30+ Unique Passover Gift Ideas for a Delightful Pesach Seder (2019)

The Passover seder is approaching.

Excited? You should be!

You finally get together with your family and loved ones around the Seder table – drinking wine, eating Matzo balls (or Gefilte Fish ?) and having a jolly good time!

But before you start jamming to “Ma Nishtana”, you might want to get your loved ones a cool and appropriate Passover gift that’ll get rid of that bitter Maror (bitter herbs) taste from their mouths.

Trust me – the last thing you want to do is arrive at your hostess’s Seder table empty-handed. You don’t exactly have to be Brittish to realize: that’s bloody rude!

So, without further ado…

Here are Amen V’Amen’s favorite Passover gift ideas for Pesach 2019 that’ll make even the evil Pharaoh jealous (serves him right, after the way he treated our forefathers).

Top Passover Gifts

How about a little snack before we start the Seder?

No! No eating before we finish the Haggadah!

But a sneak peak of the top Passover gifts you’ll see in this gift guide wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Traditional Passover GiftsUnique & Creative Passover GiftsPassover Artwork GiftsPassover Hostess GiftsPassover Children's GiftsKosher for Passover Gift BasketsKosher for Passover WinePassover Flower GiftsFunny Passover Gifts
Top Traditional Gift Top Creative Gift Top Artwork Gift Top Seder Hostess Gift Top Children's Gift Top Kosher Gift Basket Top Wine Gift Top Flower Gift Funniest Gift
Spode Judaica Seder PlateSpode Judaica Seder PlateLaura Cowan Modular Magnetic Square Matzah TrayLaura Cowan Modular Magnetic Square Matzah TrayYair Emanuel Wooden Passover Seder Plate with Jerusalem DepictionsYair Emanuel Wooden Passover Seder Plate + Jerusalem DepictionsLily Art Round Passover Glass Seder PlateLily Art Round Passover Glass Seder PlateThe Haggadah of Passover with Pop-Up SpreadsThe Haggadah of Passover with Pop-Up SpreadsPassover Wooden Gift TrayPassover Wooden Gift TrayDalton Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2014Dalton Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2014Spring Garden BasketSpring Garden BasketLet My People Go Toilet Seat CoverLet My People Go Toilet Seat Cover
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Traditional Passover Gifts

Passover is one of the holiest Jewish holidays on our calendar. You know what that means – bring on the traditional Passover Judaica gifts!

What’s a traditional Passover gift? Anything that is an essential item for Passover or for the Passover Seder. 

Whether you’re hosting the seder yourself or looking for an appropriate Passover gift for your hostess, these gifts would look great on any Seder table.

Spode Judaica Seder Plate

Top Traditional Gift

Spode Judaica Seder Plate


Spode has been around for quite some time, and they are known to create some of the most beautiful (and affordable) Judaica novelty items in the world.

Spode’s seder plates are no different.

This amazing Seder plate is a beautiful & memorable gift for any special occasion, not just for Passover (it’s also a popular wedding gift).

A special item to display on your seder table, and later decorate your house.

Get it Here

Yair Emanuel Stemmed Steel Kiddush Cup – Pomegranates


Yair Emanuel Stemmed Steel Kiddush Cup - Pomegranates

You can’t really have a proper seder without a proper Kiddush cup, can you?

Now take a look at this beautiful Kiddush cup, and tell me: how’s that for an appropriate Kiddush cup?

This gorgeous shiny cup is held on a slender branch-like stem, from which golden pomegranates & leaves sprout out to the sides.

And yes, the good thing about gifting this Kiddush cup is that the receiver will be able to use it on Shabbat & other holidays.

You know what they say – if you’re doing Kiddush, do it right (well ok it isn’t a real saying…but it’s true)

Get it Here

The Passover Hebrew-English Haggadah (Classic Artwork) (Hardcover)

The Passover Hebrew-English Haggadah (Classic Artwork) (Hardcover)

Well, everyone needs a Haggadah for Passover (Haggadah Shel Pesach) on the seder table.

But if you want to read your Haggadah in style and enjoy every minute of it, then this is the Haggadah you’re looking for.

It includes the original Hebrew text, followed by a full English translation – filled with numerous full-color artistic illustrations, making it an enjoyable reading experience (no wine needed).

