Our Jewish prayers is our connection channel to god.

And since we’re talking to our father, the creator and ruler of the world, certain rituals and clothing are required when we pray (normally in the morning prayer).

According to the Torah, Jewish men are required to wear a Tallit – the Jewish prayer shawl, with a Tzitzit on all four cornered garments of the Tallit.

And of course a Teffilin – the black leather boxes we put on our strong hand and our head.

Modern Tallits & Authentic Jewish Prayer Shawls from Israel (2017)

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Every Jewish man’s personal Tallit tells a story…

And every man gets to “wear that story” during the most spiritual part of the day: our daily prayers and our conversion with G-d…

That’s why choosing the right Tallit prayer shawl is a big deal.

The trouble is, that there are so many options to choose from, that we often get confused & intimated of choosing the wrong Tallit.

“What materials should I choose? Should I go with a premium shawl or choose a more affordable option? What are the differences between them? What Tallit is best for a gift?”

If you found yourself asking any these questions, then I’ve got some good news for you: you’re about to get some answers…

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