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Shalom Alechem!

Welcome to Amen V Amen – your practical Jewish life guide & source of inspiration on the web.

What is Amen V Amen?

Amen V Amen aims to bring the timeless wisdom & limitless knowledge found in our wonderful Jewish tradition and history – to our modern, loud & busy lives.

We try to deliver the perfect mix of traditional Jewish wisdom & modern lifestyle guides – basically everything a Jewish person needs to lead a better life.

Who is Amen V Amen for?

Amen V Amen was created for every Jewish person in need: whether you’re a Ba’al Teshuva, Orthodox, or just another Jewish person – Amen V Amen is for you. We cover a wide variety of topics, with a goal to overocme every struggle or challenge we face in our day to day lives.

Who created Amen V Amen?

Amen V Amen came up in a casual conversation with a group of 3 friends about Teshuvah… We thought about ways we could help each other in our personal journeys – and decided that the best way to help ourselves it to help others in their own personal life journey. The rest is history, and here we are 🙂

Why was Amen V Amen created?

Amen V Amen was created as a personal project to encourage myself to make progress on my own Teshuva. It gave me a great framework to learn, share & contribute to others in their own personal journey. You can say it started as a hobby and became an addiction 🙂

What can you expect from Amen V Amen?

We normally write about a wide variety of topics. From overcoming challenges in Teshuva, Jewish books & wisdom, holiday preparations, Jewish gift guides, Jewish recipes and so much more.

Our topics are fueled from your suggestions & needs: things you’re interested in, challenges you’re going through & guides to help you improve yourself. So feel free to contact us and suggest any topics you’re interested in!

What can you do now?

First, if you have any friends & family you think will benefit from Amen V Amen – feel free to invite them over and join.

Start by joining our email list to get our latest updates, exclusive content & a dose of jewish inspiration.

If you have any friends & family you believe will benefit from Amen V Amen, feel free to invite them over! We want to help any Jewish person in need, and i’m sure you share the same goal.

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I’m excited to embark on this journey, and I’m so happy you chose to be a part of it!

Beezrat Hashem Na’ase ve Natzliah,

Amen V Amen !