30+ Best Jewish Baby Gifts for Bris (Brit Milah) & Simchat Bat Naming Ceremony (2022)

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The baby has finally arrived! Mazel Tov!

Time to celebrate with the young parents… they waited for so long!

But before you drive over to welcome the little Jewish champ into the world, you might want to get a cute little gift for the baby’s Bris ceremony (or “Simchat Bat” if it’s a girl). You don’t want to leave a bad first impression on the baby, now do you? 😉

Well, lucky for you – I scoured the web and put together the most wholesome list of gift ideas for a cute little Jewish baby… enjoy! 🙂

Let’s get the ball rolling (quick, before the baby starts crying) …

Top Jewish Baby Gifts

This gift guide is divided into several categories. And to continue our years-long tradition, we elected our favorite gift in each category and awarded them our highly sought-after Amen V’Amen award (yes, yes, we picked favorites!).

TLDR; For those of you in a hurry who don’t have time to go through the whole gift guide – here’s a summary of our favorite Jewish baby gift ideas:

Traditional Jewish Baby Boy GiftsTraditional Jewish Baby Girl GiftsPopular Baby GiftsNewborn Gifts for ParentsJudaica Baby GiftsJewish Baby ToysJewish Baby Clothes & OutfitsJewish Baby Gift BasketsPersonalized Jewish Baby GiftsJewish Baby Jewelry GiftsCute & Funny Baby Gifts
Top Brit Milah Gift Top Simchat Bat Gift Top Popular Baby Gift Top Gift for Parents Top Judaica Gift Top Jewish Baby Toy Top Baby Outfit Top Gift Basket Top Personalized Baby Gift Top Jewelry Gift Cutest Baby Gift
Nadav Art Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup Good BoyNadav Art Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup Good BoyDorit Judaica Wall Hanging - Daughter's BlessingDorit Judaica Wall Hanging - Daughter's BlessingGund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush ToyGund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush ToyInfant Optics Dxr 8 Video Baby Monitor + Interchangeable Optical LensInfant Optics DXR 8 Video Baby Monitor + Interchangeable Optical LensGary Rosenthal New Baby Tzedakah BoxGary Rosenthal New Baby Tzedakah BoxUncle Goose Hebrew Blocks2Uncle Goose Hebrew BlocksJacquis Baby Boys Star Of David Bunting GownJacqui's Baby Boys' Star Of David Bunting GownBaby Boy Gift Wooden Large TrayBaby Boy Gift Wooden Large TrayBirth Announcement Stuffed AnimalBirth Announcement Stuffed AnimalDanon Baby Safety Pin with Star of David & Psalms BookDanon Baby Safety Pin with Star of David & Psalms BookAdorable Bunny Design Knitted Newborn Baby Sleeping BagAdorable Bunny Design Knitted Newborn Baby Sleeping Bag
Get from JWSGet from JWSGet from AmazonGet from AmazonGet from Judaica.comGet from AmazonGet from AmazonGet from Oh Nuts!Get from EtsyGet from JWSGet from PatPat
GiftGift Type 
Top Brit Milah Gift
Nadav Art Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup Good BoyNadav Art Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup Good Boy
Type: Traditional Jewish Baby Boy GiftsGet from JWS
Top Simchat Bat Gift
Dorit Judaica Wall Hanging - Daughter's BlessingDorit Judaica Wall Hanging - Daughter's Blessing
Type: Traditional Jewish Baby Girl GiftsGet from JWS
Top Popular Baby Gift
Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush ToyGund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy
Type: Popular Baby GiftsGet from Amazon
Top Gift for Parents
Infant Optics Dxr 8 Video Baby Monitor + Interchangeable Optical LensInfant Optics DXR 8 Video Baby Monitor + Interchangeable Optical Lens
Type: Newborn Gifts for ParentsGet from Amazon
Top Judaica Gift
Gary Rosenthal New Baby Tzedakah BoxGary Rosenthal New Baby Tzedakah Box
Type: Judaica Baby GiftsGet from Judaica.com
Top Jewish Baby Toy
Uncle Goose Hebrew Blocks2Uncle Goose Hebrew Blocks
Type: Jewish Baby ToysGet from Amazon
Top Baby Outfit
Jacquis Baby Boys Star Of David Bunting GownJacqui's Baby Boys' Star Of David Bunting Gown
Type: Jewish Baby Clothes & OutfitsGet from Amazon
Top Gift Basket
Baby Boy Gift Wooden Large TrayBaby Boy Gift Wooden Large Tray
Type: Jewish Baby Gift BasketsGet from Oh Nuts!
Top Personalized Baby Gift
Birth Announcement Stuffed AnimalBirth Announcement Stuffed Animal
Type: Personalized Jewish Baby GiftsGet from Etsy
Top Jewelry Gift
Danon Baby Safety Pin with Star of David & Psalms BookDanon Baby Safety Pin with Star of David & Psalms Book
Type: Jewish Baby Jewelry GiftsGet from JWS
Cutest Baby Gift
Adorable Bunny Design Knitted Newborn Baby Sleeping BagAdorable Bunny Design Knitted Newborn Baby Sleeping Bag
Type: Cute & Funny Baby GiftsGet from PatPat

