26 Dead Sea Salt & Minerals Benefits for a Healthy Skin, Body & Life

FACT: Dead Sea salts are rich in healthy minerals.

Now, if you’re like most people who hear this fact thrown into the air, then you’re probably wondering:

“OK, but what does that mean exactly?!”

If you can relate, then you’re in the right place…

I’m about to tell you EXACTLY what the benefits of using Dead Sea salts & minerals are, how it can be used and whether it’s worth giving it a shot.

Let’s get salty…


that will teach you all you need to know to keep a young & healthy skin with the natural powers of Dead Sea minerals.

Dead Sea Salt Skin & Face Benefits

Relieves chronic skin disorders

Skin Disorder Shame

Dead Sea salts are like a Swiss army knife for skin disorders. Here’s just a partial list of disorders that these minerals can have a major effect on:

  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Rosacea
  • Acne
  • Vitiligo
  • Dermatitis
  • Pimples
  • Blackheads

People with all sorts of skin disorders travel all across the world in order to soak in the healing waters of the Dead Sea (and yes, also to float and take selfies), often as a last resort… and they do so for a very good reason.

In fact, a dermatology study showed that bathing in Dead Sea salts improves skin barrier function and significantly enhances skin hydration (more on that next).

Purifies & cleanses skin from toxins

Our skin is a magnet for toxins and unhealthy bacteria. It absorbs lots of nasty oils, dirt and (sometimes poisonous) particles from the air.

Over time, our skin accumulates a lot those toxins, which results in blackheads appearing “out of nowhere” and a wide range of skin disorders, sometimes even chronic infections.

That’s where Dead Sea salt soap comes into play: these mineral-rich soap bars contain lots of antibacterial and antioxidant properties that cleanse and detoxifies our pores, relieving our skin from toxins and other unhealthy bacteria.

Exfoliates Your Skin

“If you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there”.

No truer words have been spoken… especially when it comes to dead skin cells: We may not see them, but trust me – they’re there, and they’re very dead… putting you at risk of collecting all sorts of toxins.

Well, there’s nothing like Dead Sea minerals to get rid of dead skin cells and make your skin look all fresh and rejuvenated.

Hydrates & moisturizes your skin

Face Wash Hydrated

I mentioned skin hydration briefly…let’s talk go into some details!

Among the 26 minerals that are found in the Dead Sea (you’ll see all of them in a moment), two of the most common ones are calcium and magnesium.

What’s so special about these minerals?

Out of their many other qualities, these two minerals are famous primarily due to their remarkable ability to enhance skin hydration and promote cell renewal.

That’s what makes washing your face in the morning with Dead Sea face wash so refreshing. 

Shrinks pores

Cleansing the pores on your face is only half the battle. Because when those toxins flush out of your pores – that still leaves your pores exposed to unwelcome impurities.

Not to worry!

Because Dead Sea salts don’t just leave your pores hanging… they actually shrink them, making sure no unwelcomed bacteria set up camp in your exposed skin pores. Yes, they literally pull your skin out of harm’s way… that’s pretty nice of them, isn’t it?

Rich in minerals our skin needs

Dead Sea Minerals

I already mentioned calcium and magnesium…but what other salts & minerals can you find in the Dead Sea, and how much exactly?

Or, to put it differently: What does mineral-rich really mean?

Well, here are some interesting (mind-blowing) facts to wrap your head around:

  • The Dead Sea contains 26 (!) different minerals.
  • A whopping 33% of the Dead Sea is comprised of salts and minerals… that’s 10X more than the Mediterranean Sea (!).
  • 12 of them do NOT exist in any other sea in the world.

And if you’re just dying to know what the 26 Dead Sea minerals are, here’s the full list:

Dead Sea Mineral Composition:

  • Sodium
  • Magnesium
  • Sulfur
  • Potassium
  • Bromide
  • Bitumen
  • Chlorine
  • Iodine
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Fluorine
  • Sulfates
  • Baking
  • Boro
  • Bromuro
  • Chrome
  • Cobalt
  • Manganese
  • Molybdenum
  • Nickel
  • Selenio
  • Silicon
  • Estroncio
  • Vanadium

Anti-aging qualities

If you ever visited the Dead Sea in Israel, you probably noticed a lot of seniors (old people) covered in mud, floating away and having a good time.

