Best Etrog Boxes for Sukkot (2018)

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Etrog Boxes
Etrogs image by Flavio

The Etrog is known to be the “richest” of the four species. Besides being rich in taste (Etrog Jam anyone?) and small, it’s also fairly expensive compared to the other four species of Sukkot.

The interesting thing is that not only is it rich in its physical qualities, it’s also extremely cherished and highly valued in Jewish tradition & symbolism. The Etrog is a symbol of the heart, inner wisdom & beauty. That’s why our Jewish tradition is very strict about providing great care for the Etrog… and the way you do that is with a special Etrog box.

Just as the Etrog represents richness & purity, so does the Etrog’s “safe”, which often looks like a treasure chest taken from a King Solomon’s castle (you’ll see what I’m talking about in a moment).

That’s exactly the kind of boxes you’re about to see here: gorgeous, spectacular Jewish citron boxes for Sukkot or any other Jewish occasion.

Top Etrog Boxes

Most Etrog boxes look nice… That’s kind of the “default requirement” for wrapping our Etrog in a good-looking container.

But there’s good, then there’s great… and then there’s phenomenal. This guide will focus on the last 2.

You’re about to witness some over-the top looking Etrog boxes for Sukkot (or a Jewish special occasion) 

Silver Etrog BoxesWooden Etrog BoxesModern Etrog BoxesLeather Etrog BoxesAntique Etrog Boxes
Top Silver Etrog Box Top Wooden Etrog Box Top Modern Etrog Box Top Leather Etrog Box Top Unique Candlestick
Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box BelinoHazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box BelinoYair Emanuel Etrog Box JerusalemYair Emanuel Etrog Box JerusalemBaruch Sterling Silver Citron BoxBaruch Sterling Silver Citron BoxBrown Leather Etrog Box With Carry Handle For Sukkat HolidayBrown Leather Etrog Box With Carry Handle For Sukkat HolidayEtrog Box Judaica Vintage Gold In Color 12 Tribes Israel 1950 1960sEtrog Box Judaica Vintage Gold In Color 12 Tribes Israel 1950 1960s
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Silver Etrog Boxes

The most popular Sukkot boxes are definitely the silver ones. If you ever visited a religious Sukkah or synagogue, you probably saw the yellow fruit all covered in a luxurious silver box that often takes away the focus from the Etrog itself.

Let’s look at the most amazing silver Etrog boxes by one of Israel’s finest silver Judaica designers: Hazorfim.

Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box – Belino

Top Silver Etrog Box

Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box Belino

Hazorfim’s oval Belino box is one gorgeous looking Etrog box. It’s intricate design immediately catches your eye, thanks to its unique combination of shape, decorations, and engravings.

Etrog containers should demonstrate the importance of the fruit, and Hazorfim’s tremendous craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail definitely do exactly that.

A wonderful addition to any Jewish Sukkah.

Bonus: Hazorfim’s Judaica items are beautifully wrapped in an exclusive gift packaging, a certificate of authentication and a warranty card.

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Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box – Compatilo

Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box Compatilo

The Compatilo silver Etrog box (some might argue) looks even more impressive than the Belino, and is significantly cheaper as well.

Inspired by a dramatic neo-Gothic design, this sensational Etrog cover is decorated with gorgeous leaves and elegant swirled engravings. It looks more like a traditional Etrog container compared to the Belino’s oval shape.

It comes with a historical-looking & easy-to-carry handle to easily carry your Kosher Etrog during Sukkot.

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Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box – Filigree Oval

Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box Filigree Oval

This has to be the silver Etrog box with the most simplistic, yet intricate design…and that’s exactly what makes the beauty of it…

The sweet design of this oval Etrog container has an intricate filigree craft surrounding the box, giving it a rather interesting feel and a lovely addition to the Sukkah. 

Note: Filigree is an ancient Yemenite craft handed passed on through the generations of silversmiths. Hazorfim is experts in combining intricate, ancient art with contemporary Jewish design.

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Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box – Sukkah

Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box Sukkah

The last silver Sukkot box on the list is also a pretty unique one… and as expected, it’s also the most expensive one.

Note: That’s why Belino box has won our “Top Silver Etrog Box” award VS this one.

As you can see, this silver Etrog container is designed after a typical Jewish family gathering in their decorated Sukkah – which is what the Mitzvah of Sukkot is all about. The sides of this stunning box feature a unique interpretation of the Four Species, cast in solid sterling silver & accompanied by their names in Hebrew.

A spectacular gift for Sukkot or any other special occasion.