Traditional Jewish Baby Boy Gifts 

After the Brit Milah ceremony, people go on to celebrate in the parent’s home, or even in an event hall. This is where you’re traditionally expected to bring a gift for the little Jewish baby boy.

After all, he’s just been through a painful procedure… he (or his parents for that matter) could use a little Brit Milah gift to cheer him up.

Nadav Art Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup – Good Boy

Top Brit Milah Gift
Nadav Art Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup Good Boy

“You’re such a good boy! Here, have a glass of wine…”

I’m kidding! Don’t give a little baby a glass of wine, are you crazy?!

All jokes aside, this gorgeous sterling silver Kiddush cup is THE perfect gift for when the little baby grows up.

It’ll serve as a keepsake of young man’s Brit Milah ceremony, which he’ll be able to use and cherish forever as an adult.


Get from JWS

Bris Milah Circumcision Cushion

Bris Milah Circumcision Cushion

Since it is a Brit Milah – a circumcision ceremony, I would be remiss not to didn’t include a circumcision gift.

The poor baby boy will cry a lot during his Bris ceremony, the least we can do to cheer up the little fella is to make sure he’s comfortable in his beautiful circumcision cushion.

In case you’re wondering what the Hebrew writings mean:

  1. The top blessing says “Zeh haKatan Gadol Yiheye”… which translates to “This young child will mature into greatness”. It’s a common Hebrew blessing for a Bris ceremony.
  2. The blessing in the middle translates to “Just as he has entered into the covenant, so may he enter into Torah, marriage and good deeds.” Another common blessing recites during the Brit Milah ceremony.

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Noah’s Ark 100% Cotton Blanket + Priestly Blessing (Blue)

Noah’s Ark Blessing Blanket

I LOVE this ingenious design.

It’s inspired by Noah’s ark – designed to keep your baby warm… even during the flood (get it? told you it was genius)

Made of 100% cotton – which means the baby will feel all cozy when he’s wrapped in it, even during the hot summer.

Finally – my favorite part… It includes the famous Priestly Blessing – the oldest Jewish prayer in the bible. 

I don’t have a baby yet… but when I do, I’m definitely getting it (or putting it on the top of my baby registry).

A remarkable Brit Milah gift for the Jewish baby’s naming ceremony.

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Dorit Judaica Wall Hanging – Son’s Blessing

Dorit Judaica Wall Hanging - Son's Blessing

When Jacob (one of the three Jewish fathers) was on his deathbed – he blessed his two grandsons and the entire people of Israel:

“May God make you as Ephraim and Menashe” (Genesis 48:20)

To this day, Jewish fathers recite Jacob’s blessing to bless their children every Shabbat. 

Combined with the two doves and big Hamsa sign – this magnificent wall hanging is definitely one of the most thoughtful Jewish gifts for the newborn baby.

Especially if the baby boy is your grandson.

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Handmade Kippah & Tallit Set for Brit Milah

Handmade Kippah Tallit Set For Brit Milah

Baby’s Dad: “Honey, what do you say save money and celebrate our son’s Bris together with his Bar Mitzvah?”

Baby’s Mom: 😡

That’s pushing it… and mommy knows it (mommy knows best)!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the baby this cute Kippah & Tallit set – handmade especially for a baby’s Brit Milah ceremony.

