29 Best Bar Mitzvah Gift Ideas for a Jewish Young Man (2017)

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A 13-year-old’s Bar Mitzvah is a big deal:

The gathering, the Torah reading, the dancing…

And of course, the real highlight of the night: his new Bar Mitzvah gifts!

All of these create a meaningful & lifelong experience the young man won’t forget his entire life.

Here’s the big question though:

What does a cool Bar Mitzvah present actually mean?

Well, I can tell you this: times have changed. Gone are the days where you give the young 13-year-old cash in multiples of 18 and call it a day.

Not to mention it has become a LOT harder to satisfy young boys these days, especially when it comes to their Bar Mitzvah. 

If you want the young man to cherish this moment (and your gift), you’d have to do better than that… much better.

And that’s exactly why I wrote this gift guide: to help you find the very best Bar Mitzvah gift ideas every Jewish young man will be lucky to get on his special day (I know I would)…

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