardest part about Passover?

For kids – the answer is easy: most snacks and sweets (the good ones, anyway) are Chometz… aka – FORBIDDEN.

Who am I kidding… it’s a bitter pill to swallow (literally… did you ever taste Maror?) for adults too.

What can we do to “sweeten” the deal a bit?

Well, if our taste buds will have to endure a bit of bitterness for the week, perhaps our eyesight and olfactory receptors (fancy term for “what makes us smell”) can reap the benefits with this cute bouquet.

Bonus: You can even add balloons and a stuffed animal to make the Seder table more entertaining and kid-friendly! (and chocolates… but that’s not Kosher for Passover, so stick to the Teddybear)

Get it Here

Pink and Pretty

Pink & Pretty

Have you ever seen GIANT pink roses?

You have now…

Granted, you’re seeing it through a computer/mobile screen… so it obviously doesn’t look that big (unless you zoom in). But wait till you see it in person!

The pink roses and white alstroemeria are delivered in a pink fluted vase, wrapped in a cute pink bow…

So pink… so pretty!

Get it Here

Special Moments Bouquet

Special Moments Bouquet

We live in an ADD world these days… Everything is happening SO fast it’s hard to keep up.

Thankfully, there are only a handful of days during the year – Passover being one of them – where we all say “time out! let’s huddle!”.

After all, how often do we get to see the entire family gathered together around one dinner table?

Not very often…

And since we’ve got everyone around the dinner table – we might as well give it a warm & welcoming atmosphere.

Holidays like Passover are the special moments we all get to cherish together… so we might as well cherish these moments with a Special Moments Bouquet that is designed to help us do just that.

Get it Here

Smiles & Sunshine

Smiles Sunshine

Rise and shine, sweetheart! The Smiles & Sunshine bouquet has arrived!

This vibrant little bouquet (there’s a Premium/Deluxe option, too) is an affordable and colorful way to add some color to your Passover table.

It contains a fresh mix of assorted Roses, Peruvian Lilies and Alstroemeria.

Each stem has multiple blooms, that means you can either keep them together or separate them and spread them all across the table (or on your guest’s plates).

Get it Here

Passover Seder Plants

Believe it or not – flowers aren’t your only option for decorating your Seder table.

Plants can decorate your Seder table just as well as flowers (if not better)…

And if you ask me, they don’t get nearly as much attention as flowers do.

So, I decided to dedicate an entire section just for them so they don’t get offended 🙂

Desert Beauty Succulent Garden

Desert Beauty Succulent Garden

At the Seder, we read all about our Jewish ancestor’s journey in the desert (40 years… that’s quite the journey).

I thought it’ll be appropriate to not only read about it in the Haggadah but to actually have a mini-desert to point to… you know, to “visualize” it better 🙂

Except the Israelites weren’t as lucky to have a succulent garden like this one… would’ve been much easier if they had (they also didn’t have bread, they had to settle for Matzos!).

Get it Here

Pink Mini Orchid

Pink Mini Orchid

From the desert to something a little more colorful.

This adorable little orchid is a cute addition to the Seder table. Heck, it’s a cute addition to your dinner table all year long, not just on Passover.

Get it Here

6 Handmade Wooden Succulent Triangles

Top Seder Plants

6 Handmade Wooden Succulent Triangles

I left the best one for last.

If you really want to get creative – this stylish 6-piece succulent garden is a rather unique plant decoration.

And not just for your Seder table… I mean, sure, you can combine the 6 pieces and have a pizza-slice-like decoration. But what’s more exciting is… you can separate these handmade wooden triangles across the Seder table… and when the Seder is over – across several rooms in your house.

One triangle at a time…

Get it Here

Displaying Your Passover Flowers & Plants

Decorative Flower On Plate

What good are Passover flowers if you’re not going to bother displaying them?

Just getting a bunch of flowers, sticking them in a vase and putting them in some dark corner is pointless. You want to display them in all their glory – and give your home a warm & welcoming atmosphere…

Now… there are endless ways to go about it (I could probably write an entire article just on this topic)… but here are a few short & sweet ideas to help your creative juices flowing…

  1. Display the flowers as the main centerpiece – at the center of the table
  2. Put a flower (I recommend a tulip or a rose) on each plate (like the image above). You can even take it a step further: add a personal place card for each guest and make it even more welcoming.
  3. Decorate the entrance of your house with bright Spring flowers (like the ones I mentioned above)
  4. Place some flowers in the bathroom. Who needs an air freshener when you have fresh lilies spreading glorious scent!
  5. Sprinkle a few flowers throughout the Seder table to make it look all cool and tidy.


“Shine bright like a diamond” – Rihanna

As much as I like diamonds… they’re a bit over our budget for a Passover gift.

Luckily, we don’t have to spend nearly as much to make the Seder table shine. All we really need is beautiful Passover Seder flowers, and we’re set! (plus, they smell much better than diamonds)

Not only do they brighten up the dining room – but they also shine a bright light on whoever us lucky enough to get them for Pesach (especially if it’s the hostess…she’s worked hard for days putting together an amazing Seder dinner)

And as the Egyptians learned: darkness sucks. Light rules 🙂

Happy Passover everyone!

Passover Flowers Large

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