Bonus: You can even personalize the Kippah with the baby’s name (if you happen to know it).

And don’t forget to suggest the Bris + Bar Mitzvah idea to the dad… I’m sure he’ll find it amusing (or brilliant)

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Traditional Jewish Baby Girl Gifts

Jewish baby girls have it easier: They get the party, the Simchat Bat gifts (also known as Zeved habat or Brita), and zero pain.

Poor Jewish baby boys… they must be so jealous of the girls.

Well, since they’re jealous anyway, what do you say we give them more reasons to be jealous! Muhahahaha!

(I had to sneak in an evil laugh)

Nadav Art Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup – Good Girl

Nadav Art Hammered Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup Good Girl 2

What did I say about giving babies alcohol?!

Don’t you do it! I’ll call child services!

Just kidding…

Or am I?

Wait, hear me out…

You’re not getting the baby girl a gorgeous sterling silver Kiddush cup so she could use it NOW. You’re getting her a keepsake for her Simchat Bat ceremony. 

Imagine… 20 years from now, you’ll pour her a glass of wine on Shabbat and tell her all about her baby naming ceremony and how cute she was.

Note: Kind of like the Marshmallow Test. Only with Kiddush wine 🙂

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Dorit Judaica Wall Hanging – Daughter’s Blessing

Dorit Judaica Wall Hanging - Daughter's Blessing

Top Simchat Bat Gift

“May God make you like Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah” (Genesis 48:20)

Usually, fathers have to wait all week till Shabbat to recite bless daughters with this wonderful blessing.

But thankfully, now that you’re reading this article – he might get lucky and have this blessing hanging over his newborn daughter all day, every day, 365 days a year… if you decide to.

A marvelous gift for a baby girl’s cradle ceremony.

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Noah’s Ark 100% Cotton Blanket + Priestly Blessing (Pink)

Noahs Ark 100 Cotton Blanket Priestly Blessing Pink

Here comes the excellent baby blanket from earlier… only this time – the girly version! 

Thankfully, Romy & Rosie – the designers of this unique baby blanket – haven’t forgotten the little baby girl’s needs.

Just like the boy’s version – this cushy blanket is made of 100% cotton. Which means it’s just as soft, hypoallergenic, and cuddly.

It also has the famous Priestly Blessing written on top of it in Hebrew, so your little girl will feel protected and comfortable every time you wrap her with the blanket (including in her naming ceremony).

The only difference? It’s pink! And it has a unique illustration of a dove holding an olive branch – the famous symbol of peace from the story of Noah’s ark.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m definitely getting one of these when I’ll have my baby.

In the meantime, all I can do is recommend you do the same for the little baby girl 🙂

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Danon Baby Feet Wall Hanging with Baby Blessing

Danon Baby Feet Wall Hanging with Baby Blessing

Look at those cute, chubby feet!

No, I wasn’t talking about the baby’s feet (how can I, I’ve never met her). I was talking about this delightful wall hanging.

Designed in the shape of baby feet (only less chubby), and inscribed with a precious blessing to welcome the princess into the world… and into her new family!

The parents can choose to tie it onto the baby’s carriage, crib or hang it on the girl’s bedroom wall – so they can feel warm and fuzzy every time the baby wakes them up during the night.

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Popular Baby Gifts

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to find cute Jewish presents for the baby’s naming ceremony.

Let’s just have a look at what other babies like! 

The wisdom of the crowd never fails. Even when it’s a crowd of babies!

Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy

Top Popular Baby Gift
Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy

Somebody call Dumbo. He has competition!

Apparently, babies go crazy over this little flappy elephant.

And, I can kind of see why (I guess). He can play “peek-a-boo” with his flappy ears and sing Do Your Ears Hang Low.

That’s quite an achievement for a toy elephant.

You be the judge:

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Bubzi White Noise Sound Machine & Sleep Aid Night Light

Bubzi White Noise Sound Machine Sleep Aid Night Light

Meet Bubzi the owl.

“Another plush animal toy? What is this, a zoo?”

Yea, Bubzi is a plush toy. But that’s not the point of this crazy-looking owl.

The whole point of this owl – is to put your baby asleep. 

