15 Gorgeous Bat Mitzvah Shoes for 12-13 Year Old Girls (2022) 

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You got your girl a beautiful Bat Mitzvah dress

“That’s it. All done!”

Hold on there, missy… where do you think you’re going?

Aren’t you forgetting something?

Something like, oh I dunno… Bat Mitzvah shoes?

Unless you expect your girl to arrive at one of the biggest days of her life barefoot, or worse – wearing an old pair that doesn’t even fit her anymore (hint: please don’t do that!).

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your own Bat Mitzvah ceremony wearing a million-dollar dress (figuratively speaking) with a pair of $1 dollar shoes (not-so-figuratively-speaking).

Oy vey, the madness!

How about we avoid that, shall we?

How about we look at a few stunning Bat Mitzvah party shoes that’ll make your daughter wish every day was Bat Mitzvah day…

Note: For boy’s shoes – check out our favorite, “kickass” Bar Mitzvah shoes.

Top Bat Mitzvah Shoes

I can’t remember the last time I stepped foot in a shoe store (pun intended)?

Remember how we used to spend HOURS trying on dozens of shoes, only to leave the store empty-handed (I remember the nasty looks I got from the shoe seller every time I did that)?

Thank God the internet made it easier… Or did it?

Now, instead of tens of shoes – we have an UNLIMITED number of shoes to choose from. Thanks, internet.

Screw that! I’m sure you’ve got better things to do than scroll through hundreds of different shoes (like planning your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, for example).

That’s why I did the heavy lifting for you: we took the shoes that made it to our list – and gave the top ones a special Amen V’Amen’s award!

The result?

SPOILER Alert: Introducing – Amen V’Amen’s favorite Bat Mitzvah shoes!

High Heel Bat Mitzvah ShoesLow Heel Bat Mitzvah ShoesFlat Bat Mitzvah ShoesBat Mitzvah Sneakers
Top High Heel Shoes Top Low Heel Shoes Top Flat Shoes Top Sneakers
Blue By Betsey Johnson Mari Heeled SandalBlue By Betsey Johnson Mari Heeled SandalNina GenayaNina GenayaRepetto JaneRepetto JaneKeds X Kate Spade New York Triple GlitterKeds X Kate Spade New York Triple Glitter
Our Rating: Our Rating: Our Rating: Our Rating:
Get from ZapposGet from ZapposGet from ZapposGet from Zappos
Top High Heel Shoes
Blue By Betsey Johnson Mari Heeled SandalBlue By Betsey Johnson Mari Heeled Sandal
Type: High Heel Bat Mitzvah ShoesOur Rating:
Get from Zappos
Top Low Heel Shoes
Nina GenayaNina Genaya
Type: Low Heel Bat Mitzvah ShoesOur Rating:
Get from Zappos
Top Flat Shoes
Repetto JaneRepetto Jane
Type: Flat Bat Mitzvah ShoesOur Rating:
Get from Zappos
Top Sneakers
Keds X Kate Spade New York Triple GlitterKeds X Kate Spade New York Triple Glitter
Type: Bat Mitzvah SneakersOur Rating:
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High Heel Bat Mitzvah Shoes

Your girl is about the spend all night on her feet, dancing to the tune of Hava Nagila.

Why make life hard on her? Isn’t Jewish dancing is embarrassing enough? (just kidding! who doesn’t enjoy love shaking their booty to Hava Nagila?)

In other words – you want to be thoughtful when choosing the shoe’s heel height.

That’s why the high heels you’ll see in this section aren’t that high. They’re moderately high: high enough to look attractive, but low enough to make them dancefloor-friendly.

Now that’s a recipe for an awesome, and blister-free Bat Mitzvah look!

What about the “ingredients” (the shoes), you ask?

Brace yourself…

Blue by Betsey Johnson Mari Heeled Sandal

Top High Heel Shoes
Blue By Betsey Johnson Mari Heeled Sandal

Bling bling bling! We’ve got an award winner!

Don’t let the image fool you. Even a high-res image like this one doesn’t do the bling any justice.

Betsy Johnson’s dazzling shoes can be spotted from a mile away – great for a Bat Mitzvah girl who deserves the spotlight tonight, not so great for a bank robber looking for a sneaky getaway (don’t worry, the Bat Mitzvah money is totally legal).

The heal is completely covered in rhinestones – giving your girl a royal and sparkly look that’ll make her classmates beg their moms to buy them a pair as well.

