Bar/Bat Mitzvah Gift Amount 2020: How Much Money Should You Give?

How much money should you give for the upcoming Bar Mitzvah?

The million-dollar question (pun intended)…

… What’s too much money? What’s too little?

… Can you give a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah gift instead?

… And what’s the deal with the whole “multiple of 18” thing?

Don’t worry, this article will get rid of all your confusion…

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20+ Modern Havdalah Sets & Jewish Spice Boxes from Israel (2020)

Shabbat is nearly over…

But before we say goodbye, we get one final opportunity to pay our respect to the Sabbath.


The Havdalah ceremony – where we thank God for distinguishing between the sacred, and the ordinary (that’s the actual Havdalah blessing, by the way).

Now, you could simply light a Havdalah candle, quickly recite the blessing and “get it over with”. Or, you could take your time, invest in a proper Havdalah set you can continue using every single week, and transition to the new week peacefully. 

What is a Havdalah Set?

A Havdalah set is a special kit that includes the items needed to perform the Havdalah ceremony. Havdalah sets typically come with a spice box, Havdalah candle holder and Kiddush cup.

If the second option sounds better, then sit tight – because I’m about to show the most beautiful Havdalah sets you have ever seen…

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30+ Modern Kiddush Cups, Sets & Wine Fountains for Shabbat (2020)

  • … You’re cooking Shabbat dinner…
  • … Mmmm… the delicious aroma fills the entire house…
  • … You’re lighting the Shabbat candles; Shabbat is now officially in!

Time to enjoy your Shabbat dinner together with the family… can you pass the Hummus, please?

HOLD IT! Aren’t you forgetting something?

Kiddush comes first, silly! Go ahead and pour the wine into the Kiddush cup (make sure you fill the cup to the end)!

What’s that? You don’t have a Kiddush cup? What a coincidence! I just happened to create a huge list of beautiful, modern Kiddush cups!

OK, OK, enough with the silly jokes :). Let’s go find you a lovely Jewish wine cup, shall we?

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20+ Beautiful Etrog Boxes for Sukkot & Your Judaica Collection (2020)

Etrog – the famous yellow citron Jews use during Sukkot –  is the “richest” (and most expensive) of the Four Species.

And I’m not just talking rich in taste (Etrog Jam anyone?), but also rich in cost.

The question is: how do you protect such an important Jewish symbol?

Don’t worry, there’s no need to call the Secret Service or anything like that… an Etrog box would do just fine (it might even take a bullet for the Etrog). 

Etrog boxes are special containers (often made of silver) that Jews use to protect the Etrog during Sukkot.

Not only are Judaic Etrog boxes one of the most popular Sukkot gifts people bring to the Sukkah, but many of them also turn into Jewish heirlooms passed along through the generations (particularly the silver and sterling silver Etrog boxes).

You’ll even notice that some of them look like treasure chests taken from straight King Solomon’s castle, so it’s no wonder…

Don’t believe me? See for yourself…

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15+ Unique Sukkot Gift Ideas You Can Bring to the Sukkah [+ Simchat Torah] (2020)

Sukkot – the holiday where we leave our cushy home and dwell for 7 days in a Sukkah (don’t worry, you’re still allowed inside the house during that time… unless you did something naughty).

We eat, sleep and decorate our Sukkah for the Jewish feast of Tabernacles (or the feast of booths) – just as our Jewish forefathers did during the Exodus.

But what if we’re invited to someone else’s Sukkah? Well then… whether you’re planning to sleep in their backyard or you’re just invited for a meal, one thing is for sure: you should NEVER arrive empty-handed.

The real question is: what kind of gift do we get our lovely Sukkot host/hostess?

That’s exactly what we’ll answer today. By the time you leave this guide, you’ll have a list of unique Sukkot gift ideas at your disposal. Guaranteed!

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8 Easy [and Cheap] Sukkah Kits You Can Buy for Sukkot (2020)

Let’s be honest: not having your own Sukkah on Sukkot sucks.

You walk around the neighborhood and see your Jewish friends & neighbors all chilling in their Sukkah, having a good time…

You think to yourself: “Damn, I wish I had built my own Sukkah”…

How about we avoid that feeling, shall we?

Now, you may be wondering…

  • … Isn’t it hard to build a Sukkah?
  • … Doesn’t it cost a fortune?
  • … Doesn’t it take forever?
  • … Do I need to be a lumberjack to build one?
  • What if I fall down the ladder and break my pinky finger?

The answer to ALL of these questions (including the last one): No.

You see, up until a few years ago, I thought that building a Kosher Sukkah (aka a “Jewish tent”) was a huge chore, so I never bothered trying…

But then one year I mustered the courage and decided: “What the hell, let’s give it a shot. How hard can it be?”.

Turns out – VERY hard – if you’re building one yourself from scratch. But VERY easy – if you’re using a Sukkah kit. 

If you’ve got the right Sukkah building kit – it can literally save you hours (if not days) of total frustration.

Turns out, with the right kit, building a Sukkah is not that different than building Legos. And I trust you can handle legos, yes? Good – then you can handle building a Sukkah, even if you’ve never built one.

Now, the only question is you: How do you find the right Sukkah? 

Whether you’re looking for an affordable Sukkah or an easy-to-assemble Sukkah kit, the answer is the same: right here, right now.

Let’s begin…

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25+ Best Shofar Horns & Kosher Shofar Types from Israel [Kudu, Ram’s Horn & Exotic] (2020)

Tuuuuuu (Tekiah).

Tuuu-tuuu-tuuu-tuuu (Teruah).

Tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu (Shevarim).

Am I making a Shofar blast, or have I just lost my mind (or both?).

Yep, that’s indeed the “sound” of the Shofar – the famous musical Jewish horn we blow during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

But if you’re reading this – I bet you already knew that :)…

What you probably didn’t know, however, is that there are over a dozen Shofar types out there… and in this Shofar guide – I’ll reveal every one of them (and I’ll even tell where to get them!).

  • …We’ll start with the most common types of Shofar: the Ram’s horn Shofar and the Yemenite (Kudu) Shofar…
  • … Then, I’ll introduce you to rare, exotic Shofars that are almost impossible to find (don’t worry, I found some of them)
  • … Finally, we’ll see what happens when talented Jewish artists decide to decorate a Shofar and turn it into an artistic gorgeous masterpiece.

Excited? You should be!

Let’s blast!

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25+ Traditional Rosh Hashanah Gift Ideas for the Jewish New Year (2020)

Another year has passed… can you believe it?

It seems like last year’s Rosh Hashanah was just yesterday, yet here we are again!

Well, what are you waiting for? Go grab a seat at the dinner table… on the menu: Gefilte Fish, Apple & Honey,  and some fish head. Mmmm sounds yummy (not)!

HOLD IT. Aren’t you forgetting something?

Don’t tell me you’re planning to arrive at a Rosh Hashanah dinner table empty-handed…

Oy vey! That’s not very “Jewish” of you, now is it? 

You better load up on a few Rosh Hashanah gifts for your loved ones, quick… Otherwise, you might discover a fish head with your name on it (you know, mafia-style)!

Now, you may be wondering: What’s an appropriate gift you can bring to the Rosh Hashanah dinner table?

Hold your horses apples, honey… You’re about to find out!

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