Let me explain 

  • Bubzi plays 10 different music lullabies.
  • She projects captivating stars into the wall – so your baby can fall asleep under the stars.
  • She can even project soft nightlight for the baby’s nursery.

Anytime the baby is tired, upset or crying, you turn on Bubzi and let her do her magic. Your baby will fall asleep in no time.

Think of it this way: GUND plays with the baby when she’s awake. Bubzi puts the baby asleep. 

That’s what I call “division of labor”!

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Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Deluxe Bouncer

Fisher Price Moonlight Meadow Deluxe Bouncer

Damn, I remember growing up with Fisher-Price toys. I never imagined I would ever write about them on my blog!

But hey – their baby bouncer makes babies happy – so it’s my job to report it 🙂

This bouncer is incredibly soothing and comfortable. You don’t have to speak “Baby language” to realize that babies love taking naps in this bouncer.

With soothing vibrations, relaxing music and nature sounds – babies can drift away to their own little dream world (and make us adults jealous that we can’t do the same).

Fisher-Price has been making babies smile for nearly 80 years (including me!). They’ll always have a warm place in my heart. 

Now, you and I get to help other babies have a happy childhood as well.

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Newborn Gifts for Parents

All the attention goes to the baby…

What about mommy? Doesn’t she deserve any attention?

She had to carry the baby around for 9 months, counting backward till the baby finally comes out and gives her back her freedom… 

And what about daddy? Who had to… well, he didn’t really have to do anything.

The parents deserve a gift or two that’ll help them with their new role: lucky parents to a lucky new baby.

This section is dedicated to mommy and daddy. I’m about to make sure you get them awesome (and useful) presents!

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor + Interchangeable Optical Lens

Top Gift for Parents
Infant Optics Dxr 8 Video Baby Monitor + Interchangeable Optical Lens

New moms have a hard time falling asleep with a new baby in the house (guys usually fall asleep just fine).

Just imagine…

You lie in your bed at night, staring at the wall… all of a sudden that voice inside your head goes: “Is the baby OK? I better go check on him to make sure he’s OK”.

Before you know it, you go check on the baby every 5 minutes.

The next day, your husband wakes up all refreshed – while you’re so exhausted you can barely stand – and you’ve got the dark bags under eyes to show for it.


Baby monitors to the rescue!

And when it comes to baby monitors – Infant Optics is BY FAR the #1 baby monitor on the market (by a long shot). Finally, you get to stay in bed and catch some sleep, without constantly having to worry if your baby is OK.

Have a quick peek at the screen, and realize your baby is sleeping like an angel, so you can do the same.

That is… until the baby wakes up crying.

But if when that happens – good news: both the mother and the father will hear AND see it on the baby monitor.

No more “What? Did the baby cry last night? I didn’t hear a thing” excuses!

Tip: You can even turn off the screen and only hear the sound, so you can easily fall asleep without that bright light shining on your face.

A true game-changer that’ll save the new parents precious hours of sleep and worrying.

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Diaper Bag Backpack

Diaper Bag Backpack

I wasn’t joking when I said I’ll help you find the parents useful gifts. You and I both know they could use all the help they can get, especially when they carry the baby around.

After all, the baby doesn’t go: “Mommy, can you pull over? I need to go wee-wee”.

No… they just GO!

And as a parent – you don’t want to be caught off guard. That stinks (literally)!

That’s where this diaper bag backpack comes in handy.

It virtually has an endless amount of compartments: diapers, bottles (the bag is waterproof, just in case accidents happen), sippy cups, your phone, iPad, makeup, husband… you name it.

From now on, mommy can just leave her purse at home… she now has a cool-looking backpack!

(and thanks to the neutral colors, daddy can carry it as well!) 

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LILLEbaby Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Lillebaby Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Now that we found a way to carry the baby’s diapers, all that’s left is to carry the baby itself.

Luckily, you don’t have to break your back anymore every time you carry your baby with you. You can use a baby carrier that’ll make things easy on you – even once the baby starts to get a little bigger.

Simply put your baby in the carrier, and in two clicks your baby is all ready to go (and in style, I might add).

But most importantly? The little sweetheart is comfortable sitting in his new ergonomic baby carrier, hugging mommy the whole time!