You can choose from a variety of bright colors:

  1. Champagne (like the image above)
  2. Gold
  3. Bright blue
  4. Bright fuchsia

Important: Even though the heel is 2.5 inches high – it’s low enough and wide enough to provide excellent support for your feet… And more importantly – it gives the feet breathing room – so your girl can feel free to dance like there’s no tomorrow without waking up with blisters the next day!

Our Rating:

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Women’s Classic Stiletto Sandals

Women's Classic Stiletto Sandals

This is no doubt one of the most “adult shoes” shoes on the list.

To be honest though, if your girl is just getting started on her high-heel journey – these aren’t the right shoes for her Bat Mitzvah. They’re not as “welcoming” (read: not as comfortable) as the other shoes on the list.

That being said – if your girl is a fashionista with a highly developed fashion sense, and if she already has some experience with high-heels – odds are she’ll LOVE it.

Tip: Choose a brighter color for a “younger” look (I particularly like the beige).

The funny thing? These classic Stilleto shoes look strikingly similar to Valentino shoes. Except for one “minor” difference: they cost like 20X less than Valentino.

Our Rating:

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Sam Edelman Odila Ankle Strap Sandal Heel

Sam Edelman Odila Ankle Strap Sandal Heel

When choosing your girl’s Bat Mitzvah shoes, you want to make sure they’re:

  1. Comfortable
  2. Beautiful
  3. Affordable

In that order.

There are many high heel shoes that meet #2 and #3 but fail miserably at #1.

Luckily, that’s not the case with Sam Edelman’s fabulous Odila sandals.

They’re not just beautiful and affordable…they’re surprisingly comfortable, too.

Why surprisingly? Because Edelman’s is famous (or should I say notoriously famous) for designing high heel shoes that, to put it lightly, torture your feet one step at a time.

Shoe Joke: You could say that comfort is Edelman’s “Achilles heel” 🙂

But not this time!

This time, he outdid himself:

  • The heel is (relatively) low – it’s only 3 ¼ inches long.
  • The shoe is wide – giving your toes lots of wiggle room
  • The block heel is also wide – giving you extra stability and confidence when you’re walking

Yep… believe it or not – these high heels are actually comfortable!

And most importantly – they’re suitable for dancing, walking, perhaps even moonwalking (you’re welcome to try that at your own risk).

Did You Know? Edelman is one of us! No, I don’t mean he’s a woman, silly. I mean he’s Jewish!

Our Rating:

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Dream Pairs Amore Fashion Stilettos

Dream Pairs Amore Fashion Stilettos

Who said you can’t get beautiful and affordable Bat Mitzvah shoes? Tell me so I can prove them wrong and throw a shoe at them (not with a high-heel shoe though, that hurts)!

Seriously though – these shoes are an absolute steal… especially considering how luxurious and comfortable they are. I’ve seen shoes that cost 10X more and are 10X less comfortable than Dream Pairs’s excellent shoes.

In fact, let’s play a little game… Try to guess how much these shoes cost, then click over to the product and see how far off you were. (prepare for a shock)

Sparkling, affordable and super-comfy. What more can you ask, Cinderella?

Note: The shoes are available in different styles of gold and silver.

Our Rating:

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Low Heel Bat Mitzvah Shoes

If you feel like high heels are “too much” for a young girl – you can get her a smaller heel more appropriate for her age.

Plus, they’re easier to dance in – something she’ll likely do a lot on her Bat Mitzvah party.

In fact, some of these shoes are designed for dancing. That means she can wear them all night without worrying about nasty blisters showing up on her feet the next day!

Nina Genaya

Top Low Heel Shoes
Nina Genaya

The problem with many Bat Mitzvah shoes is that you can’t really wear them anywhere else. I mean, take a look at the beautiful Rhinestone shoes from the previous section… It’s a wonderful shoe to wear for your Bat Mitzvah party. Aside from that? I wouldn’t recommend wearing it anywhere else (unless you like to steal the spotlight EVERYWHERE you go).

Wouldn’t it be great if your girl could actually wear her new shoes after the Bat Mitzvah is over?

That’s where the Nina Genaya sandals come into play…

Where’s that, exactly?

Anywhere you like. Whether it’s the synagogue, birthday parties or just a night out in town.

It’s a true multi-purpose sandal that can take on any task you throw at it – while making you look absolutely stunning in the process.

Our Rating:

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IDIFU Low Heels Party Sandal

Idifu Low Heels Party Sandal

I constantly hear people ask: how the hell is a 12-13-year-old Bat Mitzvah girl considered an adult?