Get it Here

Yair Emanuel Embroidered Matzah Cover Set – Pomegranate TangleYair Emanuel Embroidered Matzah Cover Set - Pomegranate Tangle

Beautiful pomegranates with golden highlights covering your Matzah & Afikoman…how does that sound? 

There’s no better way to make your seder dinner feel more royal and “anti-slavery” than that. 

Yair Emanuel beautiful Matzah & Afikoman cover has the word “Pesach” and “Afikoman” written in Hebrew in the middle of the cover, surrounded by colorful pomegranates and golden highlights.

This is a beautiful gift and a magnificent centerpiece for any seder table, whether it’s your own or your hostess’.

Bonus: this cover has three pocket linings for ease of use during the Seder.

Get it Here

Unique & Creative Passover Gifts

Traditional Pesach gifts are nice, and quite common too. But if you’re looking to surprise your friends & family with a unique gift they didn’t expect, a gift that evokes an “Oh WoW” response instead of an “Oh, that’s nice…” response – then “common” Passover gifts aren’t a good enough option.

Instead, you’ll probably want unique & creative Passover gift ideas, like these:

Laura Cowan Modular Magnetic Square Matzah Tray

Top Creative Gift

Laura Cowan Modular Magnetic Square Matzah Tray

I just recently discovered Laura Cowan, and I have to say – her designs are amazing… And this spectacular matzah tray proves it. 

Created in high quality shiny stainless steel, the top pieces of the Matzah plate are hand curved into gentle modular waves (inspired by the Tel Aviv sea view of yachts on the ocean) – meaning you can choose how to arrange the waves on the plate.

Get it Here

Deluxe Illuminated Hebrew-English Torah

Deluxe Illuminated Hebrew-English Torah

Our wonderful Torah is beautiful from the inside, and apparently also from the outside.

This bestselling, stunning, deluxe Torah book includes the complete text of the Hebrew Bible (alongside its English translation), accompanied by beautiful illustrations, paintings & work of art spanning the ages and the history of our Jewish culture.

It is printed with vivid colors and printed on fine paper – making it not just a stunning piece of art that shines your home, but also a very valuable gift to read and learn from our beautiful Torah.

Get it Here

Kiddush Wine Fountain Set for 8 – Rivers of Eden

Kiddush Wine Fountain Set for 8 - Rivers of Eden

We drink a lot of wine for Passover…at least 4 cups (who am I kidding, we drink more than that).

Luckily, that’s where Kiddush wine fountains become a blessing (and I’m not talking about the wine blessing). 

This stunning nickel Kiddush wine fountain is made in Israel. And besides being covered with elegant floral & Star of David motifs, the fountain is also beautifully decorated with the names of the four rivers that flowed through the garden of Eden – a Kabbalistic omen for salvation and blessings.

A wonderful gift for Passover that your hosts will be able to use all year long on Shabbos.

Get it Here

Laura Cowan Ripple Effect Seder Plate

Laura Cowan Ripple Effect Seder Plate

Yes, Laura Cowan gets a second spot on the list.

You probably noticed that Laura gets her inspiration from special places & events, and this seder plate is no different.

This bestselling, unique seder plate was inspired by the rippling effect a single raindrop can have a much bigger pool of water.

The mirror-polished steel plate has the traditional “Mah Nishtana” seder song engraved in both English and Hebrew, leading up to the “Pesach” word in the middle.

The tear-shaped porcelain bowls are included and can be arranged in any pattern on the beautiful shiny surface.

Simply beautiful.

Get it Here

Passover Artwork 

This is where modern meets classy. Passover artwork is one of the most popular & appropriate gifts you can buy.

it makes sense if you think about it: the seder table is the perfect art exhibit, where you get to host your own “personal art show” and amaze your guests.

The good thing about Passover art is that it’s actually practical – it’s not just a nice little art gallery. You can actually use (some) of the beautiful artistic items I mentioned here during your Passover dinner.

Yair Emanuel Wooden Passover Seder Plate with Jerusalem Depictions

Top Artwork Gift

Yair Emanuel Wooden Passover Seder Plate with Jerusalem Depictions

Speaking of using Passover artistic items – there’s probably no better example than this incredibly designed wooden seder plate.