Plus, the baby is in an excellent position to receive tons of kisses.

Everybody wins!

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Judaica Baby Gifts

Since we’re talking about a Jewish baby, in a Jewish ceremony, it would make a lot of sense to get him a Jewish present, don’t you think?

A Judaica gift the baby can play with, AND learn about his Jewish tradition at the same time!

Let’s go for a walk crawl, and I’ll show you exactly what I’m talking about…

New Baby Boy Tzedakah Box

Top Judaica Baby Gift
Gary Rosenthal New Baby Tzedakah Box

Sure, you can wait for the baby’s parents to open up a bank account and start saving up for college.

Or… you can take matters into your own hands and help the parents get started with a brand new Tzedakah box – designed & dedicated especially for the new baby.

The Mitzvah of Tzedakah (giving to the poor) is one of the cornerstones of Judaism. And you can help the parents teach about their child about the importance of Tzedakah by actually demonstrating it. 

Until, eventually, the kid becomes a millionaire!

He’ll probably need a bigger Tzedakah box for that though…

Just kidding 🙂

Tip: Oh and by the way, there’s a baby girl’s Tzedakah box available too (it’s pink!).

Get from Judaica.com

Blessing & Protection Sterling Silver Teaspoon

Blessing & Protection Sterling Silver Teaspoon

This stunning sterling silver spoon is a rather unique Jewish baby shower gift. It’s engraved with the famous Priestly blessing:

“May God bless you and protect you” (Numbers 6:24-26)

Not exactly the type of spoon you eat ice cream with… is it?

It’s more like a protective charm. A magnificent keepsake he’ll cherish for years and years to come.

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Yair Emanuel Anodized Aluminum Children’s Train Hanukkah Menorah

Yair Emanuel Anodized Aluminum Children’s Train Hanukkah Menorah

Choo Choo!

Who said a Menorah has to be a Hanukkah gift?!

Well, I got news for you… This beautiful, aluminum children’s train Menorah is, first of and foremost, a brilliant children’s gift, and then its Hanukkah gift.

Take a regular Menorah for example… Outside the 8 days of Hanukkah – what exactly do you do with it for the rest of the year?


But with the baby’s new unique train/Menorah (which, by the way, was made by Yair Emanuel – the legendary Israeli artist) – the little sweetheart can have a great time playing with it on Hanukkah, AND the rest of the 357 days of the year.

Like I said in the beginning: Choo Choo!

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Jewish Baby Toys

It took this long to finally mention Jewish toys… but here they are!

There’s nothing harder than buying toys for a baby.

You can literally waste hours staring at the screen looking at a million different toys, and still get nowhere because there are SO MANY OPTIONS. (remember when you used to spend those hours in Toys “R” Us instead? Not anymore… they went out of business)

Lucky for you, I’m not going to torture you with an endless amount of baby toy ideas.

Instead, I’m going to show you cool Jewish baby toys. They’re much sweeter, funnier and cheaper (and of course, they’re Jewish)!

Uncle Goose Hebrew Blocks 

Top Jewish Baby Toy
Uncle Goose Hebrew Blocks2


The young Jewish baby will start learning Hebrew sooner or later… Why not start sooner? How else will the baby become a Jewish prodigy?

These aleph-bet blocks are a great way to surround the young child with the Hebrew alphabet from a very young age.

And it’s not just boring letters, no-no…

This set includes 27 blocks featuring:

  • Hebrew letters
  • Numbers & Symbols
  • Animals (LOTS of them)

Pretty cool, huh?

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KidKraft Shabbat Set

Kidkraft Shabbat Set

Question: How do you get the baby excited on Shabbat from a young age (without putting him at risk next to the Shabbat candles or the Challah knife)? 🤔

Answer: You get the baby a Shabbat set of their own! That way, they get to “play along” and enjoy Shabbat from a very young age, without having to sit in the sidelines till they “grow up” 😡.

The Shabbat set includes:

  • 2 Shabbat candlesticks with faux flames
  • 1 Kiddush cup
  • 1 wooden knife
  • 1 Challah cover (with “Shabbat” written in Hebrew)
  • Two wooden, pre-sliced Challah loaves with Velcro attachments

Note: The parts are large enough to be safe even for the little toddler, so no worries there.

