A Jewish housewarming (also known as Chanukat Habayit) is an exciting event for any Jewish person.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re single or married… the fact is you just moved to a new home, and you want to celebrate this special moment with your family & friends.

When you’re attending a friend or family member’s housewarming party, you’d want to make sure you get them the best Jewish housewarming gifts you can find, especially when it’s a young Jewish couple moving into their new (often first) home.

They could definitely use some help furnishing their new house.

Top Modern Mezuzah Cases & Contemporary Jewish Door Ornaments from Israel (2018)

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What’s the first thing you do before you enter a Jewish home?

You hang a Mezuzah of course…

It’s the main event of a Jewish housewarming, where the Rabbi blesses the Jewish door ornament and the new Jewish home.

This brings us to the main question:

“What kind of Mezuzah case should I get?”

Excellent question!

The short answer? a modern Mezuzah case.

The long answer? Keep on reading and you’ll find out exactly what the best modern Mezuzahs are out there, whether it’s for your own home or a Jewish friend’s home…

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28 Best Shabbat Candlesticks & Jewish Candle Holders for Shabbos (2018)

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Ahh… That feeling of a long week coming to an end…

That warm & special feeling that signals: Shabbat is almost here.

Don’t you love it?

The house smells aromatic. Everyone looks their best for Shabbos. All that’s left is for you (or your wife) to light the Shabbat candles & welcome the long-awaited Shabbat.

To do that, You need a pair of Shabbat candlesticks – the famous Jewish candle holders that symbolize Shabbat in its entirety.

And don’t you want the beautiful reflection of the flame flickering off a pair of beautiful Jewish candlesticks? Shabbat candlestick holders that will make your guests’ eyes light up, just like the Shabbat candles?

Well, in that case, you’re in the right place…

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Best Shabbat Hot Water Urn & Hot Water Dispenser for Shabbos Reviews (2018)

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What’s your cup of tea?

Is it maybe coffee?

Doesn’t matter… because on Shabbat, you can’t have either unless you have a Shabbat hot water urn.

You probably know that by now, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article looking for the best Shabbat hot water dispenser, now would you?

Well, since you’re here, let me help you find a hot water heater that will hopefully fulfill your desire for coffee/tea on Shabbat, and last you for many years.

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Best Shabbat Hot Plate & Kosher Warming Tray [Blech] for Shabbos – Reviews (2018)

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You’re cooking & preparing food for Shabbat.

It all looks delicious…

But how do you make sure it stays that way during the entire Shabbat & Yom Tov?

With a Shabbat hot plate of course.

Whether it’s for your own kitchen, or for one of your children’s new apartment, a blech for Shabbos is one of the most important items every Jewish family needs in their kitchen.

But which Kosher hot plate should you get?

I’m glad you asked… let’s find out what the top Shabbat warming trays are, shall we?

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33 Best Jewish Housewarming Gift Ideas for a New Home (2018)

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You’ve been invited to a Jewish housewarming party (aka Chanukat Habayit).

How exciting!

Now, you’re probably wondering:

“What gift should I bring for their new Jewish home?”

Sure, you can go the old route of salt, bread & sugar…

But let’s be honest – that’s a pretty dull housewarming gift, isn’t it?

Don’t you think it’s better to get them something meaningful? After all, it’s not everyday you move in to a new home.

A new Jewish home deserves a warm Mazel Tov and a remarkable Jewish housewarming gift…and that’s exactly what you’re about to find in this article…

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