The seder plate is what you and the rest of the guests will reach out to the most during the seder. With this artistic Passover plate, you might even consider reaching out for the “Maror” and actually enjoying it.

This wooden Passover plate depicts Jerusalem in a very colorful and eye-catching way, giving you a sense of doing the seder in our beautiful Jewish capital.

Get it Here

Yair Emanuel Stemmed Cup and Saucer – Exodus

Yair Emanuel Stemmed Cup and Saucer - Exodus

“Let my people go” – said Mozes, against Pharaoh’s will.

And we did. Bnai Israel left Egypt through the miraculous split of the Red Sea, on our way to the holy land.

This is exactly what Yair Emanuel’s beautiful, hand-painted stemmed Kiddush cup illustrates: our escape from slavery to freedom.

Get it Here

Yair Emanuel Painted Silk Matzah Cover and Afikoman Bag – Matzot and Grapes

Yair Emanuel Painted Silk Matzah Cover and Afikoman Bag - Matzot and Grapes

Since you’re covering your Matzah and Afikoman anyway, you might as well dress them up beautifully.

This gorgeous silk Matzah & Afikoman gift Is designed (hand-painted) with matzot, bunches of grapes, 4 cups of wine, and Elijah’s cup.

The matzah cover has three pocket linings for ease of use during the Seder.

This will definitely plenty of color for your Passover dinner table.

Get it Here

Limited Edition Marc Chagall Mezuzah – Ten Commandments

Limited Edition Marc Chagall Mezuzah – Ten Commandments

Last Passover artwork gift isn’t even related to Passover, yet it’s the fanciest (and most expensive) piece of Jewish artwork on the list. 

This stunning mezuzah has a unique 18-color lithograph featuring the children of Israel receiving the ten commandments under a burning menorah (an adaptation from Marc Chagall’s famous “I am the Lord thy God” painting.

And like the title says – this is a limited edition. So if you want it – act fast.

Get it Here

Passover Hostess Gift Ideas

Your Passover hostess has invited you over for Passover. And I’m guessing, has been spending hours (if not days) preparing an amazing Seder table.

The least you can do is to get your hostess a nice Passover Seder gift to make her feel happy after all that effort.

Say no more – there are plenty of appropriate Passover gifts you can get her. These are my favorite: 

Lily Art Round Passover Glass Seder Plate

Top Seder Hostess Gift

Lily Art Round Passover Glass Seder Plate

Lily Art’s elegant glass seder plate features a beautiful design of shiny blue flowers, covering the entire plate.

Surrounded by these flowers, all of a sudden the Maror (bitter herbs) will look much more appealing (that doesn’t mean you should eat more than the minimal amount).

This unique seder plate was meant to be given as a gift to your host or hostess… just think that every seder from now on remind them of that Passover you got them this special Seder plate… ain’t that nice?

Get it Here

Lily Art Glass Miriam Cup With Metal PlaqueLily Art Glass Miriam Cup With Metal Plaque

Is it a coincidence that this precious orange glass Miriam cup (Kiddush cup for women) comes right after the glass seder plate?

No, of course not.

The reason is obvious – they go amazingly well together.

So if you’re feeling extra generous, spoil your hostess with a lovely set of both the glass seder plate, complimented with this beautiful two-piece set Kiddush cup with and a “Miriam HaNevia” plaque.

Get it Here

The New Passover Menu Cookbook

The New Passover Menu Cookbook

Giving your hostess a Passover cookbook is a wonderful gesture. Because don’t forget – Passover is a weeklong holiday, so she’ll probably do some serious cooking during the holiday. So give her a hand, would you?

This best-selling Passover cookbook features 65 contemporary dishes and recipes (including meals for the seder and after) that will keep her busy for the rest of the week, and for many years to come.

Some of the unique recipes on the menu include:

  • Banana charoset
  • Peruvian roast chicken with salsa verde
  • Moroccan spiced short ribs
  • Sweet potato tzimmes
  • Eggplant parmesan
  • Frittata with Broccoli and Leeks
  • and much more…

Tip: This cookbook is rich with photographs of the dishes and is also suitable for beginner cooks

Get it Here

Passover Seder Plate – Armenian Ceramic

Passover Seder Plate – Armenian Ceramic

Armenian Ceramics were pretty much “born” for a Passover Seder.

