Israel has been blessed by the miracle that is called the Dead Sea.

Millions of people visit the Dead Sea every year to take advantage of the healing capabilities of the Dead Sea Salts.

While you can’t really swim in the Dead Sea, what you can do is get treatment. The healing powers of the Dead Sea have brought up a thriving industry of Dead Sea cosmetics: an industry dominated by local Israeli companies.

Thanks to the famous Dead Sea mud products such as Dead Sea mud masks and mud soap, we’re able to get rid of annoying skin disorders like acne, psoriasis, eczema and many others.

Best Dead Sea Salt & Minerals Soap Bars for Your Face + Body – Reviews (2017)

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Regular soap bars are nice…

But when we’re talking about properly cleansing your body & face, let alone getting rid of challenging skin disorders like acne, we need something much stronger and much more much more effective.

Introducing: Dead Sea salt soap.

The minerals located in pure Dead Sea salts are known for their powerful cleansing capabilities, tremendous healing powers and one of the best ways to naturally cleanse your skin.

And when they’re combined into hugely beneficial soap bars that are much more effective than your average soap, there’s no reason to settle for average anymore.

So say goodbye to your average soap…

I’m about to introduce you to the best Dead Sea mineral salt blends for your skin, that are both effective and affordable.

Let’s begin…

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Best Dead Sea Salt Face Wash & Mineral Cleanser Reviews (2017)

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You’re looking for a new facial cleanser…

And if you’re here reading this, then you’re probably aware of the tremendous benefits of Dead Sea minerals, and their remarkable healing powers.

Now you’re probably thinking:

“Since I’m looking for a new face wash to cleanse my skin, I might as well get a Dead Sea face wash and take advantage of their natural salts & minerals”

I like your thinking!

In fact, I was thinking the exact same thing… which is exactly why I decided to write this article: to help people like us find the best Dead Sea facial wash to start off our mornings on the right foot.

So let’s get started, shall we?

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Best Pure Dead Sea Bath Salts + Minerals to Soak & Relax (2017 Reviews)

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Millions of people travel to the Dead Sea each year…


For one reason, and one reason alone: The Dead Sea salts & minerals.

What’s so special about these salts? Well, for starters, they help you:

  • Purify & exfoliate your skin.
  • Get rid of pores, acne, psoriasis, eczema and other types of skin inflammation
  • Detoxify your body from toxins, thanks to the minerals & nutrients contained in the Dead Sea salt.
  • …many (MANY) other benefits

Now I know what you’re thinking:

“I don’t have the time or the money to go to Israel and visit the Dead Sea! Where can I get some of those Dead Sea salts?”

Good news – you don’t have to go anywhere… You can let these miraculous salts from the Dead Sea come to you!

Are you ready to transform your regular bathtub into a big tub of Dead Sea goodness – filled with natural salts & mineral?


Now sit back (or float), and allow me to show you the best Dead Sea bath salts you can soak in and relax like you’ve never relaxed before…

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Best Dead Sea Minerals Mud Masks to Cleanse Your Face – Reviews (2017)

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Let me guess…

You heard, or better yet, you know from your own past experience that Dead Sea mud masks have incredibly special healing powers…

Well, that’s 100% right…

There’s a reason why Dead Sea mud products have become such a popular phenomenon around the world – they work.

Now you may be wondering: “where exactly do I get these miraculous Dead Sea minerals mud masks?”

Good news: you don’t have to actually travel to the Dead Sea to get them (but if you can, go for it!).

Allow me to save you the trip and bring you some of the best Dead Sea mud masks you can get your hands (or face) on…

Ready? Let’s purify our skins…

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Best Dead Sea Mud Soap Bars to Cleanse Your Skin – Reviews (2017)

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Does your face look dry & tired? Are you yearning for that glowing radiant skin?

You’re in the right place…

As you might have heard, Dead Sea mud soap bars have amazing benefits and can do wonders for your skin.

Whether you’re suffering from acne, Eczema, psoriasis or just want to get rid of those annoying wrinkles & pimples – these Dead Sea soap bars will finally help you get the job done.

Ready? Prepare to make room in your bathroom cabinet (not a lot though, it’s quite small), a black mud soap bar is about to join the party…

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