10 Beautiful Passover Tablecloths & Table Runners for Your Seder Table (2022)

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Passover is getting close!

And if you’re reading this – I assume you’re hosting the Seder this year. Yes?


But before you start decorating your Seder table – first things first: the Passover tablecloth.

The Pesach tablecloth is ground zero: without it – you don’t really have a table to decorate, now do you?

So before you start burning the midnight oil in the kitchen trying to make the most delicious Passover food ever seen (no pressure), let’s first find you a nice Passover table runner, shall we?

Passover Seder Meal Table Runner – Ma Nishtana

Top Passover Tablecloth
Passover Seder Meal Table Runner

“Ma Nishtana Halayla Haze Mikol Haleylot!”

Everyone! Sing along!

What’s that? You don’t know the lyrics?

C’mon… it’s written right there on the Passover table runner!

This classy tablecloth features the last verse from the famous “Four Questions” in the Maggid – where we tell the story of the Jewish exodus from Egypt.

The “Ma Nishtana” is traditionally recited by the youngest person at the Seder table – that is, if the little one is capable of reciting it… Well, it’ll be a whole lot easier now that they can just read what this Pesach tablecloth says. No one said “cheating” isn’t allowed on Passover!

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Hand Drawn – Illustrated Passover Tablecloth

Hand Drawn Illustrated Passover Tablecloth

This is without question the most colorful Passover tablecloth on this list. Heck, it’s the most colorful one I’ve ever seen!

Believe it or not – all of these Passover symbols (the Seder plate, Matzos, Kiddush cups etc’) are ALL hand-drawn! How cool is that?

Passover marks the beginning of spring. It might not be blossoming outside just yet… but the Seder table is definitely going to be blooming this year!

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Passover Seder Signs Table Runner

Passover Seder Signs Table Runner

The Passover Seder is divided into 15 stages or “signs” (called “Simanim” in Hebrew):

  1. Kadesh (קדש): Reciting the Kiddush
  2. Urchatz (ורחץ): Washing our hands
  3. Karpas (כרפס): Dipping a vegetable in salt water
  4. Yachatz (יחץ): Splitting the Matzah
  5. Maggid (מגיד): Reading the Haggadah
  6. Rachtzah (רחצה): Washing our hands the 2nd time
  7. Motzi (מוציא): Reciting the Hamotzi blessing
  8. Matzah (מצה): Reciting the Matzah blessing and eating the Matzah
  9. Maror (מרור): Eating the bitter herbs
  10. Korech (כורך): Eating a Matzah + bitter herbs sandwich
  11. Shulchan Orech (שולחן עורך): Dining
  12. Tzafun (צפון): Eating the Afikoman
  13. Barech (ברך): Reciting Birkat Hamazon
  14. Hallel (הלל): Reciting the Hallel blessing
  15. Nirtzah (נרצה): Closing the Seder with songs and hymns

Lo’ and behold – this Passover table runner features all of the Simanim!

Not only is it a unique way to decorate your Seder table, but your guests can also use it as a form of “Table of Contents” to stay on top of the Seder and not lose track of where everyone is in the Haggadah!

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DII Embroidered Jewish Table Runner – Star of David

Dii Embroidered Table Runner Star Of David

This tablecloth is pretty much the definition of a traditional Jewish tablecloth. In fact, it’s one of the most popular Jewish tablecloths available online… especially during Jewish holidays (particularly Hanukkah, Passover, and Rosh Hashanah).

Did You Know? Believe it or not, this tablecloth is also popular among Christians! Especially among those who celebrate Passover (yes, some of them do).

It’s made of 100% polyester and is incredibly easy to wash… so you can continue using if you become too attached to it. Just make sure to get rid of the Chometz and the stains if you’re planning to reuse it on Passover next year.