This hand-made & hand-painted seder plate adds a colorful touch to the Seder table. Who knows, perhaps the Marror won’t taste as bad if it comes from a beautiful Seder plate (just kidding, it’ll still taste awful).

Note: The plate contains labels in both English and Hebrew. So everyone knows exactly what’s that weird thing they’re about to put in their mouth.

Get it Here

Passover Gifts for Kids

Finding Passover gifts for kids can be challenging.

It’s not just about getting your toddlers a cool toy… you also want to teach them about Passover, teach them about the value of freedom, and inspire them with the story of the exodus. How do you do all that exactly?

Keep reading…

The Haggadah of Passover with Pop-Up Spreads

Top Children’s Gift

The Haggadah of Passover with Pop-Up Spreads

Have you ever sat on the seder table, just waiting to finish with the Haggadah reading already and “bring on the food”? As a kid? For sure! As an adult? I hate to admit it, but sometimes.

Even though this Hagaddah is in the Passover gifts for kids section, it’s definitely not just for kids. Adults can and will enjoy this Haggadah for more than any “normal” Haggadah.

With this artistic Haggadah, made by The Israel Museum, the Haggadah reading becomes a much more engaging and entertaining thanks to the movable popups that just pop out of the Haggadah. You don’t just read the text, you experience it.

Just take a look at this video and see for yourself:

Get it Here

Passover Matzah Inflatable Ball

Passover Matzah Inflatable Ball

Who doesn’t like Matzo balls?

But did you ever try hopping and playing with one?

You haven’t?!

Now you, and hopefully your kids, will.

A great toy for young kids (and adults) to play before the seder and throughout the holiday.

Your kids will have a ball, a Matzah ball!


  • You need to put in some effort to inflate them, but it’s worth it.
  • Recommended for kids age 3+

Get it Here

100 Piece Matzah Bakery Jigsaw Puzzle

100 Piece Matzah Bakery Jigsaw Puzzle

Pesach is 8 days long. You’ve got to keep the kids busy somehow, so they might as well spend their time both having fun and connecting with the Passover holiday spirit.

This 100 piece Passover themed jigsaw puzzle does just that.

Get it Here

Rite Lite Tic Tac Toad Wood Passover Game

Rite Lite Tic Tac Toad Wood Passover Game

Tic Tac Toe? That’s boring.

Tic Tac Toed? Now you’re talking.

Frogs and Matzahs are just more fun, don’t you agree?

This is a great little toy for kids (and adults) to play before, after, and during the seder.

Get it Here

The Artscroll Children’s Haggadah

The Artscroll Children’s Haggadah

Just in case you found The Israel Museum’s Haggadah a bit too sophisticated, I included Shmuel Blitz’s wonderful children’s Haggadah.

This Haggadah was specifically written for children ages 4-8 (although you might enjoy it as well). It includes the full Hebrew Haggadah text accompanied by a child-oriented, accurate English translation.

There are clear instructions and information boxes that will help your child through every stage of the seder so he doesn’t get lost (or bored).

Get it Here

Kosher for Passover Gift Baskets

Don’t you love getting gift baskets? You’re not the only one…

Lucky for you, Kosher for Passover gift baskets are popular Seder gifts: they’re pretty cheap, they represent abundance, and most importantly – you can all enjoy them together at the Passover Seder for dessert!

Whether it’s for your Seder hostess, spouse or friend – a yummy gift basket is a very appropriate Pesach gift (especially when it includes Israel’s finest).

Passover Wooden Gift Tray

Top Kosher Gift Basket

Passover Wooden Gift Tray

You know what makes a Passover seder memorable?

The seder dessert. 

You know what people like for dessert?

Delicious gourmet chocolates, bonbons, and roasted nuts.

You know what comes in this beautiful wooden gift tray?

Exactly that, and more – and all of it is Kosher Parve.

A perfect way to greet your Passover guests, thank your hostess or send someone a delicious Seder gift.

We chose it as the top gift for Kosher for Passover gift baskets for a reason.