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Wooden Etrog Boxes

A wooden Etrog box is a cheaper alternative if you’re just after a nice, affordable box to cover your beautiful Jewish citron during Sukkot.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to just stick your Etrog into a random wooden box and call it a day… Etrogs require a lot of care, and therefore quality Etrog containers.

Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice quality for price…and here’s my proof.

Yair Emanuel Etrog Box – Jerusalem

Top Wooden Etrog Box

Yair Emanuel Etrog Box Jerusalem

You didn’t expect a traditional Judaica item without any appearance of the talented Yair Emanuel, did you? Israel’s most famous Judaica artist handcrafted this colorful, magnificent Esrog cover with an artistic view of Jerusalem’s old city.

If you wish you could’ve spent Sukkot in Jerusalem, then Yair Emanuel’s Jerusalem Etrog box will get you as close as possible, without actually getting a flight ticket to Ben Gurion airport.

Tip: a very special housewarming gift as well as a Sukkot gift.

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Fancy Wood & Silver Plated Esrog Box

Fancy Wood Silver Plated Esrog Box

Quite the elegant silver plated Etrog box for safe storage of the symbolic Sukkot citron fruit.

Zion Judaica’s high polished wooden box has a silver plaque on top, engraved with the Hebrew text: “Pri Etz Hadar” – which means “Fruit of the Majestic Tree”, also known as the Etrog.

Did You Know?

Unlike any other fruit, the “bumpier” the Etrog is, the more beautiful it is considered to be. The reason is that the Etrog represents life.

Life is filled with bumps… it’s those bumps that help us build our character and ultimately enable us to grow stronger and wiser.

The Jewish Etrog is a symbol for persistence: the more bumps you overcome, the more you improve as a human being…

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Sukkot Etrog Case Brown Wood with Colorful Design – Made in Israel

Sukkot Etrog Case Brown Wood With Colorful Design Made In Israel

Well, there is no doubt what this wooden box is for: there’s a huge picture of an Etrog with “Etrog” labeled in Hebrew right on the lid.

This made in Israel wood box is a colorful one: it’s entirely comprised of Yellow & Green, as well as some symbolic Jewish fruit: grapes, Pomegranates, and of course the Etrog.

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Personalized Handmade Olive Wood Sukkot Etrog Box

Personalized Handmade Olive Wood Sukkot Etrog Box

Looking to customize a Jewish Etrog box and personalize it with your own message? Then this is exactly the one you should get.

Made of real, natural Olive wood, this stylish & durable box is a wonderful way to wish someone a successful new Jewish year & happy holiday.

Simply choose your favorite style & design, add a personalized message – and your recipient’s new wooden Etrog case will be handmade and present in his Sukkah in no time.

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Modern Etrog Boxes

Traditional Jewish Etrog boxes have a very specific look. They all try to fit a certain “box” (metaphorically speaking) they try to fit into in order to “look the part”.

But then there are the “rebels”… a few modern Etrog covers (and their Jewish designers) who decided to shake things up and recreate something sleek, unique and of course: modern.

Baruch Sterling Silver Citron Box

Top Modern Etrog Box

Baruch Sterling Silver Citron Box

Talk about a dazzling, modern Etrog box…

This remarkable Citron box for Sukkot is made (in Jerusalem) of sterling silver and handcrafted in a unique hand-carved technique.

You shouldn’t expect anything less than the best from Avi Nadav, one of Israel’s most famous Judaica designers and owner of the famous Jerusalem-based studio – Nadav Art.

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Etrog Box with Cutout Hebrew Text

Etrog Box With Cutout Hebrew Text

Is it an Etrog box? Is it a rocket ship?

Well, I don’t think it will fly, but this egg-shaped aluminum Sukkot box will surely protect your Four Species member in a very fashionable & sleek way.

This attention-grabbing Etrog container is decorated with a very noticeable, value-adding silver stripe in the middle with the Hebrew text: “Pri Etz Hadar”.

Available in a wide range of vibrant colors: from green, purple, all the way up to gold & silver.

A remarkable piece of art to gift on Sukkot, or on any other Jewish occasion.

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Hazorfim Gold and 925 Sterling Silver Football Etrog Box

Hazorfim Gold And 925 Sterling Silver Football Etrog Box

A sterling silver football shaped like an Etrog box? That’s as modern (and unique) as it gets…

This is truly a one-of-a-kind design with an exquisite attention to detail, once again demonstrating Hazorfim’s expert craftsmanship and artistic taste.

The gleaming silver is carefully textured to resemble leather (coming up next), and features a BROAD accumulation of gold stripes and stitches, shockingly mirroring the look of a real American football.

