20+ Beautiful Etrog Boxes for Sukkot & Your Judaica Collection (2020)

Etrog – the famous yellow citron Jews use during Sukkot –  is the “richest” (and most expensive) of the Four Species.

And I’m not just talking rich in taste (Etrog Jam anyone?), but also rich in cost.

The question is: how do you protect such an important Jewish symbol?

Don’t worry, there’s no need to call the Secret Service or anything like that… an Etrog box would do just fine (it might even take a bullet for the Etrog). 

Etrog boxes are special containers (often made of silver) that Jews use to protect the Etrog during Sukkot.

Not only are Judaic Etrog boxes one of the most popular Sukkot gifts people bring to the Sukkah, but many of them also turn into Jewish heirlooms passed along through the generations (particularly the silver and sterling silver Etrog boxes).

You’ll even notice that some of them look like treasure chests taken from straight King Solomon’s castle, so it’s no wonder…

Don’t believe me? See for yourself…

Top Etrog Boxes

These are the best Etrog boxes you can buy for Sukkot (or beyond):

Silver Etrog BoxTraditional Etrog BoxModern Etrog BoxWooden Etrog BoxUnique Etrog BoxLeather Etrog BoxAntique Etrog Box
Top Silver Etrog Box Top Traditional Etrog Box Top Modern Etrog Box Top Wooden Etrog Box Top Unique Etrog Box Top Leather Etrog Box Top Antique Etrog Box
Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box Filigree OvalHazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box Filigree OvalModern Velvet Esrog Box With EmbroideryVelvet Esrog Box With EmbroideryYair Emanuel Etrog Box JerusalemYair Emanuel Etrog Box - JerusalemPersonalized Handmade Olive Wood Sukkot Etrog BoxPersonalized Handmade Olive Wood Sukkot Etrog BoxAgayof Design Etrog BoxAgayof Design Etrog BoxFaux Leather Etrog Box Faux Leather Etrog Box1850 Antique Ukraine Etrog Box1850 Antique Ukraine Etrog Box
Get it HereGet it HereGet it HereGet it HereGet it HereGet it HereGet it Here
Etrog BoxType 
Top Silver Etrog Box
Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box Filigree OvalHazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box Filigree Oval
Type: Silver Etrog BoxGet it Here
Top Traditional Etrog Box
Modern Velvet Esrog Box With EmbroideryVelvet Esrog Box With Embroidery
Type: Traditional Etrog BoxGet it Here
Top Modern Etrog Box
Yair Emanuel Etrog Box JerusalemYair Emanuel Etrog Box - Jerusalem
Type: Modern Etrog BoxGet it Here
Top Wooden Etrog Box
Personalized Handmade Olive Wood Sukkot Etrog BoxPersonalized Handmade Olive Wood Sukkot Etrog Box
Type: Wooden Etrog BoxGet it Here
Top Unique Etrog Box
Agayof Design Etrog BoxAgayof Design Etrog Box
Type: Unique Etrog BoxGet it Here
Top Leather Etrog Box
Faux Leather Etrog Box Faux Leather Etrog Box
Type: Leather Etrog BoxGet it Here
Top Antique Etrog Box
1850 Antique Ukraine Etrog Box1850 Antique Ukraine Etrog Box
Type: Antique Etrog BoxGet it Here

Silver Etrog Boxes

Silver (and sterling silver) Etrog boxes are the most luxurious, by far. If you ever visited a Sukkah or synagogue, odds are you’ve seen the precious yellow fruit contained inside a rich, silver Etrog holder. A box that steals the focus from the Etrog itself.

And even though stealing is forbidden in the Torah, this is one exception I think is well worth making.

Whether you’re looking to spoil someone for Sukkot, you’re looking to expand your Judaica collection or you’re looking for an heirloom-level gift for someone you care about dearly – these silver Esrog boxes will get the job done…

Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box – Filigree Oval

Top Silver Etrog Box

Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box Filigree Oval

Let’s start off with Hazorfim’s Filigree Oval Etrog box – no doubt one of the most simplistic, yet most sophisticated Etrog Boxes on the list.