Get it Here

Passover Elegant Lace Ceramic Dish

Passover Elegant Lace Ceramic Dish

Looking for something special to bring to the seder?

This elegant ceramic dish will blend perfectly on any seder table. 

Plus, it’s:

  • Gluten Free
  • Peanut Free
  • Dairy Free

So you can safely bring or send this gift to your most health-problematic friends in your circle.

Get it Here

Galilee’s Exclusive Boutique Red Wine Gift Box – Set of 2

Galilee's Exclusive Boutique Red Wine Gift Box - Set of 2

Did you think we’re through with wine? Think again.

This gift box comes with two premium Kosher for Passover red wine bottles, straight from Galilee’s boutique winery.

This wine has a rich and delicious taste with a light hint of spring flowers.

A wonderful Passover gift box for a hostess if you’re a guest at their Seder table.

Get it Here 

Kosher for Passover Wine

Passover is all about celebrating freedom. And like King David says in Psalms: “Wine gladdens the human heart”. So naturally, wine plays a big role in every Seder table, which is a sign of wealth & abundance.

That’s why a bottle of wine is considered one of the best Passover gifts to give to your host or hostess. If you’re hosting the seder this year, then you might be worth getting a wine case (you can buy cases for any of the wine brands mentioned below).

Allow me to introduce you to some of the best Kosher for Passover wine brands for this seder.

The Chosen Barrel Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

The Chosen Barrel Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

We’re starting off with The Chosen Barrel Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon – an excellent, award-winning wine straight from one of Israel’s finest boutique wineries.

Chosen Barell’s Cabernet Sauvignon has a “fruity” taste to it, which obviously goes very well with steak & grilled meats, making it a great choice for a Seder dinner gift.

Tip: Aging it for an extra 3-5 years will really give it enhanced notes of ripe black fruit and cassis.

Get it Here

Shiloh Secret Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Shiloh Secret Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

A smooth, luxurious dark-red color wine with a strong black fruit and cassis aroma. Even though this wine is “Mevushal”, but tastes like “Not Mevushal”.

Pairs nicely with steak, burgers, or any other type of meat, and is definitely a “crowd-pleaser”.

Get it Here

Dalton Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Top Wine Gift

Dalton Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

The Dalton Cabernet’s is a very smooth dark ruby-red color wine. It has a lovely aroma of berries, cassis, mint, and shades of vanilla from the barrel.

The “dark”, chocolaty flavor might actually remind you of French wine.

This Cabernet is the perfect example of richness and modesty – the modesty part being represented by its cheap price.

This Dalton is a must-have for every Cabernet Sauvignon lover.

Get it Here

Psagot Edom Magnum 2009

Psagot Edom Magnum 2009

I saved the best for last…

The Psagot Edom Magnum is simply incredible.

This dry, “Not Mevushal” wine is a firmly-structured red with classic and pure flavors of blackberry, plum and cigar box. It has an amazingly rich & mellow texture along with bold red-berry flavors.

The fact that it has been aged in premium French & American oak barrels adds complex vanilla and spice characteristics to the flavor.

This is considered “gourmet wine” – It’s not cheap, but definitely better than many more expensive French and Israeli wines.

Get it Here

Tip: If you’re hosting a large Passover seder or want your wine to last for the entire holiday, you might be better off ordering a Passover wine case, featuring 12 excellent Kosher for Passover wines (including some of the ones I mentioned above)

Passover Flower Gifts

People often say: “there’s no wrong time for flowers.

But let me tell you this: there’s definitely a right time, and Passover is one of them.

Passover flowers are a terrific gift a Seder table – whether it’s your own table or your hostess’.

Note: It makes sense if you think about it: besides bringing beauty & joy to the Passover dinner, Pesach usually falls at the beginning of the spring, so it’s a natural way to decorate your Seder table.

Let’s take a look at the best flowers commonly given for Passover.

Spring Garden Basket

Top Flower Gift

Spring Garden Basket

This magnificent spring garden basket adds a sense of abundance to the Seder table. It includes a rich collection of gorgeous flowers.