Even though it’s standing on four gold legs, I urge you NOT to kick this ball… both for the sake of this premium Etrog case and for your foot…

A really magnificent gift for a special Jewish occasion for a football lover or anyone who appreciates remarkable art (made in Israel).

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Leather Etrog Boxes

Leather Etrog boxes are not for the average Sukkah. If you’re looking for an Etrog case that simply covers your precious yellow fruit, then you don’t need a leather cover.

However, if you’re looking for a special gift… a unique keepsake to get someone for Sukkot or perhaps their birthday – then a leather Sukkot box is a tremendous gift any religious man will appreciate.

Brown Leather Etrog Box + Carry Handle for Sukkot Holiday

Top Leather Etrog Box

Brown Leather Etrog Box With Carry Handle For Sukkat Holiday

Congratulations, you just found a treasure chest from a pirate ship.

Just kidding… although it does look like one, doesn’t it?

(Un)fortunately for you, it’s a leather box designed to carry & store your precious Etrog in and out of your lovely Sukkah…

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Leather Etrog Chest

Leather Etrog Chest

Another leather treasure chest?!

Sorry to keep disappointing you today… Or perhaps It’s good news?

This leather Etrog chest Is labeled with the Hebrew text: “You have taken thy fruit of the majestic tree”.

A very elegant & convenient way to carry your Kosher Etrog around during Sukkot.

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Leather-Look Esrog Chest

Leather Look Esrog Box

The final leather treasure chest for today… (am I pushing the treasure chest joke too much?)

Similar to the previous chest, this one is also engraved with the Hebrew text: “You have taken thy fruit of the majestic tree”.

Another nice leather option for carrying your Jewish citron fruit on Sukkot.

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Antique Etrog Boxes

This one is especially for you collectors out there: Jews & Christians alike. Rare Judaica antiques are incredibly sought-after by antique collectors. And if that’s you, you know how valuable antique Etrog boxes are… they’re easily one of the highest items on any collector’s list.

If you’re looking for a new (old) Judaica Etrog box for your collection (or a friend’s perhaps), then boy oh boy are you up for a treat…

Etrog Box Judaica Vintage Gold in Color 12 Tribes ISRAEL 1950-1960s

Top Unique Candlestick

Etrog Box Judaica Vintage Gold In Color 12 Tribes Israel 1950 1960s

How wonderful is it to have an Esrog protector that can last for generations?

Well, how about owning a vintage Judaica Etrog box that already lasted for generations?

Made out of brass & gold, this one-of-a-kind antique Esrog container is designed after the 12 tribes of Israel and dates all the way back to the 1950’s…

A real treat for Judaica collectors.

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Vintage Antique Pre-War Viennese Austrian Silver Etrog Box

Vintage Antique Pre War Viennese Austrian Silver Etrog Box

Thought the previous Jewish Sukkot box was antique?

Be prepared to travel even further down history…

This antique Viennese (Austrian) silver Esrog box dates all the way to the beginning of the 20th century. The marks on the lid date it between the years 1900 – 1929 (!) in Vienna, Austria. That’s right: around the time of WWI…

Imagine carrying Sukkot’s iconic in this silver piece of history…

Tip: Besides being a fantastic gift for Sukkot, it can also be one hell of a gift for a Jewish wedding.

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1880 Antique German Silver Etrog Box

 1880 Antique German Silver Etrog Box

Did you notice a certain theme with these antique Esrog boxes? We’re going deeper & deeper down on memory lane… our next stop: the 1880’s.

This surprisingly-old Etrog container was produced in Germany (or Austria) during the 1880’s (maybe earlier) by an Unknown silversmith.

It has a pretty unique set of design elements:

  • Fantastic Griffin feet with lion’s paws and swan wings.
  • Egg & Dart band frames the upper edge of the box.
  • A distinctive pear with very rich details

These arrays of elements symbolize strength, life, abundance & grace… no huge surprise that this ancient masterpiece is priced so high…

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Etrog boxes vary in material and in price, as we’ve seen through this beautiful collection. But one thing these Etrog covers all have in common: they’re all high quality and all look pretty impressive.

That’s exactly what the Jewish Sukkot citron represents, and exactly how it should be handled… so treat it accordingly. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find a fancy Etrog container (as the wooden Etrog boxes section proved), so please don’t sacrifice quality and buy a decent looking box.

And if you have the budget to spend or you’re looking for a wonderful Jewish gift for Sukkot or a special occasion – good news, you have some amazing options to choose from.

Chag Sukkot Sameach! 🙂

(or just have a great day if you’re reading this after Sukkot)

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