Did You Know?

Filigree is an ancient Yemenite craft passed on through generations of silversmiths. 

It has everything you can hope for from a premium Etrog holder: remarkable design, sheer elegance, an excellent blend of traditional art and contemporary design… 

These are the qualities that make Hazorfim so unique. And they’re all perfectly embodied in this brilliant masterpiece. 

And most importantly: even though it’s expensive, it’s much more affordable compared to most sterling silver Etrog boxes out there.

For me, that was enough to proudly announce:

The “Top Etrog Box” award for 2022 goes to…

Get it Here

Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box – Belino

Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box Belino

When I said that the previous Etrog box was much more affordable compared to other sterling silver Etrog boxes, this is what I meant.

To call Hazorfim’s Belino box luxurious would be the understatement of a century. It’s not just luxurious, it’s the epitome of luxury and beauty.

The exquisite craftsmanship, phenomenal design, unbelievable attention to detail.

One thing is for sure: this would be the most impressive addition to any Jewish Sukkah.

Bonus: Hazorfim’s Judaica items are beautifully wrapped in an exclusive gift packaging, a certificate of authentication and a warranty card.

Get it Here

Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box – Compatilo

Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box Compatilo

Noticing a recurring pattern here?

Hazorfim is dominating this section. For you cynics out there – no, it’s not because they’re paying us money (they’re not, unfortunately). It’s for a far simpler reason: they make the best Sterling silver Etrog boxes. Period, end of story.

And where one story ends, a new story emerges – and it’s contained inside Hazorfim’s fabulous Compatilo Etrog box.

Some might argue that it looks even better than the Belino (I’m divided, honestly). But one thing I know for sure: it’s significantly cheaper than the Belino.

Inspired by a dramatic neo-Gothic design, this sensational Etrog cover is decorated with gorgeous leaves and elegant swirled engravings, making this Etrog container a somewhat traditional look (at least compared to the Belino).

Get it Here

Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box – Sukkah

Hazorfim 925 Sterling Silver Etrog Box Sukkah

You thought the Belino was expensive? Wait till you discover Hazorfim’s most expensive Etrog box on the list.

It’s designed after a typical Jewish family gathering in their decorated Sukkah – the exact same Mitzvah we fulfill ourselves during Sukkot.

Ironically, that’s exactly what happens when you bring this Etrog box to a Sukkah: it instantly becomes part of the Sukkah decoration. not just any part, it becomes the leading part.

You can say a lot of things about Hazorfim one-of-a-kind Sukkot box:

  • Expensive? No doubt. 
  • Too fancy for Sukkot? Perhaps. (it’s a perfect gift for Jewish weddings, though)
  • It belongs in a museum, not in a Sukkah. OK, that might be pushing it…

But one thing is certain: when it comes to a unique sterling silver Etrog Box – this one leaves every other Etrog box in the dust.

If you’re looking for an heirloom, a keepsake, an unforgettable gift – the kind that you can pass on to future generations – nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING comes close to this stunning piece of art. 

Get it Here

Traditional Etrog Boxes

Traditional Etrog boxes are everywhere. They’re the most common, most affordable solution for folks expecting one thing from their Etrog case: to protect the Etrog.

Sure, they won’t win you any beauty pageants (although some of them look pretty good), they’re not exactly selfie-magnets… but they damn sure can protect an Etrog!

Velvet Esrog Box with Embroidery

Top Traditional Etrog Box

Modern Velvet Esrog Box With Embroidery

Smooth and fluffy. I know that’s the last thing you’d expect to hear about an Etrog box. But in this case, it’s warranted.

This velvet Esrog box is beautifully embroidered with the famous Four Species verse from the Torah. 