Shabbat Shalom sweetie!

Get from Amazon

Noah’s Ark Playset

Noahs Ark Playset

Sure, you can tell kids the story about Noah’s Ark.

Or… I’ve got a better idea: tell the story, AND let them play with Noah’s ark in real-time.

That way – you combine “story time” with “playtime”. Let’s face it – that’s how kids (and adults, for that matter) learn best.

Save the animals, sweetie! 

Tip: If you prefer a more generous Noah’s Ark gift for the young parents – you can get them a GIANT Noah’s Ark gift basket instead.

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Plush Torah

Plush Torah

Here’s the recipe for a successful Jewish Bris gift:

Plush toy + a Judaica Baby gift = WIN.

Sure, you can get the new baby a stuffed animal just like any other baby.

But it’s not just another baby! It’s a Jewish baby! So they better act like one!

This plush Torah gives you (not “you”, silly. The baby!) the cuteness of a stuffed animal, with an extra Jewish touch.

Besides, let’s face it…seeing a little baby play with a Plush Torah is damn hilarious (especially if you’re looking for an Orthodox Jewish baby gift).

The Rabbi will be so proud!

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Jewish Baby Clothes & Outfits


I hereby declare that I’m not responsible for the next few hours you’ll spend glued to the screen looking at cute Jewish baby outfits. You have been warned!

Jacqui’s Baby Boys’ Star of David Bunting Gown

Top Baby Outfit
Jacquis Baby Boys Star Of David Bunting Gown 2

Look at the little mensch, wearing a cute little Jewish outfit… Just like a Jewish Star (of David).

And it’s 100% cotton, so he’ll at least feel comfortable (you know, while he gets circumcised and everything).

A guaranteed hit for the newborn baby’s Bris ceremony!

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Mini Mensch Baby Bodysuit

Mini Mensch

You’re buying a present for a mini mensch.

But you want the little mensch to grow into a big mensch, right?

This cute shirt help start him off on the right foot.

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100% Kosher Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit

100% Kosher Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit

“He’s so sweet I could eat him!”

If you heard friends & family say that, wait till they find out the baby is 100% Kosher!

Tip: Be on the lookout for a Big Bad Jewish Wolf. 

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Jewish Baby Gift Baskets

As if the baby wasn’t sweet enough…

Now, time to throw in chocolates, candy, and all sorts of sweet goodies.

No matter how sweet the baby is, the parents still can’t eat him (if they try to, call child services) … But they sure can eat yummy chocolates, sweets & drink wine! (especially the mom, I bet she could use something sweet)

Introducing: Jewish baby gift baskets!

Baby Boy Gift Wooden Large Tray

Top Gift Basket
Baby Boy Gift Wooden Large Tray

It’s a boy! Mazel Tov! 

And the prize for a boy is…a grandiose gift basket with TONS of delicious Kosher goodies (and believe it or not… dairy-free!), plus one handsome-looking teddy bear.

Whether or not you’re able to attend the Bris ceremony yourself doesn’t matter (obviously, you should attend… if not for the baby, then at least for the opportunity to munch on your own chocolates  😀)

You can still send the family this impressive gift basket, and let all of the other guests in the ceremony wonder: “Who is this mysterious (Jewish) Santa that sent these delicious chocolates?!”

Now that’s what I call a yummy present!

Get from Oh Nuts!

Baby Girl Gift Wooden Large Tray

Baby Girl Gift Wooden Large Tray

Did you really think I’m going to leave the baby girls out?

No way! There ain’t going to be no discrimination on my blog!

The prize for a new baby girl? The exact same gift basket as the boys… only for girls (yep, pink and everything).

Yummy candies, yummy chocolates (it’s Parve, may I remind you), yummy nuts… and once again – a cute little teddy bear for the little baby girl to snuggle with.

Get from Oh Nuts!

Deluxe Noah’s Ark Cuddly Friends Baby Basket

Deluxe Noahs Ark Cuddly Friends Baby Basket

Believe it or not, but gift baskets don’t have to be all about the chocolate (I know, right?).

They can be sweet but without sugar.

They can have toys, but they can be educational (and Jewish).

If you found Noah’s ark playset cute, but too small, then you can get the little baby and his parents a BIG ark. A generous ark.

