Christians have Halloween, we’ve got Purim!

On the festival of Purim, we wear costumes to celebrate the miracle of Purim… which once again – saved the Jewish nation from EVIL men.

And no, we don’t knock on people’s doors asking for trick or treat. Instead, we actually exchange Mishloach Manot baskets. Isn’t that a lot nicer?



20+ Hilarious Purim Costume Ideas for Kids & Adults (2018)

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You think Halloween is cool?

Give me a break…

Purim (aka “the Jewish Halloween”) is WAY cooler than Halloween! 

Especially if your kids capture everyone’s attention with a unique Purim costume that makes everyone else’s costume look like a joke.

And that’s exactly what this article is for – to make sure the kids dress up as their favorite characters and have a blast this Purim.

What about the adults? I’m not letting you off the hook that easily… We’ll make sure you suit up properly for Purim and set an example for the little ones.

After all, adults are just kids, only taller.

Exclusive Bonus: It wasn’t easy, but we managed to get our readers an exclusive 15% discount on some of the costumesEnjoy 🙂

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30+ Creative Mishloach Manot Ideas [Purim Gift Baskets] for Purim (2018)

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What’s your favorite part of Purim?

Usually, there are three possible answers to that question:

  1. Send/receive Mishloach Manot baskets
  2. Dressing up in cool Purim costumes
  3. Send/receive Purim baskets while dressing up in cool Purim costumes

(Hmm… it seems there’s only one answer after all.)

Purim is all about celebrating the love, friendships, and joy in our lives… It’s a reminder to NEVER take these things for granted.

That’s precisely the secret of the Mitzvah of Mishloach Manot: when we give gifts – we spread love, create friendships and make the other person happy.

And that’s exactly why I wrote this article: to help people spread joy on Purim with these Mishloach Manot ideas & Purim gifts, and celebrate Purim the way it should be celebrated!

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