But even though it’s soft and delightful to run your hand over it, it doesn’t mean you have to carry it like a Football (SPOILER ALERT: There’s another Etrog box coming up that you very well could [and should] carry like a Football). Rather, it has a useful handle designed to carry it around easily.

Tip: It also makes a pretty unique Bar Mitzvah gift, in case you’re attending one soon.

Get it Here

Ivory Vinyl Etrog Box

Ivory Vinyl Etrog Box

For those who don’t speak (or read) Hebrew: care to guess what’s written on this Etrog box?

Ready for it? It says “Etrog” (shocking!).

Although I said in the introduction that you shouldn’t expect any special good looks form traditional Etrog boxes, this one is actually quite stylish. Particularly the snakelike faux leather finish – it looks like something Prada would fashion (if they were in the Etrogs business).

Get it Here

Embossed Etrog Box

Embossed Etrog Box

1,2,3, SNAP!

Relax, that’s just the noise of this Etrog box opening up.

It’s not quite a business-briefcase. But in the Sukkah, nobody is impressed by your cute little briefcase.  But everyone is impressed when you show up carrying this elegant Etrog box with you.

And wait to see what happens when you open it… SNAP!

Get it Here

Modern Etrog Boxes

Ask Israeli artists to design a traditional Etrog box, and they’ll scoff at you.

Why be stuck in the past, when you can integrate modern and traditional?

Here’s what happens when you give a talented Judaica artist a blank Etrog box and a paintbrush…

Yair Emanuel Etrog Box – Jerusalem

Top Modern Etrog Box

Yair Emanuel Etrog Box Jerusalem

It would be a sin to feature modern Etrog boxes without mentioning Yair Emanuel – the famous Israeli contemporary Judaica artist.

Emanuel handcrafted this colorful, magnificent Esrog cover with an artistic view of Jerusalem’s old city.

As it turns out – you don’t have to book an expensive flight ticket to Ben Gurion airport and drive all the way to Jerusalem to enjoy a beautiful view of Jerusalem. You can bring Jerusalem to your own Sukkah for 10X less!

Get it Here

Yair Emanuel Etrog Box – Oriental

Yair Emanuel Etrog Box Oriental

Yair Emanuel returns! (wow, that was fast)

You didn’t expect the most prolific Judaica artist in the world to occupy just one spot on the list, now did you? 

If you’re an avid Amen V’Amen reader, you should know that Emanuel often receives honorary mentions in our various Judaica guides.

It’s no secret we are big fans of Emanuel. (and by “we”, I’m also referring to many of our readers!) 

With beautiful art pieces such as this oriental Etrog box… can you blame us?

Get it Here

Baruch Sterling Silver Citron Box

Baruch Sterling Silver Citron Box

Talk about a dazzling, modern Etrog box…

This remarkable Citron box for Sukkot is made (in Jerusalem) of sterling silver and handcrafted in a unique hand-carved technique.

You shouldn’t expect anything less than the best from Avi Nadav, one of Israel’s most famous Judaica designers and owner of the famous Jerusalem-based studio – Nadav Art.

A special Sukkot gift (and Jewish housewarming gift, for that matter).

Get it Here

Wooden Etrog Boxes

A wooden Etrog box is a cheaper alternative if you’re just after a nice, affordable box to cover your beautiful Jewish citron during Sukkot.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to just stick your Etrog into a random wooden box and call it a day… Etrogs require a lot of care, and therefore quality Etrog containers.

Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice quality for price…and here’s my proof.

Olive Wood Etrog Box

Olive Wood Etrog Box

What’s inside the mystery box?

Unfortunately, no mystery here. We all know there’s an Etrog inside: there’s a picture of an Etrog, along with the Hebrew commandment of the Four Species.

This wooden Etrog box isn’t just made of Olive Wood. It’s also made in Israel. So even if you’re not celebrating Sukkot in Israel yourself, you’ve got an “Israeli-born” Etrog box right there with you.