They got it all wrong. Turning into a Bat Mitzvah doesn’t mean you magically turn into an adult overnight. (hold off on the champagne, young lady).

But wearing a pair of sophisticated shoes that would even make Wonder Woman proud (we’re talking about Gal Gadot – of course she’s proud!) – can get you pretty close.

These elegant little wonders are cute, comfortable and extremely flattering.

Wearing them is an absolute breeze. The straps are cleverly designed so you don’t have to push the straps through the holes every time you wear them. You just put your foot inside, insert the strap through the hook – and voila! You’re ready to rumble in less than a second.

They’re unexplainably cheap, too!

Tip: If your girl has wide feet – you may want to order a size up.

Our Rating:

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Jewel Badgley Mischka Dash

Jewel Badgley Mischka Dash

Is that Jewelry on the shoe?

Yes sir ma’am. I mean, It’s kind of what you’d expect from a designer called “Jewel Badgley Mischka”.

It has a 2 ¼ inch heel – high enough to give you some height, and low enough to dance freely without tripping over the Hummus food station.

It’s the kind of shoe that instantly upgrades any outfit you’ll wear – whether it’s a fancy designer dress or a pair of pajamas (obviously I recommend the first one on your girl’s Bat Mitzvah).

No doubt – one of the most impressive shoes on the list.

Our Rating:

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ElegantPark Comfort Rhinestone Shoes

Elegantpark Comfort Rhinestone Shoes

When Elegant Park designed these glorious shoes – they thought they were creating a shoe for wedding brides.

Or so they thought…

Girls started buying them by the pound for any occasion you can think of: Bat Mitzvah, prom night, birthday parties, and of course – weddings.

Turns out the customer is always right. And if the customer decides to wear them at their Bat Mitzvah – guess what? They’re Bat Mitzvah shoes.

Good News: Because these shoes were initially made for brides – they’re designed to help you survive a loooong night of dancing.

Now, you might be wondering: Are they expensive?

They sure look expensive, don’t they? Well, as we’ve already demonstrated countless times in this article: looks can be deceiving.

In fact, these are one of the most affordable Bat Mitzvah party shoes on this entire list.

Surprising, huh?

Our Rating:

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Flat Bat Mitzvah Shoes

Who needs heels anyway?

If your daughter is planning to hit the dancefloor all night long with her friends – perhaps it’s best to get rid of those heels and go for flats.

No, I’m not talking about those childish ballerina flats you got her when she was 4. I’m talking about stylish and comfortable Bat Mitzvah shoes. Shoes she can wear for walking, dancing, even for her Bat Mitzvah ceremony at the synagogue!

That’s right – if you’re planning a Bat Mitzvhah ceremony and a Bat Mitzvah party, you can get her one pair of flat Bat Mitzvah shoes she’ll be able to wear for both events (your daughter might need some convincing though).… who knows – you might even end up saving some money in the process.

Repetto Jane

Top Flat Shoes
Repetto Jane


If I had to describe these in one word, that’s the word I’d use.

Partly because Repetto is French, but also because it has a cool, playful look that fits any outfit.

But don’t judge the book shoes just by its cover. It’s just as appealing in the inside as it is on the outside. Walking in them feels like walking on a cloud.

As you might expect – Repetto’s shoe is the most expensive one on the list. But If you want your daughter to make an entrance in breathtaking designer shoes – Repetto’s flats are an excellent candidate.

They’re designed to do what luxury shoes do best: capture lots of attention, admiration, and compliments (and mild envy).

Tip: Order a half size larger.

Our Rating:

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ANNA Classic Ballerina Flats Elastic Crossing Straps

Anna Classic Ballerina Flats Elastic Crossing Straps

ANNA took on a difficult challenge: transform flat shoes into a fashionable pair you could anywhere, anytime. Hopefully, ones that could give your toes a break and don’t produce blisters after one night.

Oh boy did she succeed…

Not only did she design a cute, comfortable, and incredibly lightweight pair of flats – she made it ridiculously affordable, too.

Your daughter would easily wear them to her Bat Mitzvah ceremony, party, and school – all in the same week.

Heck, it’s a wonderful pair to have in your wardrobe regardless of your Bat Mitzvah. They’re that good!

Tip: You may need to order one size up/down – depending on how wide your girl’s feet are.

Our Rating:

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Dream Pairs Mila Low Heel Pump Shoes

Dream Pairs Mila Low Heel Pump Shoes

Call off the search – we found Cinderella’s shoe.