What do you think makes attracts our old citizens of the world to this little salty lake?

The answer –a fountain of youth! (DO NOT drink from it though!).

Dead Sea minerals are famous for reducing wrinkles, eliminating cracks and making your skin look all young and shiny…

It’s no wonder retired folks spend so much time there. It’s a full mind & body relaxation that makes you feel young (and restless).

Reduces skin inflammation

Whether it’s acne, sunburns or any other skin inflammation – Dead Sea minerals contain high concentrations of magnesium, calcium, sulfur and other natural anti-inflammatory minerals that soothe (and prevent) skin inflammations.

Softens & strengthens your skin

Soft Skin

If you start taking Dead Sea salt baths regularly, you’ll start noticing your skin becoming soft and firm at the same time. That’s the result of the minerals detoxifying your skin and speeding up the growth of new skin cells – it makes our skin look much stronger & healthier, making us feel refreshed and recharged.

Gets rid of skin allergies

We all get skin allergies every once in a while. Whether it’s a rash, hives or even dermatitis – Dead Sea salts are like kryptonite to these skin problems. Take a salt bath (one or more), apply them directly on the infected areas, and let the cleansing begin… Soon enough your allergies will be wiped out off the face of the…body?

Keep in mind: When you soak in the salt, the infected area will sting a little. That’s just the cleansing process in action… that’s so-called “necessary pain”… Remember: It’s always darkest just before dawn.

Eliminates stretch marks

Stretch marks are common among pregnant women (nothing to be ashamed of, ladies!).

Minerals found in Dead Sea mud can help straighten those stretch marks, sometimes even get rid of them completely!

Combats cellulite

How many times did you look in the mirror, while cursing at your cellulite to “GO AWAY!”.

No? Is it just me?

Thankfully, these miraculous minerals are like kryptonite to cellulite.

Remember that I told you that Dead Sea salts improve blood circulation?

The good thing about increased blood circulation is that it’s exactly what can shrink our cellulite!

If you’ve got some cellulite you’d like to get rid of, rub some Dead Sea mud on those areas and let the minerals their magic.

Dead Sea Salt Hair Benefits

Prevents hair loss & accelerates hair growth

Hair Loss

Dead Sea salts have been proven to be very effective for people on both sides of the hair spectrum:

  1. People with nice, fluffy hair who are beginning to lose hair.
  2. Bald people who wish they had the fluffy hair the folks in the first group had.

Thankfully, Dead Sea minerals provide an excellent remedy for both situations.

Next time you’re in the shower, simply massage your scalp with your favorite Dead Sea mud mask (or use Dead Sea mud shampoo), leave it on for a few minutes and wash it off normally.

Gets rid of dandruff

How many “Shampoo for Dandruff” commercials have you seen in your lifetime? These shampoo companies go out of their ways to create a formula that can FINALLY get rid of dandruff… and let’s just say “they get an ‘A’ for effort and a ‘C’ for results”.

Makes your hair bouncy & thick

Not only do Dead Sea minerals help your hair grow faster, they can also give your hair that rich, bouncy look you see on all the L’Oréal hair products. So what if there are no waves in the Dead Sea? It can still make your hair wavy and bouncy!

Exfoliates & prevents ingrown hairs

Not only do Dead Sea salts exfoliate dead skin cells, they also help get rid of ingrown hairs and prevent them from growing again.

How to do it:

  1. Soak in the salt
  2. Apply Dead Sea salt scrub on the area for about 15 minutes to exfoliate, detox and cleanse the area from toxins and bacteria.

Dead Sea Salt Body & Soul Benefits

Reduces arthritis, joint pains & sore muscles

Dead Sea mineral mud is commonly used around the world to significantly reduce joint pain, especially among arthritis patients – a disorder caused by joint inflammation.

In fact, a study conducted in Soroka medical center in Israel proved that arthritis patients show significant improvement after being treated with Dead Sea minerals.