Get it Here

Personalized Handmade Olive Wood Sukkot Etrog Box

Top Wooden Etrog Box

Personalized Handmade Olive Wood Sukkot Etrog Box

This cute Etrog box looks fairly similar to the previous one, with one minor (but crucial) difference: it’s customizable.

That’s right: you can add your own personalized message to it, so there’s no doubt who got it, who you got it for, and how much you care about them (you don’t actually print that in the message, it’s implied).

Simply choose your favorite style & design, add a personalized message – and your recipient’s new wooden Etrog case will arrive in the Sukkah in no time.

Such a thoughtful way to make someone’s day and wish them a fruitful new year.

Get it Here

Wood & Silver Plated Esrog Box

Fancy Wood Silver Plated Esrog Box

Silver? Wood? When in doubt, pick both.

Zion Judaica’s high polished wooden box has a silver plaque on top, engraved with the Hebrew text: “Pri Etz Hadar” – which means “Fruit of the Majestic Tree”, also known as…the Etrog!

Did You Know?

Unlike any other fruit, the “bumpier” the Etrog, the better it is. Etrog is a symbol of life. Life is filled with “bumps”. And even though those bumps might be inconvenient at the time, that’s exactly what helps us build our character, grow stronger, and become wiser.

Get it Here

Unique Etrog Boxes

Some Etrog boxes are so unique, that they don’t fit a normal category. They’re rebels, misfits, troublemakers… those that don’t belong and don’t care to belong.

What should we do with them? If history is a good indicator, then not only should we embrace them, we should celebrate them!

And that’s exactly what this section does: it celebrates the most unique Etrog boxes I have ever seen!

Agayof Etrog Box

Top Unique Etrog Box

Agayof Design Etrog Box

Is it an egg? Is it a rocket ship? Is it an Etrog box? 

Well, I don’t think it will fly, but this egg-shaped aluminum Sukkot box will surely protect your Four Species member in a very fashionable & sleek way.

Your Etrog’s personal Iron Dome, if you will…

Tip: Available in a wide range of vibrant colors: from green, purple, all the way up to gold & silver.

A remarkable piece of art to gift on Sukkot, or on any other Jewish occasion.

Get it Here

Silver Branch Etrog Box

Silver Branch Etrog Box

Turns out Quest doesn’t just produce energy bars. Now, they’re also in the Etrog box manufacturing business.

Just kidding! It’s not the same Quest (although it might be interesting to make an Etrog flavor Quest bar)! 

Unlike Quest bars, Quest’s Etrog box doesn’t include any Protein, it doesn’t make you stronger and certainly isn’t digestible. But it does protect your Etrog… inside the Etrog.

That’s right, this unique Etrog box is Etrog-shaped, and it’s sitting on top of a silver branch. 

Now there’s something you don’t see every day (or year).

Get it Here

Hazorfim Gold and 925 Sterling Silver Football Etrog Box

Hazorfim Gold And 925 Sterling Silver Football Etrog Box

A sterling silver football shaped like an Etrog box? Now that’s unique!

Once again, Hazorfim’s demonstrate their expert craftsmanship and artistic taste with this one-of-a-kind design.

It’s hard to appreciate the level of attention to detail Hazorfim put into this. It’s hard to notice from the picture, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that the BROAD collection of gold stripes and stitches on top of the glowing silver – which is designed to look like a real American football.

Except, this is one Americal football you want to avoid kicking. Both for the sake of the Etrog box and your foot.

Get it Here

Leather Etrog Boxes

Leather Etrog boxes are not for the average Sukkah. If you’re looking for an Etrog case that simply covers your precious yellow fruit, then you don’t need a leather cover.

However, if you’re looking for a special gift… a unique keepsake to get someone for Sukkot or perhaps their birthday – then a leather Sukkot box is a tremendous gift any religious man will appreciate.

