Sukkot is one of the three Jewish Pilgrimage Festivals (Shalosh Regalim).

To prepare for Sukkot, you obviously start with the basics: build a Kosher Sukkah with an easy to assemble Sukkah kit

You also want to make sure you protect your precious Etrog with a proper Etrog box.

Finally, if you’re attending someone else’s Sukkah during the feast of tabernacles, don’t forget to bring them a nice Sukkot gift to thank them for the invite.

Best Sukkot Gift Ideas for the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles & Simchat Torah (2017)

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Sukkot – one of the three Pilgrimage Festivals (Shalosh Regalim) …

The holiday we get to replace our home for 7 days, in favor of a small, modest hut – as a reminder of the clouds of glory that protected our ancestors during the Exodus.

We eat, sleep & celebrate the Jewish feast of Tabernacles (or feast of booths) under a Kosher Sukkah

If you’re lucky enough to get invited to a friend’s Sukkah, then you probably shouldn’t go empty handed. I’m guessing you already knew that otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this…

So, let’s get straight to it: allow me to help you find the best Sukkot gift ideas you can get your family or Sukkah host/hostess…

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Easy Sukkah Kits for Sale (Cheap) in Sukkot 2017

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Let’s be honest: not having your own Sukkah on Sukkot sucks

You walk around and see your Jewish friends & neighbors in their Sukkah having a good time, and you say to yourself: “I wish I had set up my own Sukkah”…

This Sukkot, we’re going to avoid this feeling…Sound good?

Now you might be wondering: “How do you make your own Sukkah?”

Truth is, for years I thought that building a Kosher Sukkah was a chore, and it always seemed so complicated and intimidating to me, so I never bothered trying… until a few years ago I finally decided: “What the hell, let’s give it a shot”. Boy, am I glad I did…

Apparently, It’s VERY easy to build one: all you need is the right Sukkah kit, and from there it’s not that different than building Legos.

If you’re a Sukkah-building virgin, or if you’re just looking for an affordable & easy-to-assemble Sukkah kit for Sukkot, then you’re in the right place…

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Best Etrog Boxes for Sukkot (2017)

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The Etrog is known to be the “richest” of the four species. Besides being rich in taste (Etrog Jam anyone?) and small, it’s also fairly expensive compared to the other four species of Sukkot.

The interesting thing is that not only is it rich in its physical qualities, it’s also extremely cherished and highly valued in Jewish tradition & symbolism. The Etrog is a symbol of the heart, inner wisdom & beauty. That’s why our Jewish tradition is very strict about providing great care for the Etrog… and the way you do that is with a special Etrog box.

Just as the Etrog represents richness & purity, so does the Etrog’s “safe”, which often looks like a treasure chest taken from a King Solomon’s castle (you’ll see what I’m talking about in a moment).

That’s exactly the kind of boxes you’re about to see here: gorgeous, spectacular Jewish citron boxes for Sukkot or any other Jewish occasion.

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