An ark that has room for LOADS of baby essentials: 

  • Baby oil
  • Baby shampoo
  • Baby powder
  • 2 washcloths
  • Lion-themed baby bib
  • Baby bottle
  • Two newborn one-pieces

And of course, the man of the hour: Noah’s Ark and his six stuffed plush animals.

Bonus: You can even choose to add a free note or a handwritten gift card to congratulate the parents on their new baby.

Get from GiftBasket.com

Personalized Jewish Baby Gifts

Babies are so selfish! They care only about themselves…

But… they’re so cute! So who cares… they’re allowed to be selfish as much as they want (until they grow up, that is)!

But in the meantime, stuff (hint: stuffed animals?) the baby with as much love and care as you can!


Personalized gifts, baby! (pun intended)

Birth Announcement Stuffed Animal

Top Personalized Gift

Birth Announcement Stuffed Animal

Have you ever met a baby who can resist a stuffed animal?

I haven’t.

Heck, I know some adults who can’t resist a stuffed animal.

(why are you looking at me?)

Do you know what happens when you add the child’s name to a stuffed animal, made especially for his Bris (or Simchat Bat for the girls)?

A beautiful love story is formed (or a beautiful addiction, depends how you see it).

Tip: By the way, it’s not just an elephant. You can choose between an elephant, a lion, a lamb, a monkey, or an owl. Heck, you can even go wild and get the baby a whole personalized zoo of their own.

Get from Etsy

Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle

Kids Wooden Name Puzzle

Let’s assume for a moment that the baby could speak.

If you asked the baby: “Who’s your favorite person in the whole wide world?”

Is it Mommy? Is it Daddy?

Nope… it’s neither.

Odds are, the baby’s favorite person is… himself/herself! 

Now that we know the (harsh) truth… we can figure out that the best puzzle in the whole world is NOT a puzzle with Mommy or Daddy’s name on it.

It’s not a Disney puzzle.

It’s a puzzle with their own name on it!

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Personalized Satin Trim Custom Blanket for Newborn Babies

Personalized Satin Trim Custom Blanket For Newborn Babies

It’s always exciting to introduce your baby to the world for the very first time.

But it gets pretty annoying answering the same annoying question over and OVER again:

“Your baby is so cute! What’s her name?”

Besides, it’s incredibly cute to wrap your baby with an ultra-soft & comfy blanket with their own name on it.

(Look at those cute little feet!)

Get from Amazon

Personalized Hand Crafted Name Puzzle Stool

Personalized Hand Crafted Name Puzzle Stool

First, the little baby puts the letters in and out of the stool.

Level 1: completed ✅

Then, they grow up… they learn how to spell their name on the puzzle. They even learn about various colors.

Level 2 – check ✅.

They grow even older… now they start to brush their teeth all by themselves.

Uh-oh! The child can’t reach the sink yet!

Hang on a sec…that’s what the stool is for!

Level 3 – done ✅.

One stool – different use cases in the child’s development process.

A wise investment, don’t you think?

Get from Etsy

Jewish Baby Jewelry Gifts

“Jewish baby Jewelry gifts? Do you mean necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and stuff?”

Nope… too early for that. It’s just a baby!

The little rug rats are too young to appreciate “true” Jewish Jewelry… 

So instead, we’ll give the baby a “light” introduction to Jewish Jewelry with cute little baby pins and charms.

Here, let me show you what I mean…

Danon Baby Safety Pin with Star of David & Psalms Book

Top Jewelry Gift
Danon Baby Safety Pin with Star of David & Psalms Book

This adorable silver plated safety pin is decorated with a bunch of cute symbols & Jewish charms on both sides of the pin.

What kind of charms, you ask?

  • Star of David
  • Heart
  • Hamsa
  • A genuine miniature book of Psalms in Hebrew
  • A blessing in Hebrew that reads: “May you get only peace and happiness. May God protect you.”

That’s a whole lot of charms bundled into one little baby pin, isn’t it? 

Tip: It’s available for both boys (in blue) and girls (in pink).

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Jewish Baby Girl Stroller Pin – Evil Eye Protection

Jewish Baby Girl Stroller Pin Evil Eye Protection

How about a shinier baby pin? 