Faux Leather Etrog Box

Top Leather Etrog Box

Faux Leather Etrog Box

Congratulations, you just found a treasure chest from a pirate ship.

Just kidding… although it does look like one, doesn’t it?

(Un)fortunately for you, it’s a leather Etrog case designed to carry & store your precious Etrog in and out of your lovely Sukkah…

It’s also engraved with the Four Species Hebrew Mitzvah: “You have taken thy fruit of the majestic tree”.

An excellent leather Etrog box for carrying your Jewish citron fruit on Sukkot.

Get it Here

Faux Leather Esrog Box with Handle and Decorative Metal Plaque

Faux Leather Esrog Box With Handle And Decorative Metal Plaque

Leather Etrog box #1 (well, technically it’s faux leather, but you know what I mean), and it’s also a beauty!

It’s easy to carry around… and unlike the other “Etrog chests” – no one will mistake your Etrog Box for Captain Hook’s treasure… Even though this box does protect expensive, yellow treasure.

Get it Here

Antique Etrog Boxes

This one is especially for you collectors out there: Jews & Christians alike. Rare Judaica antiques are incredibly sought-after by antique collectors. And if that’s you, you know how valuable antique Etrog boxes are… they’re easily one of the highest items on any collector’s list.

If you’re looking for a new (old) Judaica Etrog box for your collection (or a friend’s perhaps), then boy oh boy are you up for a treat…

1850 Antique Ukraine Etrog Box

Top Antique Etrog Box

1850 Antique Ukraine Etrog Box

This antique Etrog box goes waaaay back. All the way back to the 1850’s (perhaps even older). 

It’s assumed to be made in Ukraine (or Germany) by an unknown silversmith.

As you can see – there are quite a few question marks.

But a few things are clear – this antique Etrog box is filled with symbolical elements:

  • At the top of the box: a winged angel driving a chariot and three horses (symbol of G-d’s kingdom)
  • On the upper edge of the box: egg and dart (an ancient symbol of the balance of life and death)
  • At the sides of the box – you’ll find an eagle (a symbol of power) holding an egg on top of a nest of laurels.
  • At the front: Cyrillic initials (that’s why it’s presumed to be from Ukraine as opposed to Germany)

A truly powerful Etrog box with deep history and meaning.

Get it Here

Vintage Italian Sterling Silver Etrog Box

Vintage Italian Sterling Silver Etrog Box

Prepare for a truly mindblowing piece…

This vintage Italian (Austrian) silver Etrog box is not just divine-looking, it’s also in mint condition! Making it not just a fantastic gift for Sukkot, but also one hell of a Jewish wedding gift (if it occurs anytime soon… I’m not sure how long this Etrog box will stay for sale).

Get it Here

Antique Jewelry Fraget/Warszawa Silver Plated Etrog Box

Antique Jewelry Fraget Warszawa Silver Plated Etrog Box

We’re going deeper & deeper down on memory lane… our next stop: the 1890’s.

This vintage Etrog container was produced somewhere around 1896-1914

It has a pretty unique set of garden elements, which fits perfectly with the theme of Sukkot.

A rare, gorgeous Sukkot box that miraculously survived for over 200 years.

Get it Here


It’s true that Etrog boxes vary in both quality and in price. But one thing these Etrog covers all have in common? They can all protect your Etrog equally well. To put it differently: think of the Etrog box as your Kevin Costner, and the Etrog as your Whitney Houston (minus the kissing part).

My goal with this guide was to prove: despite what everyone says, you certainly can find a beautiful and affordable to bring to the Sukkah. You just need to know where to look (hint: right here 🙂 )

And once you’ve got the Esrog box nailed down, decorating the Sukkah becomes a whole lot easier.

Chag Sukkot Sameach!

(or if you’re reading this after Sukkot – have an awesome day!)

Sukkot Etrog Boxes Large

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