Improves blood circulation

Dead Sea minerals increase your body’s blood circulation.

This improves your body’s ability to release toxins, renew exfoliated skin and heal old wounds.

It also relaxes your muscles and nerves, making you feel calmer and less stressed.

Relieves stress & anxiety

Relaxed Woman Bath

If you thought hot baths are relaxing, wait till you throw Dead Sea bath salts into the mix.

Dead Sea salts include several minerals that promo relaxation qualities that are known to promote relaxation and calm down our nervous system.

In fact, Research made in Arava science center in Israel showed that not only do Dead Sea minerals reduce stress, they actually induce positive stress, therefore increasing our skin’s resistance to negative stress factors and increase elasticity.

And the best part? You don’t have to book a flight ticket to Israel just in order to relax. You can turn your own bathtub into a mini-Dead Sea. Simply fill your bathtub with Dead Sea bath salts, sit back and relax…

Improves sleep (even Insomnia)

Sleep Like A Baby

Guess what happens when you’re all of a sudden stress-free?

You sleep like a baby!

Taking a hot bath filled with Dead Sea salts are known to help even people suffering from Insomnia to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

And while you sleep, your skin cells kick into regeneration mode, replacing the exfoliated skin with brand new ones.

Ironically, the “winning formula” naturally exists in Dead Sea salts. The high concentration of sulfur and sodium found in Dead Sea products can cleanse your scalp and get rid of every ounce of dandruff and other unhealthy particles hiding in your hair roots.

Simply rub some Dead Sea mineral mud on your scalp a couple of times, and soon enough your dandruff will be long gone.

Helps prevent future heart & cardiovascular problems

If you ever get a chance to engage in small talk with visitors in the Dead Sea, there’s a good chance you’ll stumble into a few people who suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems.

It’s not a coincidence.

The minerals found in the Dead Sea (potassium, magnesium, calcium) are known to relieve hypertension, which helps people with cardiovascular problems keep their blood pressure under control.

Did you know?

A study made in the Technion (Israel Institute of technology) showed that oxygen-rich Dead Sea environment can help patients with various heart problems, including cystic fibrosis.

Strengthens nails

Nail Care

Got weak and pale nails? Biting your nails off? Peeling your cuticles? Enough is enough – time for some mineral action: use a Dead Sea nail kit to rebuild your fingernail area and detoxify it from bacteria. Rinse with warm water, and witness the incredible transformation.

Dead Sea Salt Mouth Benefits

Whitens teeth & Improves bad breath

Big White Teeth

After all this talk about cleansing our skin and getting rid of toxins, you probably wondered whether you take advantage of the Dead Sea salt’s skincare cleansing abilities into oral care.

And the answer is – you bet.

The Dead Sea minerals definitely don’t discriminate between bacteria… and guess what, our mouth is filled with it.

That’s why Dead Sea toothpaste and mouthwash has become a favorite among many dentists who now add it to their special “toolkit”.

More Cool Benefits


Let’s face it – spending a lot of money on cosmetics that don’t work is stressful in of itself. Thankfully, Dead Sea cosmetics are pretty affordable and are known to work wonders.

Just make sure you get one of the reputable Dead Sea brands…

Warning: There are a ton of scammers out there (hint: in shopping malls) trying to sell you cheap products for ridiculously high prices. Do yourself a favor and stay away from them.

You can make your own Dead Sea salt scrub!

If you’re up for a cool (and healthy) DIY project, then let your creative juices flow and make your own Dead Sea salt scrub.

Here’s a nice little recipe you can follow.

Makes you want to float in the Dead Sea

Dead Sea View

Once you get a “taste” (do NOT actually taste it! It’s not edible!) of how amazing Dead Sea bath salts are, you’d want to visit the real thing. And visiting Israel is always a good thing 🙂


I told you I wouldn’t leave anything out…

As you can see, the mineral-rich Dead Sea salts possess a ton of incredible benefits for your skin, body, and life. Whether you’re suffering from an annoying skin disorder, hair loss, or simply looking to relax and leave some of your troubles behind – fill a hot bath with some Dead Sea bath salts, and you’re good to go.

Have a relaxing day 🙂

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