Well, believe it or not – this baby stroller pin will arrive at your doorstep straight from the young, talented designer’s hands in Israel. 

Just like the other baby pin, this one has several traditional Jewish charms – including the BIG, beautiful evil eye protection charm, made of sparkling Rhinestones.

The baby girl can carry it with her everywhere she goes (or, rather, everywhere you take her).

Tip: Like the other baby pin – it’s also available for baby boys (in blue). But I have to say, the pink one looks much better. Sorry boys!

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24K Gold Plated Jewish Baby Pin

24k Gold Plated Jewish Baby Pin

I thought I’ll end this Jewish baby Jewelry gifts section with another treat. A gold-plated treat – made in Israel by Veronica, the same talented designer who also designed the previous pin.

You’ll find several elegant & glamorous charms in this one: Hamsa, heart + key, Star of David, teddy bear, a “Blessed” plate, and a customized letter of the baby’s first name. 

And here’s the kicker… the entire pin is gold plated (24K) with Czech crystals. 

Everyone, please join me in saying: Bravo Veronica 👏.

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Cute & Funny Baby Gifts

You might be wondering why there’s a dedicated section for cute baby gifts.

Aren’t all baby gifts cute?

Sure they are… 

But as you’ll find out in a second: there’s cute, and then there’s OMG! THAT’S TOO CUTE (Or hilarious. Or both)!

Adorable Bunny Design Knitted Newborn Baby Sleeping Bag

Cutest Baby Gift
Adorable Bunny Design Knitted Newborn Baby Sleeping Bag

Let’s cut to the chase.

Here’s what the parents will DO once you get them this adorable bunny sleeping bag.

  1. They’ll put the baby in the sleeping bag.
  2. They’ll take a bunch of pictures
  3. They’ll upload them on Instagram (and @you) 

The result? A flood of Likes.


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Baby Socks Gift Set + Funny Quotes

Baby Socks Gift Set Funny Quotes

Well, what do you know… Socks that are both funny and 100% true.

And you thought regular baby socks were cute. Gimme a break!

But don’t get confused by the witty quotes: these socks are super comfy too!

They’re warm, comfortable and they stretch… so when the baby cries, you’ll at least know it’s not because of the socks.

See? What did I tell you?

There’s cute, and then there’s TOO CUTE.

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“Snuggle This Muggle” Bodysuit

Snuggle This Muggle Bodysuit

Look! A new muggle was born! Quick! Capture Snuggle him!

I know I know, Harry Potter isn’t even Jewish.

But who cares? It’s still adorable!

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Can You Give Money Instead?

It’s customary to bring an actual gift to a baby naming ceremony (both Bris and Simchat Bat), as opposed to money.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be anything huge (although it certainly can be if you’re close to the family)… It can be anything from a toy, a cute baby outfit or any of the other cute Jewish baby naming gift ideas I gave in this guide.

Tip: If you still decide to go for a money gift – then make sure you give money in increments of $18 (which is a symbol of “Chai” or “Life” in Judaism).


The young parents just received a cute little gift from God.

Now it’s your turn to give your own gift for the Jewish baby’s naming ceremony!

This is a day the family will remember for the rest of their lives. And you get to be a part of that memory.

Have fun at the Bris ceremony… and wish the happy couple Mazel Tov!

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4 thoughts on “30+ Best Jewish Baby Gifts for Bris (Brit Milah) & Simchat Bat Naming Ceremony (2022)

  • May 24, 2017 at 21:56

    I love the toy train you posted. It’s neat that it’s made out of aluminum and will probably last a long while. My girlfriend’s future nephew is going to have a bris ceremony and we’d love to find a neat gift for him.

    • May 25, 2017 at 02:30

      It sure is…It also moonlights as a Menorah 🙂

      And it’s Yair Emanuel… his Judaica usually lasts for a VERY long time.

      Hope you’ll find a cool gift for the bris ceremony.. I think you’re in the right place to find one 🙂

  • June 25, 2018 at 12:42

    Those gift ideas are really unique and beautiful….the sterling silver spoon,plush Torah and custom baby satin blanket are the best ones….

    • June 26, 2018 at 04:00

      Glad you like it Adina 🙂


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