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Passover Seder Table Runner – Ha Lachma Anya

Passover Seder Table Runner Ha Lachma Anya

“Ha Lachma Anya” is the opening blessing of the Maggid section. In this blessing (written in Aramaic) – we mention our ancestors who ate Matzah – the “Bread of poverty” in Egypt.

In the blessing, we mention that “Today we are here… and next year we will all be in the land of Israel”.

Here’s the beautiful thing about this Passover tablecloth (besides the tablecloth itself): it’s made in Israel. Now that’s poetic!

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Elegant Passover Gold Tablecloth

Elegant Passover Gold Tablecloth

I’m sure you noticed – this is a pretty unique Passover tablecloth. (hint: look at the bottom right)

No… not because it belongs to the Cohens!

Hey, I’m a Cohen, does it belong to me? 😀

Unfortunately not! It belongs to anyone, with any name, you’d like to personalize it for! (you’re always welcome to personalize it for me)…

That means…

  1. Personalize it as a Passover gift for someone you care about.
  2. Personalize it for yourself with your own family… you’re Jewish, aren’t you?

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Berachot Tablecloth

Berachot Shabbat Tablecloth

The word “Berachot” in Hebrew – means “blessings”. And let me tell ya – this tablecloth definitely has a whole lot of blessings:

  • Love (אהבה)
  • Happiness (אושר)
  • Abundance (שפע)
  • Shalom Bayit – Domestic harmony (שלום בית)
  • Prosperity (שגשוג)
  • Health (בריאות)
  • Wealth (פרנסה)
  • Satisfaction (נחת)
  • Brotherhood (אחווה)

I don’t know about you – but a Passover Seder with such a warm & welcoming tablecloth – is definitely a Seder I’d like to attend.

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Passover Wine & Matzah Tablecloth

Passover Wine Matzah Tablecloth

Passover (Pesach), wine, and Matzah – the 3 traditional Passover elements – all in one fabulous customizable Passover tablecloth.

Is it Customizable? Yes – you can change the color, or even the image (although I kind of like this one) completely!

Tip: Try out the dark blue color. It looks better than the green one IMHO.

By the way – you probably can’t see it from here – but the Kiddush cups have little Stars of David in them!

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Yair Emanuel Wheat Sheaves Silk Jewish Table Runner

Yair Emanuel Wheat Sheaves Silk Table Runner Brown

Wheat? On Passover?! Oy vey! That’s Chometz!

Relax… it’s not like your guests are going to be chewing the tablecloth…

Sure, wheat might be Chometz. But if you ask me – this is one of Yair Emanuel’s finest Jewish tablecloths. And it’ll be a shame not to display it in all its glory on Passover.

Besides, you’ll be “teasing” your guests with all that wheat, while you serve them delicious (read: not delicious) Matzo 🙂

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Yair Emanuel Giant Pomegranates Embroidered Table Cloth – Gold

Pomegranates Yair Emanuel Giant Deluxe Embroidered Festive Table Cloth Gold
May your merits be as numerous as the seeds of the pomegranateClick To Tweet

This pomegranate tablecloth is arguably the most impressive one on the list. It’s designed (in Israel) by Yair Emanuel – one of the top contemporary Judaica artists in the world.

It’s made of high-quality silk and embroidered in gold – a pretty wonderful choice of colors for the Passover Seder, wouldn’t you agree?

This is after all festive feast – where we celebrate our Jewish ancestor’s escape from slavery in Egypt to freedom.

But not just freedom… this day, we celebrate the Jewish people’s escape from poverty – to prosperity – the symbolism behind the Pomegranates (and the gold, of course).

Tip: Needless to say – you can (and should) also use this tablecloth on Rosh Hashanah, and any other Jewish holiday for that matter.

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Now that you’ve got yourself a brand new Jewish Passover tablecloth… all that’s left is:

Sounds intimidating?

Gimme a break! Our Jewish ancestors had to escape Egypt and walk through the desert for 40 years… you can do this.

In other words: perspective, people!

Now go plan an amazing Seder!

Chag Sameach 🙂

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