12 Shiny Gold & Brass Menorahs for Hanukkah – Made in Israel (2018)

“The oil that was barely enough to light the Menorah for one day… lasted for 8 whole days! It’s a Hanukkah miracle!”

We’ve all heard that story a million times. 

But did you ever stop and think which Menorah it was? What Menorah is the hero of that story? Where it all began?

Yep… it was the huge 7-branch golden Menorah in the holy Jewish temple – where it was displayed in all its glory.

No wonder why so many people go out of their way to get themselves a shiny gold (or brass) Menorah to display at their home or synagogue.

So until the third temple is rebuilt (BH) and a new golden Menorah is placed inside – how about we light (or display) one of these beautiful golden Menorahs in our own home?

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12 Beautiful Oil Menorah Lamps for Hanukkah (2018)

I’m sure you’ve heard about the miracle of Hanukkah a million times:

A very small amount of oil, barely enough to light the temple Menorah for one day – lasted for 8 whole days!

Ever since – we celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah by lighting a Menorah (Chanukiah) for 8 days.

And if you like to relive the Hanukkah miracle and do it “right” – there’s no question: you light an oil Menorah.

After all, it’s called the “miracle of the oil”, not the “miracle of the candles”.

The only question that remains is:

“Which oil-burning Hanukkah Menorah should I get?”

Well, my friend, the answer to that question is right here…

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14 Modern & Antique Silver + Sterling Silver Menorahs for a Shiny Hanukkah (2018)

What’s the most exciting part about Hanukkah?

Some might say the Hanukkah gifts.

Others might say eating (or cooking) delicious Hanukkah donuts.

But most people say: lighting the Hanukkah candles.

There’s nothing like taking out your beautiful Menorah and saying the Hanukkah candle blessings for the first time…

You know what makes it even more special? Lighting a gorgeous, silver Hanukkah Menorah that shines all across the room!

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10 Stunning Wooden Menorahs for Hanukkah 2018

You’re looking for a new Hanukkah Menorah…

But you want something a little different than the typical Jewish Menorah.

Something unique. Something that stands out.

You want a wooden Hanukkah Menorah!

Say no more! I’ve got you covered!

Boy, are you in for a real treat today…  a wooden treat!

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30+ Best Hanukkah Gift Ideas for Jewish Friends & Family [Adults + Kids] (2018)

It’s that time of the year again, which means…

Hanukkah is around the corner!

The Jewish festival of lights is a great chance to relax:

  1. Light a Menorah
  2. Spin some dreidels 
  3. Eat delicious Hanukkah donuts

But more importantly – it’s a great opportunity to get together with our Jewish friends and family and tell SHOW them how much they mean to us.


By giving them the best Hanukkah gifts that’ll make Santa wish he was Jewish!

“Wait a minute… What are some cool Hanukkah presents I can get?”

Sit tight… because I’m about to show you a bunch of unique & traditional Hanukkah gift ideas you can give for each of the 8 days of Hanukkah!

Let’s show the fat guy in the red costume what we’ve got!

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20+ Best Bar Mitzvah Invitations for Your Boy’s Big Day (2018)

Your little boy is turning 13…

Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

I bet you still remember him crawling on the floor… now all of a sudden, he’s all grown up.

OK, enough with the nostalgia! Let’s get back to planning your boy’s Bar Mitzvah!

At this point, I’m guessing you:

Great! Now, all you need is…  guests!

After all, it’s kind of pointless to go through all this trouble if you don’t have any guests showing up!

Well… today we’re going to make sure your guests show up in droves!


By sending them a unique Bar Mitzvah invitation they won’t be able to say “no” to!


Let’s go customize some invitations!

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30+ Best Jewish Baby Gifts for Bris (Brit Milah) & Simchat Bat Naming Ceremony (2018)

The baby has finally arrived!

Mazel Tov!

Time to celebrate with the young parents… they waited for so long!

Hold on a second…

Before you go visit the baby – you better arm yourself with an appropriate gift for the Jewish baby’s naming ceremony.

What gifts do you bring to a Bris (or Simchat Bat) ceremony?

That’s exactly what you’re about to find out!

Let’s get the ball rolling (quick, before the baby starts crying) …

Tip: I created this Table of Contents to help you jump to the sections you find interesting. Enjoy 🙂

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25+ Unique & Personalized Bar/Bat Mitzvah Favors, Supplies & Giveaway Ideas (2018)

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah party is getting close…

  • … You booked the venue ✅
  • … You chose the DJ ✅
  • … You sent out invitations ✅

Now, all that’s left is to make sure your guests have a blast.

And how do you do that?

You bribe them with cool Bar & Bat Mitzvah party favors & cool giveaways, of course!

Call me unethical – but that way, there’s NO WAY they’ll forget your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah anytime soon… 🙂

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30+ Amazing Jewish Housewarming Gift Ideas & Traditions for a New Home (2018)

You’ve been invited to a friend’s (or family’s) Jewish housewarming party.

How exciting!

Now, I bet you’re wondering:

“What gift should I bring to a new Jewish home?”

(hint: The answer is NOT salt, bread & sugar. That’s not a gift!)

They just moved into a new home – don’t they deserve a warm Mazel Tov and a MUCH better Jewish housewarming gift than that?

Guess what. That’s exactly the gift you’re about to find…

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10 Best Sabbath Mode Refrigerators [Star-K] for Shabbos & Jewish Holidays (2018)

Remember the days you had to manually turn off the refrigerator lights before Shabbat?


I remember I had to unscrew the lightbulb, cover the switch with scotch tape and find all sorts of creative (read: annoying) workarounds.

Well, not anymore!

Thankfully, some of the biggest refrigerator brands came to the rescue and created Sabbath mode refrigerators to make our lives much easier.

In fact – the only problem now is that there are too many Sabbath mode fridges to choose from.

Everyone is throwing buzzwords, deals, coupons our way – all in the attempt to catch our attention.

  • Where do we even begin?
  • How do we know which refrigerators are truly Kosher?
  • What does Sabbath mode and Star-K even mean?

I spent 3 days writing this monster guide – to help you find the answers to all those questions and to help you find a brand new Sabbath mode refrigerator that’ll serve you well for MANY years to come.

Let’s begin…

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