How rich, you ask? Here goes:

  • Hot pink roses
  • Peach gerbera daisies
  • Pink Asiatic Lillies
  • Pink Peruvian Lillies
  • Pale Pink Carnations
  • Lavender Mini Carnations

Pretty rich, huh? Plus, all of that goodness is decorated with lush greens, beautifully hand-arranged by a flower expert.

Get it Here

European Floral Garden

European Floral Garden

Wouldn’t it be nice to fly to Europe on Passover…?

To see the flowers blossoming?

To take long walks and eat Fish & Chips Matzo?

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to leave everything behind and head to Europe on Passover (I sure don’t).

Luckily – we can “host” a European style bouquet in our house that’ll make us feel all warm and cozy on Passover.

This bouquet is filled with bright yellow sunflowers, green poms, pink tulips, and a bunch of other beautiful flowers I can hardly pronounce (here goes: Alstroemeria).

How exciting!

Get it Here

Sapphire Skies Bouquet

Sapphire Skies Bouquet

If there’s such a thing as a “Jewish bouquet” – I believe this is it.

Obvious joke: No, not because it’s circumcised!

  1. First – it’s blue & white…
  2. Second – the unique combination of flowers & colors makes you want to stare at it for hours. And once you do…

It’ll capture your focus… soothe your soul… and you’ll start to feel that inner sense of bliss…

You know – that feeling you get when you stare at the clear blue sky (hint: that’s why this bouquet is called Sapphire Skies).

Now you see why this is the ultimate bouquet for Passover? (or any Jewish holiday for that matter)

Get it Here

Funny Passover Gifts

Pesach gifts don’t have to be all traditional and “by the book”. I mean, where’s the fun in that? If you’re looking for funny Passover gift ideas that would make everyone at the Seder LOL, boy oh boy do I have a few surprises for you?

Matzah Money Pillow

Matzah Money Pillow

Pillow fight!

Just kidding. You shouldn’t throw food… Or food-shaped pillows.

Instead, lean back on this Matzah money cushion during and after the seder.

They say Matzah is good for your back…

Actually, no one says that, but hey – this pillow is 100% polyester, soft and wrinkle-free… so this might be the first Matzah that actually is quite comfortable (and fun).

Get it Here

Passover Matzah Design Kippah

Passover Matzah Design Kippah

“Hey Rafael, get that Matzah off your head!”

Aww, Man! 🙁 

These Matzah kippot (yarmulkes) are really funny, especially if all the men are wearing it during the Seder. I mean, how often do you see a bunch of grown-ups wearing a Matzah shaped Kippah on their head (it’s not like you’re wearing a Moses costume, but still)? 

You have to be really drunk (and a little crazy) to do that.

Guess what? At the Passover Seder – odds are you will get drunk with all that wine we drink.

So why wait till you’re tipsy? 

Get it Here

Juggling Passover Matzah Balls

Juggling Passover Matzah Balls

Let’s get creative…

What else can we shape like a Matzah?

Juggling Matzah balls of course!

These juggling Matzah balls are kid-friendly – meaning they won’t hurt your kids when they get these Matzah balls in their face (it’s inevitable).

Just stay away from the flower vase and you’re all set. Juggle away!

Get it Here

Let My People Go Toilet Seat Cover

Funniest Gift

Let My People Go Toilet Seat Cover

I saved the funniest (and least appropriate) gift for last. Congratulations if you made it this far, you got to see this hilarious toilet seat cover.

This is quite a hilarious gift to give your seder host (it does require some guts honestly) or to your Jewish college student friend as a prank. It actually appeared on the Jay Leno Show a few years ago.

I’m not sure grandma will find It funny though, so be careful…

I’m warning you: don’t come crying to me If you end up spending your seder on the street.

Get it Here

More Passover Gifts

You’ve just seen my favorite Passover gifts out there… but to be honest, that’s barely scratching the surface… There are a TON of great Passover gift ideas out there, that I can’t possibly fit them all in one gift guide (although I tried my best).

If you still haven’t found the gift you’re looking for, then have a look at some of the popular Passover gifts on Amazon.

Your Turn

What did you think of these Passover gift ideas?

I’m curious –

Did you find anything particularly special, unique or funny to bring to the Seder?

Which ones did you end up buying?

I would LOVE to know, so please let me know in the comments!

Chag Pesach Sameach everyone 🙂 

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