Well, technically Cinderella’s is wearing high heels… speaking of which – I call BS on all that dancing and twirling around she does with those high heels! Her feet are probably killing her the next day!

That’s one problem you won’t have with these flats. It has soft padding inside to keep your feet protected and cozy at all times.

Plus, they’re not just a one-off type shoe you wear once and then throw in the back of your closet.

Once your daughter is done twirling around in them at her Bat Mitzvah party, she can continue using them as dressy or casual shoes.

She can wear them till they wear off… by that time that happens – there’s a good chance you’ll be shopping for her wedding shoes 🙂

Note: This shoe technically has a small 1 ½ inch heel… but they look and feel like flats, so…

Our Rating:

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Kate Spade Phoebe

Kate Spade Phoebe

Did you really expect a list of the top Bat Mitzvah shoes without a single Kate Spade pair?

Ain’t gonna happen.

It’s like having cereal without milk, or hummus without bread: it’s technically possible, but it would be incomplete.

The fact that they’re attractive is obvious. I mean, just look at them… there’s nothing more I can say that conveys how beautiful they are. All you have to do is stare at them in admiration.

But what the picture can’t convey is how comfortable they are. I know I know – flats are supposed to be comfortable. But Kate Spade’s shoes take it to the next level.

How comfortable?

Well, you could easily wear them at home and get rid of your slippers. Not saying that you should – you’d ruin a fabulous pair of Kate Spade shoes if you do that. But you certainly can…

How’s that for comfort?

Our Rating:

Get from Zappos

Bat Mitzvah Sneakers & Dance Shoes

Sneakers? What is this, a jog around the Central Park or a Bat Mitzvah?!

Unlike weddings – Bat Mitzvah parties don’t have to be overly formal. After all, we’re talking about teenagers here – there’s no need to take things too seriously too soon.

That being said – there is such a thing as too casual… (wearing running shoes to your Bat Mitzvah is pushing it if you ask me)… and as you’ll see in this section – that’s not what you should be aiming for.

There’s a sweet spot between casual and formal… and these Bat Mitzvah sneakers strike the perfect balance.

Keds X Kate Spade New York Triple Glitter

Top Sneakers
Keds X Kate Spade New York Bridal Triple Glitter

Now there’s a pair of sneakers that even a proud Jewish mother (and grandmother) would approve of!

It strikes the perfect balance of casual and formal:

  • On the one hand – it has all the best attributes you expect from a sneaker: it’s comfortable, light and super cute. 
  • On the other hand – it’s elegant, goes with any dress and is a delight to dance with (oh, and it glitters)! 

Looks like Kate Spade cracked the code of “the perfect Bat Mitzvah sneaker”.

Our Rating:

Get from Zappos

Superga 2790 Platform Sneaker

Superga 2790 Platform Sneaker

Low heels? High heels? Nah, I’ll go for the massive rainbow platform, thank you very much.

That way, you’re just as tall, except you’ve got a beautiful, gigantic rainbow platform protecting you every step of the way (pun intended). 

Who needs to walk on clouds, when you can walk on rainbows?

Our Rating:

Get from Zappos

Fun Neon Bat Mitzvah Dancing Sneakers

Fun Neon Bat Mitzvah Dancing Sneakers

I have a confession to make: so far, I’ve been referring to the shoes on the list as “Bat Mitzvah shoes”… well, to be honest, that’s a little misleading. 

To be more specific – the shoes I listed so far are all excellent party shoes… but none of them are shoes made exclusively for a Bat Mitzvah party. They just happen to be a great fit for a Bat Mitzvah as well. 

Well, this is the first time in this article where that script is flipped: these shoes were designed exclusively for a Bat Mitzvah party (and no other party)… and it’s got “Bat Mitzvah” written all over it in Neon colors to prove it!

If you’re looking for fun, artistic and lighthearted Bat Mitzvah shoes – “real” Bat Mitzvah shoes – there you have it.

Our Rating:

Get from Zazzle


(if by any chance you haven’t got the other items – now’s the time!)

Your daughter is all good and ready! Now, she can arrive at her Bat Mitzvah party looking ravishing!

And if you picked one of the shoes from the list, together with our favorite dresses, don’t be surprised if your guests ask you “where did you get her outfit?!”.

At which point you’ll answer: “I saw it on Amen V’Amen’s website”!

How kind of you 🙂

I promise – they’ll appreciate it (and so will I!)

Mazel Tov!

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